Seasons After Fall Has Arrived With Cute Animals

We covered Seasons After Fall [official site] quite some time ago, but in case you missed out, it’s a pretty little platformer where you guide a fox on a spiritual journey through the seasons, and it came out on Friday.

The fox has the power to manipulate the seasons, and you’ll need to use that ability to, say, grow trees or freeze waterfalls. Your ever-changing environment has an impact on how you’ll navigate your surroundings. Have a look:

But what has you leaping from toad stool to toad stool, branch to branch? Well, something’s gone a bit wonky in your forest home, and fox must commune with some sleepy guardians to gain their abilities and solve the mystery. Each guardian represents one of the seasons, but all are united by a sacred ritual of unknown intent. We don’t really know if the guardians are good, bad, or something in between, suggesting there’s some sort of moral element you’ll have to sort out as you play.

I love atmospheric little games like this. Seasons After Fall’s hand-painted style is used to great effect in the ever-changing seasonal transitions, and it’ll be interesting to see how this mechanic is put to use as you maneuver your little fox friend through the world. If you’d like to give it a try, you can pick up Seasons After Fall on Steam for £11.99/€14.99/$14.99.


  1. All is Well says:

    “toad stool to toad stool”
    Is this going to be a thing now?

    (I’m all for it)

  2. AshEnke says:

    I loved Tetrobot and Co. Can’t wait to try this one.

  3. Psychomorph says:

    RPS, bringing you game news late (so you not can play in the weekend game you not knew you wanted).


  4. grimdanfango says:

    It looks beautiful, but I fear it may suffer from looking like a “me too” after Ori and the Blind Forest. Can anyone who’s played both give an idea to what extent this may be it’s own, unique experience?
    …and, well, is it as good a game as Ori regardless?

    • Psychomorph says:

      I did not play Ori, but saw gameplay videos. Although I’m half through the game, but Seasons After Fall and Ori have absolutely nothing in common.

      Ori is like 2D Quake platformer. Fast paced combat, lots of action and deaths. This is why I lost interest in it the moment I saw gameplay.

      Seasons After Fall is an immersive, slow paced, pure mild puzzle platformer, taking place in a mystical forest. No deaths, no combat, just finding your way through beautiful locations to do the stuff you do.
      The different seasons have each their own atmosphere and affect the environment. The sound and music is central in this game. I even wish I could deactivate the music bits just to stay immersed into the environmental ambient sound. So good.
      The art is simple but splendid and effective. Don’t even know what to do with all the screenshots I took.

      • grimdanfango says:

        Thanks very much for a great sum-up. Think I’m officially sold. I liked Ori plenty, but this sounds like an entirely different right-up-my-street. It shall either be wishlisted, or impulse-bought and added to my pile of still-need-to-find-time games :-)

  5. tricerarock says:

    link to
    Why are there two puzzle-platformers starring foxes who change the seaons coming out?

  6. ludde says:

    Like a not as gorgeous Ori and the Blind Forest. Then again, that is a tall order.

  7. Relenzo says:

    Quick question–does the actual music in the game all sound as good as the music in that video? Because I might buy it just for the soundtrack.

    • Psychomorph says:

      It is the music from the game. There are bits where you have the ambient forest sounds (which are great) and then the bits with the nice music.