Forza 6 Apex Launches Leaves Beta With Wheel Support

Now Microsoft have unveiled plans to bring their headline Xbox One games to Windows 10 too, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex [official site] seems a little odd. It’s not full and proper Forza, see, rather a singleplayer-only free version of Turn 10’s drive ’em up. Well! We may now know that Forza Horizon 3 is coming to Win 10, multiplayer and all, but let’s not forget Forza 6 Apex. After four months in open beta testing, the free racer has left beta to properly launch, having added support for steering wheel peripherals.

Check the launch announcement to see the eleven wheels and selection of shifters which are now supported thanks to the launch update. Turn 10 note that they plan to add support for more wheels too, including Fanatec turnyturners. If you have problems with your binlid, do check the known issues.

Those wheels will work in Forza Horizon 3 too, Turn 10 say. Horizon isn’t a civil track-based Forza, mind, going more for off-road antics across Australia. It’s due on September 27th as one of those fancy ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ games that gives folks both Windows 10 and Xbone copies if they buy it digitally.

You can download Forza Motorsport 6: Apex free through the Windows Store. You’ll need Windows 10 and a system capable of DirectX 12.


  1. GWOP says:

    British Racing Green, in case you were curious, Alice.

  2. PoulWrist says:

    Read news. Get excited for a Forza game on PC. I love Forza. Open Windows Store. Find Forza 6 Apex. Still says “Beta”. Click install. “Something went wrong. Try again”. All in-store text still references older version. :'(

  3. ButteringSundays says:

    Nice try Microsoft, I’m still not downgrading to Windows 10.

    • yhancik says:

      Oh, ButteringSundays! We all look up to you, us poor schmucks who fell victim to Microsoft’s cunning plan and foolishly installed a seemingly better version of our OS. Woe is us, poor, foolish sheeps!

      But you, ButteringSundays, you saw the light. Lionhearted, fearless, you are not afraid of the consequences, and dare speaking the Truth through the Internet Comments. You are a true hero.

      Thank you.

    • Vitz says:

      Have fun being left behind. :)

      • Pogs says:

        We Windows 7 users still have at least another 4 years to revel in ‘being left behind’…

        • GWOP says:

          Seriously, I want to put off reinstalling Android Studio and all its SDKs for the next half a decade at least.

      • Hobbes says:

        Four years whilst Microsoft irons out the … wrinkles in their “Service” like breaking logitech webcams because they pulled support for H.264 codecs during the anniversary update (because nobody needs that right?) and breaking compatibility with various other bits and pieces at random because a forced update schedule is always a great way to ensure that everyone gets on board.

        I’ll take four years of enjoying peace, quiet, and the constant feeling of being smug. I can then deal with Windows 10 when it’s grown up a little and learned not to piss on the carpet like an overactive house puppy. :D

        • grimdanfango says:

          I’ll take four years of not having every last detail of everything I do on my own computer broadcast to Microsoft’s select partners.
          In four years time, either we’ll be living in a hellish dystopia where it’s unavoidable whatever I choose, or there will have been a huge world-wide blow-up regarding personal privacy, and things will have changed for the better.

          …alas, I fear it will most likely be the first.

  4. one2fwee says:

    So does this mean they have added DirectInput support?
    I hope so. If so, it should work with any wheel, which is the way it should be.

    Note to indie developers, please don’t support the shady and awful XInput, there are no benefits for consumers and it is very harmful. Not only does it force controller manufacturers to pay licences to Microsoft, it also means you cannot use controllers you have made yourself (as all the boards support direct input).

    I know you can get wrappers like x360ce but that is still not a good idea microsoft could deliberately break them in the long term.

    Also DirectInput is FAR better than XInput. Not only does it allow way more axis and buttons, it also allows for greater configuration of FFB effects etc.

    Basically, if you make a game that only supports XInput (a sadly increasingly common thing nowadays) then i won’t be supporting you as you are effectively helping Microsoft try to lock down the PC market into a manner similar to that of consoles.

    I wish gaming “journalists” would cover issues like this but sadly they don’t seem to care :(

    • P.Funk says:

      “I wish gaming “journalists” would cover issues like this but sadly they don’t seem to care :(”

      They probably don’t understand. Most gaming journalists that use any game that would be able to use any other type of peripheral still would likely just use an XBONE controller anyway out of habit rendering the issue invisible.

      Frankly the cynicism of trying to make platform agnosticism a thing of the past is just one of many aspects of the trajectory we seem to be heading towards with many major tech companies in general. I was just watching today them talk about the new iPhone and its funky lack of a headphone jack.

      The bloody tech “journalist” called it courageous, that Apple was willing to make the leap to ditching this apparently obsolete port. When pressed several times by the news anchor that it looked like a cynical money grab he finally agreed and said that the $200 some odd dollar price tag to use their proprietary headphone thingies was exorbitant and would put many off and that it was obviously a new revenue stream to make up for the lagging iPhone growth but… he reiterated how it was also somehow courageous.

      Of course this new change involves a unique system for hooking up wirelessly, separate from Bluetooth, and would create revenue for Apple through licensing. Sounds familiar. Sounds disgusting.