WoW: Legion Launches App, Teases 7.1 Content Update

World of Warcraft: Legion [official site] launched last week and oh! here comes the expansion’s little pal, chasing behind wagging its cybertail. Blizzard last night launched Legion’s companion app for pocket telephones, which mostly lets you fiddle with the ‘Order Hall’ class clubhouse stuff. Like AbyssRium but with burly soldiers instead of coral and jellyfish, I imagine? Blizzard have also shown off a little of what’ll be coming to Legion in patch 7.1, with a little video showing off content like a return to Karazhan. Have a gander:

As for the WoW Legion Companion app, it’s out now free on Android and Apple pockphones. Mostly it’s about the Order Hall, letting you manage followers, recruit troops, and send folks out on missions to collect shinies in your absence. You can upgrade your clubhouse too. It also lets players check out available World Quests and their rewards, but this doesn’t have an offline side – you’ll need to log in and play yourself.

Here, this trailer shows what the app is about:

Oh, and a wee patch arrived last night with a handful of hotfixes.

I believe we’ll have someone telling you Wot They Think of Legion soon. Until then, heck, wot do you think?


  1. ludde says:

    There’s just something incredibly stale with a twelve year old MMO.

    • Mr Ogs says:

      Is it a croissant?

    • ran93r says:

      I’m still having as much fun now as I did at Vanilla release, is it the same grind over and over, the same treadmill, the same fetch quests? Sure but I haven’t played anything else that even comes remotely close to providing this experience with this much enjoyment.

  2. 2helix4u says:

    Its a pretty decent expansion although I haven’t hit end level yet.
    The new zones are good and they appear to have brought back the people who give even a single shit about the story as it is rather than doing incredibly poorly thought out time travel stories.

    My main issue so far would be the fake choices they present players like which order to do the zones in (you still have to do them all though) or what order to pick your artifact talents (you still have to fill up them all though).

    The artifact exp grinding also means you can no longer switch spec at any time unless you want to be using a poopy level 1 artifact with them. Kind of strange since the previous expansions made changes to gear to allow easier switching.

    The order halls are also just garrisons that have strangers in them and early quests for your class involve doing 4 8 hour missions (not yourself, you click a button and wait 8 hours 4 times, remember to log in, kids!).

    • Asurmen says:

      I disagree with the zones and the artefact. You don’t HAVE to do anything with them if you wish. I don’t see how it’s a fake choice.

      The artifacts and different specs is an issue, although not massively relevant to me as I’m a pure DPS who only likes one of the specs. Hybrids however are at a massive disadvantage.

      Order halls are at least an improvement over garrisons, in that they’re tailored to your class. Yes, every class gets the same question line, but that’s better than everyone in your faction getting the same thing.

  3. Bull0 says:

    Best expansion since Lich King, really really enjoying it. Classes and professions make a much bigger difference to your experience now than they have since… possibly vanilla! Loads of voiced characters and cutscenes, loads of really meaningful plot events going on (and not just orcs orcs orcs). Nah it’s great. Too much to put into a comment.

    • Tobberoth says:

      Agreed. There are issues, there always are, but Blizzard has just made so many right decisions in regards to Legion, it really feels like a completely different direction than before, hopefully they can keep it up with the content but it’s already looking good with the 7.1 reveal. Can’t wait for the raid to open.

    • shagen454 says:

      I agree, this is the best expansion since Wotlk. I liked the other expansions, it probably took me around a year to play Mists because initially I found it so unappealing, but I even had fun with that. I agree with someone else, that said there isn’t anything like WoW, it’s fun. It almost isn’t even an MMO, really, it’s just this mutant Blizzard hybrid of single-player with some multiplayer elements. In some ways, I like WoW because it feels like a game with a lot of excess, they put a lot of effort into design & sound design it’s interesting to me – to see what they do with some of that Blizz dough.

  4. zind says:

    This is the first expansion I’ve properly enjoyed since BC, personally. I got to max level and it feels like I’m just starting to dig into the meat of the content, rather than being about done with it. Sure it’s just the same old rep grinds and gear treadmill, but the pacing and the execution is just top-notch this time around, IMO.

    The rep grinds actually seem meaningful and fun rather than compulsory, and while the time-gate on the class hall campaign is a little irksome, I’ve still got profession quests and rep quests to do in the meantime. I especially like that the emissary quests or w/e (do 4 world quests) let me make a substantial amount of progress even if I only have an hour or so to play.