Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gets Patch And DirectX 12

Following the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided In Unsubtle Ways [official site] many players have been struggling with stuttering, freezing, crashing and general technical problems. But Squeenix and co have been patching away, trying to exterminate all the problems and get the thing looking as shiny as a pair of edgy 90s sunglasses. The latest patch does some more of that. Perhaps more importantly, the developers are also introducing support for DirectX 12, which may or may not fix all your problems. It’s only a preview build though, so come with me to find out how to apply the update.

The fifth patch so far focuses on “critical issues that were reported by users during the last weeks after release.” Freezes and “massive stalls” have been fixed, say the patch notes, as well as some general UI issues and a weird bug that would take input control away from players when hacking some terminals.

Meanwhile, the DX12 support can be added to your game by doing the following:

  • Within your Steam Library, right-click on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
  • Select ‘properties’ from the context menu and navigate to the Beta tab.
  • From the dropdown menu, select dx12_preview then close the window.
  • When the download is done, you can toggle the use of DX12 from the in-game options, or the pointless game launcher if you haven’t already disabled that. This is still a preview build, however, and Square Enix say that it will not produce better performance for everyone who uses it. Make sure your drivers are up to date, they say, and know that you can always disable it easily if it causes problems.

    I’ve left Prague behind after reaching the game’s ending, which was awful in the typical way of videogames – abrupt, dumb and frustrating. But I enjoyed prancing around the city in my long coat, stealing all the hacking software from houses that was still, inexplicably, on physical disks. What about y’all? Have performance problems stopped you from getting that far? Or have you knocked out all the police and hidden them behind the bins?


    1. womp says:

      “What about y’all? Have performance problems stopped you from getting that far? Or have you knocked out all the police and hidden them behind the bins?”

      i bought the game this morning, installed on my 750ti machine, picked the lowest settings, scanned twitter during the opening cutscenes, walked around a bit, double checked it was at the lowest settings then returned it

      • vorador says:

        Regardless of the existing performance problems of Mankind Divided, the 750Ti performance is lower than the GTX 660, which is listed as the minimum requirements.

      • Sakkura says:

        The game doesn’t run that well on Nvidia hardware, and the GTX 750 Ti is just not powerful enough. You can’t expect a budget card to keep you going forever.

        (though it is a bit soon for it to not even handle the lowest settings)

        • Bing_oh says:

          I’ve got to say that I agree with the idea that Mankind Divided doesn’t play well with Nvidia. I updated the drivers for my GTX960 that were “optimized” for the game and found that they made the performance noticeably WORSE. It’s taken significant tweaking to get the game to play even close to well on my very middle-of-the-road rig.

          • rikor420 says:

            Wierd that people are saying that Nvidia doesn’t work very well with Deus Ex Mankind Divided, I have a 6 yr old system had to replace the motherboard once in that time, bought a EVGA Nvidia GTX 950 and i am running on high on directx 12, i do get some stuttering and some freezes within the game, but all that is randomly, this game was well thought of on there graphic cards, those gamers have anything below a gtx 900 series video card should upgrade, i had to do that last year to keep up with the gaming graphics – domination. Oh yea my cpu power i run on is Intel i5 2300 with 16 gigs of ram, cheepo HDD that is Sata 7200 rpm, for faster reaction time within the game i would suggest a faster solid state HHD and good CPU at least i5 above 2300 or i7 4500 + with a great motherboard and you can go for 16 gigs, 24 gigs or 32 gigs of DDR3 or DDR4 ram.

      • lglethal says:

        Funny that you guys are having problems. My GTX 760 is running everything on Very High (no MSAA of course), and I’m getting a mostly steady 60fps.

        Havent noticed any stuttering or drops, and I’ve only had a single bug so far where it got stuck on a cupboard where I couldn’t get out. A reload to last save fixed that and it hasn’t happened again. Ok im not that far in so maybe there are more bugs to come, but so far performance for me has been great.

        I guess it really comes down to the luck of the draw and what specific hardware you have…

        • lglethal says:

          Sorry that was supposed to be GTX 970. Fat fingers. here…

      • silkeejeezie says:

        I just think thats how PC gaming is… A lot of folks think PC gaming is cheaper but each year I find that PC rigs needs updated hardware frequently. On the other hand I know the PS4 and XBOX one versions looks nice and runs smooth. Especially PS4. Me personally I had the new titan x… ran ok at high settings with no SSAO or whatever it is. Put in my old titan x using it as physx and now I can run SSAOx4. Only issue I had was at the launch when the game completely froze my whole PC constantly. Had to save every 2 minutes. Not its fine.

        Bottom line a lot of folks question me as to while I have all this high end hardware 32GB of ram 8core processor. Sometimes these games just arent optimized for PC as the are for consoles. But ultra powerful PC can handle it. Such as Batman Arkham Knight when that released. Most folks complained about performance issues but it ran fine for me.

    2. geldonyetich says:

      With Fallout 4’s Nuka-Coka expansion, I find myself neglecting Mankind Divided.

      Then Mankibd Divided keels patching while hinting at things to come in the season pass. No Man’s Sky is doing the same.

      I find myself entertaining the sentiment that maybe I ought to start ignoring AAA releases until they’re truly done.

      • DeepFried says:

        So far as open world RPGs then absolutely, the best strategy is to wait for the goty or “ultimate” edition with all the patches and DLC bundled in and for a fraction of the price… it does mean waiting a couple of years though. Its what i’ve been doing for every fallout game from 3, and every elderscrolls game from oblivion.

    3. der jester says:

      That about sums it up. It definitely left me with a “that’s it?” at the end. Also angry I seem to have set off an alarm and missed my “Foxiest of Hounds” achievement.
      Maybe the DLC will actually finish the game. They didn’t resolve much of anything in the campaign.

      • DeepFried says:

        Seems clear that they’re setting up for another sequel. There are major plotlines unresolved.

        THe real question, is what do they do after that? remake the original Deus Ex?

        • Zenicetus says:

          As long as they stay away from big “save the world” scenarios, they could remain in the current era and just swap to a new (better) protagonist who is dealing with continuing conflicts and conspiracies.

          Alex Vega for example — Jensen’s contact with the Collective. Get away from all the corporate/Interpol cop stuff, and tell stories from the standpoint of a rebel organization. Using her as a protagonist would also solve the problem of how Jensen’s augs could all be stripped down ONE MORE TIME so he can level up again.

        • DelrueOfDetroit says:

          Playing as Paul could always be an option. Unless this game makes that impossible, I haven’t played it yet.

          • Raoul Duke says:

            This is the logical conclusion. Play as Paul leading up to the original DX, then continue his story on the assumption he survived the events of that game.

            However, the edgy, edgy dudebros now in control of the franchise would never stoop to, you know, actually respecting the source material, so this will never happen.

      • Zenicetus says:

        I wouldn’t bet on the DLC finishing the game. The content of the announced first one sounds very much like a minor side mission.

        Also, if you waited through the credits, there is a brief cut scene (or you can view it on YouTube) that sets up a continuation of the story, including a major unresolved mystery in the game. It sounds like they’re setting up a sequel. I could be wrong and maybe that’s what the final DLC is about.

    4. Sakkura says:

      It’s another game where DX12 improves performance on AMD cards a lot, while Nvidia’s going nowhere. An R9 390 beats a GTX 980 Ti, a 390X beats a GTX 1070, and a Fury X beats a GTX 1080.

      (for the uninitiated, that’s all upside down compared to most DX11 games)

      • Person of Interest says:

        You’d want to compare Nvidia DX11 vs. AMD DX12, since currently the Nvidia performance regresses with DX12 according to link to . The matchups you mentioned are essentially tied, which is still a coup for AMD since their cards are cheaper in most markets.

    5. Distec says:

      I’m okay with the performance, although there’s a few settings I feel I should be able to bump up without the FPS dragging occasionally with a GTX 970. Setting everything to “High” and a few select settings to “Very High” gives me results I’m pretty comfortable with, though.

      I’m actually more concerned about the bug where, despite quietly and *gently* putting a level full of goons to sleep, the game is treating me as a murderous loose cannon.

      • Jac says:

        Back in my day a man could go around tranquillising people’s faces and brutally knocking them out without fear of being labeled a dangerous maniac by society.

        I hope they fix it as well. There’s at least one dialogue where for once I hadn’t actually murdered anyone, much less headbutted anyone into sleepy town, but the game seemed to think I had.

        The other times I’m putting down to the whole tranquillising / rendering people brutally unconscious not being socially acceptable thing. Will have to try completely ghost it to see if that’s what it is.

        • Carcer says:

          Where did you get these dialogue issues? I spent the entire game methodically incapacitating every single hostile I could find and lugging them into big cuddle puddles and and nobody ever treated me like I killed anyone. I’m going to guess it’s the data disk retrieval from the subway bombings and that the dialogue with Aria afterwards is based on if anyone sees you, as in my case Jensen assured her that he avoided the guards and nobody ever knew he was there, as despite leaving that map without a single conscious person on it I did it without being spotted.

      • Karyogon says:

        A case of being too faithful to the original in an area where it maybe shouldn’t have been, both DX and DXHR had somewhat similar bugs; iirc a scripting oversight in DX that only affected early levels, and a mechanics bug in DXHR where unconscious NPCs could die when moved around or just because of, you know, PHYSICS.

        It’d almost be an incentive to ghost if half the NPCs didn’t carry pocket secretaries with interesting bits of info/storytelling.

        • Distec says:

          Thanks for jogging my memory of the original.

          I now distinctly recall Anna Navarre praising me for my ruthlessness at Castle Clinton, even though I had quietly ghosted the area outside of a few tranqed NSF mooks. For a long time I thought this was weirdly intentional, and it took many more (eventually patched) playthroughs until I finally got the intended dialogue for pacifists.

          • Carcer says:

            Navarre’s interpretation of what you did at Castle Clinton is based on whether or not you managed to trigger the raid with her and her squad of UNATCO troopers at the main entrance to the castle. Unfortunately that still happens in many cases when you come up inside the fort from the underground bit.

        • KenTWOu says:

          When I played DXHR, I didn’t notice that bug, but during my non-lethal walkthrough of Director’s Cut couple of unconscious NPCs in Detroit died quite unexpectedly. I didn’t even move them. Despite that, I got Pacifist achievement.

          • Matt7895 says:

            In Mankind Divided, I went for a pacifist run and thankfully got the achievement despite a horrible moment 3/4 of the way through the game when some NPCs walked into an electrical trap I set off earlier in the game and died instantly.

            It was a case where I had flicked a switch earlier on to see what it did, and it electrified the whole floor. Big deal, I thought, nobody’s ever going to come in here. It turned out a late-game mission DID send people in there, and they died. I spent the last bit of the game thinking I had blown that achievement, so it was nice to see I still got it.

      • Sinomatic says:

        I don’t suppose this involved a train station? If it was, then yes, I think the world in-game acts as though you’ve done something terrible (the injured parties spinning what happened their own way perhaps), but the game itself won’t (I was shouted at after that level even though I’d tranq’d everyone, but I still got my pacifist achievement at the end of the game).

        Or it might just be a bug *shrugs*

        • Distec says:

          I replayed and ghosted the station last night and got different dialogue afterwards. Miller just phoned me up for my next objective instead of scolding me for my behavior.

          I guess I could see how putting all the cops to sleep would be treat it as a “hostile” action and the game world could see it as a terrorist attack. But it seemed a bit much. Besides, I’m knocking out every other police officer that calls me a clank.

    6. DeepFried says:

      I finished the game a couple of days ago. Ever had any performance problems or graphics glitches, and I wasn’t even on the game ready driver.
      I did have one crash to desktop, and one UI lockup, but for 50hrs of gameplay that doesn’t seem so bad.

    7. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

      I liked it a lot (best hub and sidequests of the series), but yeah, the ending feels like it would be around the 3/4 point of any other Deus Ex game. And it’s not that there isn’t a lot of content here–I spent at least as much time with it as I did on my first playthrough of Human Revolution–it’s just that, for the first time, it feels like a Deus Ex game isn’t telling a complete story.

      It’s also still the case that no Deus Ex has managed to have a more interesting plot than the first one, a cyberpunk pastiche that came out sixteen goddamn years ago.

      • TillEulenspiegel says:

        Deus Ex is really a conspiracy theory pastiche, with a light cyberpunk aesthetic. That’s part of why it works so well, because there’s a resonance to all this crazy stuff which most Americans will at least vaguely recognize.

      • Sinomatic says:

        I get the definite impression that they were going for more of a broad, deep section of a part (a half, a third?) of the overall story, rather than a single game that cuts to the heart of the conspiracies and machinations at play. I’m actually okay with that, although I’d much rather know in advance if they’re shooting for a multi-game story than realise it when I finish the thing, as it left me feeling a tad underwhelmed at the ending.
        There was more than enough for me to do in Mankind Divided, plenty of situations for me to ‘get my Deus Ex on’, and I’m fairly sure that my first playthrough took me considerably longer than Human Revolution’s did. I just hope I don’t have to wait another 5 years to get the next part of this story…

    8. Anguy says:

      I liked it quite a bit but also had massive CTD problems (Around 50% of the time I opened up any menu or even the map I got a crash). Those got resolved while I was in the last third of the game but it hampered my opinion a bit.

      Also, while playing, I got sudden urges to start Human Revolution again which isn’t such a good sign when playing a newly released title.

    9. Isendur says:

      Watch Jim Sterling’s show on YT it’ll cast some light on why the ending is that way.

    10. mercyRPG says:

      This game series from Ubi is as Repulsive as the Lithovores in Master of Orion. Speaking of which I have to try the awesome MOO1-2 fan patches and MODs.

      • lglethal says:

        Ummm Deus Ex doesn’t have anything to do with Ubi. It’s a EIDOS and squeenix production…

    11. f4stjack says:

      “Mankind dicided”? Typo or a clever pun on decided and divided?

    12. FroshKiller says:

      You’ve got this tagged as “Deus Ex: Mankind Dicided.”