Norks Out: Homefront Revolution’s Free Steam Weekend

The full version of Homefront: The Revolution [official site] is free to try on Steam this weekend and sure, I’ll bite. Our John’s review talked plenty about bugs and bad AI, but he also found a lot to like in the open-world FPS. Yup, it sounds like the sort of game I’d like to try a couple of hours. This weekend trial comes on the heels of another patch boosting performance and fixing bugs so hey, I guess freeloading latecomers like me get a better first experience that people who paid money for it at launch. Sorry, you lot.

If you fancy a play, head on over to Steam and get downloading. The free trial will run until 9pm UK time (1pm Pacific) on Sunday. If you dig it, hey, the game’s on sale too, down to £17.99/23,99€/$23.99 until Monday.

As for that recent patch, it talks of boosting performance by 15%, adding options to hide individual HUD elements, and boshing in two new co-op missions.

Here’s a lump of Wot John Thought:

“And yet, despite all these enormous flaws, there’s so much to celebrate in Homefront: The Revolution. It really is a huge accomplishment, an attempt to step on Ubisoft’s toes, and in so many ways a successful one. Whereas Ubi’s games from The Division to the Far Cries have fairly ubiquitous-feeling cities/islands to explore, Homefront’s Philadelphia is really impressively varied. The shift in approach from a red to a yellow zone is both very welcome, and far more interesting. Getting to walk about in the streets, being extremely careful, but not having to shoot everything that moves, is great. Carefully negotiating your way through back alleys and finding routes up rubble-strewn buildings to reach hidden stashes, then creep across board walks to reach a distant balcony, jumping (when possible) for a ledge, and reaching an enemy target without having had to set off alarms is completely splendid. As can be picking them off one by one with your sniper rifle.”

Yeah, I’ll give that a go. Do read the rest.


  1. dahools says:

    I’ll give it a go but at 41Gb it will take all weekend to get here if BT are anything to go by!

    If i get a chance to try it before the weekend is over and its any good 18 quid isn’t too bad I might be tempted. Most reviews on steam good or bad are focusing on graphics, hardware specs and bugs rather than gameplay so I will judge for myself since it has had a few patches.

    • dahools says:

      It seems after a good few hours last night trying it out, I came across no performance issues what so ever.
      I have a modest gaming rig (i5 + 290 non x ) was playing @ 1440p and fps was solid in the 40-50 region which on my freesync monitor felt smooth as butter. (I admit a less than modest monitor).
      But still I was on high for everything, turned shadows up to very high along with shadow detail and turned up all the in game AA up to max.
      All was good. No stuttering, graphic glitches lag slow downs or anything walling or running or on the heat of battle was smooth always. Don’t know how it was but I would say it is very polished on that front now.

      As for the game it’s hard to judge it tries to be so many things I just don’t think it nails down what it wants. It’s like a twitch shhoter one minute then a fps metal gear solid the next hiding behind cover tagging enemies so they are visible later. the theme, its like terminator one minute in the red zones with Norks that remind me of the Advent from XCOM 2 and then dead gritty city/town life with a feel more like S.T.A.L.K.E.R or metro or even a deus Ex at times.

      Its got guns crossbows and crafting and nice melee animations that look straight from BF or COD.

      The maps seem big but scattered with markers like a farcry or assassins creed.

      Like I say its not bad its it just doesn’t seem to have its own identity really. Seen it all before in bits of other games.

      Might try it again tonight don’t know if I will stick it out or buy it yet not quite sold on it yet I will see if it gets a bit less repetitive.

  2. AutonomyLost says:

    I’ll be trying this out tonight then, by golly. Thanks for the heads-up, Alice.

  3. Zach Fett says:

    I actually really enjoyed this game, minus the terrible performance issues that were on the PS4 version. However they just released a big patch last week (I think?) and it fixed up pretty much every issue I had, the big one being the terrible framerate.

    Definitely worth trying for the free weekend, though that 41GB download is a tough pill to swallow for most.

    • anHorse says:

      Yeah same I really like it

      John was the only reviewer who I felt gave it a fair shake

  4. Gandor says:

    Oh cool, free Homefront weekend.
    #goes to Steam page#
    #presses ‘Play game’#
    #see it’s 41gb#
    #lol no#

  5. Scelous says:

    Played it yesterday and the performance issues are absolutely insane. The game freezes for a split second when I’m walking forward, and it happens every few seconds. Also, I’m unable to run the game on Ultra with my GTX 1070, despite being able to do so with The Witcher 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and other games that look much, much better.

  6. Nauallis says:

    lol what. Isn’t norks a slang term for breasts?

  7. zaphod6502 says:

    Sadly even as a freebie it is still not worth wasting time on. Hitches and freezes and the clunky movement do not excuse this mess even after the patches.

  8. AutonomyLost says:

    I seemed to have lucked-out with this one — I have had absolutely flawless performance over the 90+ minutes I just spent playing this game. I had a passing interest when it was originally released, but decided to avoid it due to the mass of user complaints regarding the horrendous performance issues. After the patch, and with it being completely free to try this weekend, I thought “why not”.

    Turns out it runs like a top, everything cranked except for shadows being knocked down one notch (which is always a given with me, because… they’re shadows and can have significant performance impact for next-to-no improvement in image quality a lot of the time), and getting what I perceive to be my monitor’s max refresh of 90 FPS nearly the entire time. The CryEngine looks gorgeous, as one would expect, and seems to be loving the SLI I’m feeding it.

    Anyway, I only thought I’d jump back on here after trying it to say give it a go if you’re at all interested, as it may perform well and you may enjoy it. I certainly am, as this is quite a change of pace from what I’ve been playing lately. Have a good weekend, all.

  9. varbles says:

    The original Homefront was bland at best and at worst just embarrassing. Hopefully they had a whole different team working on this one, otherwise I’ll probably regret even downloading it on a free weekend.