Mysterious Girl: Virginia Gets Cinematic Trailer

Right, I’m going to level with you: I’m really behind on Virginia [official site] news because I want to go into it as fresh as is feasible while retaining my job on this PC gaming website. Single-player mystery thrillers involving FBI agents are very much my area of interest and I do prefer mysteries where I know very little about them going in.

With that in mind, I’m watching this cinematic trailer for Virginia, but I’m doing the kind of watching where I’m deliberately not paying attention, I’m just trying to ensure it’s definitely a trailer and there’s definitely a game and no-one’s accidentally left a bunch of porn halfway through or something:

Okay, so having watched it while focusing on a point about an inch below the video itself so as not to take in any fine detail, I can tell you there seems to be some driving, a darkroom, a bit where you play cards, and there are a number of NPC characters. Also there might be a lift. There were definitely sliding doors, at any rate.

Virginia will wind up on Windows and Mac on September 22, and already has a demo on Steam. In the name of including something useful in this post rather than telling you I tried not to watch the trailer this entire post is supposed to be about, here are some other things that apparently happened on 22 September in years past:

In the UK in 1955 ITV went live for the first time. It’s a television channel and currently brings our nation such entertainment as Coronation Street (a soap opera), The X Factor (loads of countries have a version of this) and Jeremy Kyle (a budget version of Jerry Springer – maybe a bit more like Maury Povich but I’ve not seen Maury in years).

It’s also Anne of Cleves’ birthday, Hobbit Day, American Business Women’s Day and World Car-Free Day.


  1. invitro says:

    I was sort of shunning this game, but now I have to admit that it looks interesting. It’s hard for me to tell much from that trailer, but it looks like the creators took the game seriously, and the act of creating a new story seriously, rather than just punching in a bunch of tropes and cliches. I can’t explain why I get that impression from the trailer, though. And the cardinal/redbird is mysterious. I saw this game was in IGN’s top 10 upcoming games so I guess it’s getting more publicity than similar games. I’ll look forward to it arriving in a couple of weeks.

    • invitro says:

      “Make time to kick back with a hot cup of joe” — Never mind. :(

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      There’s a demo on Steam so no need to be unsure, give it a whirl.

      I for one am getting really quite excited about this. Looks great. I think it’s going to provoke a lot of those “It’s a walking simulator, is it really a game?” diatribes but as with most of those complaints its a thing that couldn’t exist in any other format than this here videogames one so, it’s a game and quite exciting looking one at that.

  2. JFS says:

    Oh, this is really coming out? Been intrigued about it ever since that evocative ’14 screenshot here on RPS.

    That and the game about bar-fighting bears. Or deer or whatever it was :) And that “Baldur’s Gate but with pixel art” sidescroller. I should really start a watchlist.

    • oyog says:

      “…The game about bar-fighting bears.”

      Are you talking about this turn based tactics game of bar room brawling? I had forgotten about it until you brought it up. It looked super fun but the devlog just kind of ended. I hadn’t realized till I looked at his twitter that the developer moved on to be a part of the MiniMetro team.

      It’s a little disappointing I never got to play that turn based bar brawler but damn, I love MiniMetro.

  3. Ben King says:

    I know these two are not really in the same ballpark but the last narrative adventure game I played was Life is strange which was a little too close to sitting trough a High School Health class lecture to be fun for me. Like a fool I kinda wrote off the whole narrative adventure genre after that. This one’s demo really hooked me though and I’m totally looking forward to it. If you’ve played the demo then there is little in the trailer to spoil you further.

  4. Premium User Badge

    reality3ites says:

    Why is there/do the stars have parallax going on? This bothers me. Is it some tiny parallel universe?

    • poliovaccine says:

      I’m confused by what you mean… like, why *wouldn’t* the stars be like that?

  5. lokimotive says:

    I enjoyed the demo for the brief time that I played, but it seems that when you adjusted the resolution (which I had to do because of my not particularly powerful laptop), it didn’t adjust the screen size. So it was like I was playing Doom on a 386. I’m hoping that gets changed in the actual release because it was off-putting.

  6. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Hey look, I am in this game! And I’m a priest apparently!