Outward Will Mix Survival And High Fantasy

Fantasy games have always been about the chosen hero foretold by prophecy, the lone knight wandering the wilderness saving the every-man from any number of horrific beast. Outward [official site] aims to change that, casting you as an average medieval Joe, riddled with lice and a touch of the plague.

Alright, chances are it’s not going to be that true to life, but if you’ve been itching for a survival game in a medieval fantasy setting, Outward might be what you’re looking for.

Outward most recently made an appearance at PAX West this year, and got a trailer to mark the occasion:

The game plops you in the wilderness, and it’s up to you to survive, managing your basic needs while making sure you don’t get gobbled up by a monster. You don’t have to go alone, though—there’re both local and online co-op modes with splitscreen functionality.

If a battle does go sour, it doesn’t necessarily mean your game is finished. You might wake up as a prisoner or find yourself abandoned in the woods, your belongings stolen. That might be forgiving, but it’s worth noting that the game is always auto-saving, meaning if you make a decision you regret, there’s no going back.

Say what you will of some of the animations, but the game overall looks quite nice. It’s great to see a blend of European, Middle Eastern, and East Asian influences, hopefully setting Outward apart from the usual Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones western fantasy samey-ness.

Outward is still in development, but was granted the Greenlight seal of approval by the Steam community, so expect to see more there in the future. Nine Dots haven’t set a release date, saying it “Won’t be before 2017 for sure though.”


  1. Psychomorph says:

    The last scene of the video was cute.

    What made me interested was the absence of floating bars and numbers and HUD. Probably to make the trailer look good. In short, a presentation lie. So if the final game remains uncluttered with UI trash, than it might be interesting.

  2. CyberPunkRock says:

    Hmm, interesting. The game has a slightly unpolished, yet confincing look. It reminds me a bit of Mount&Blade. Not in terms of actual gameplay but this feeling of being a nobody who has to set his own goals and the world is not waiting for you but goes on regardless of what you’re doing, creating a kind of “realness”.

    I liked the animation at the end, where he crawls in his tent. I was sure the video would just fade out and since it’s an indy game I thougt that they wouldn’t bother with such a detail because of budget. It makes the world more believable.

    The fact that it has local coop really is a selling point to me. Colour me interested.

  3. TheAngriestHobo says:

    My first thought is that this will probably be yet another survival game that only gives you 10% of the experience if you play solo. Mount and Blade was great, because you could immerse yourself in the “I am a nobody in a living world” fantasy without some player bouncing across the screen in his underwear screaming racial slurs. That hasn’t been the case in many other titles in the genre, though.

    My second thought is that it looks a lot like Skyrim.

    My third thought is that the bit with the dude who ran up out of nowhere and kicked the other guy in the back of the head was hilarious.

  4. abHowitzer says:

    This gives me a distinct Morrowind vibe. I’m not sure though whether it’s open ended, or there’s a specific trail you’re advancing on.

  5. gabrielonuris says:

    I’ve got Risen/Gothic vibes from this. And that’s a good thing for me!

  6. Sin Vega says:

    Looks lovely. If I can scratch out a modest existence as a mundane hunter and wanderer, I’ll be quite happy.