Wizard Battle: Smite Adding First PvE Mode This Week

You’ll have noticed the “No more than nine wizards at a time” handwritten sign in the corner shop window. It’s common knowledge that ten wizards together will inevitably brawl over some Ancient, Nexus, Titan, pick ‘n’ mix, or goodness knows what. Here’s a secret: five wizards are just as unsafe, as they’ll group up on an ‘epic quest’ and wander the neighbourhood to fight something, anything. ‘PvE’, they call it. A bloody nuisance, I say. Last night I found five steaming wizards tangled in my washing line shouting e.g. “It’s casting Root!” and “Watch the adds!” while swatting at the peg bag.

Citizens, be alert. Smite [official site] is adding its first PvE mode this week, and the five-wizard arena battles of Xing Tian’s Mountain will only encourage that rabble.

Xing Tian’s Mountain dunks five wizards on a magical mountain to fight waves of beefy enemies. Wizards start at level 13 with a fair chunk of cash, then must defeat each wave within a minute. From what I’ve seen, the waves cover a fair range of typical boss battles, like a damage-dealer paired with a healer, a biggun surrounded by a horde of mooks, a duo who get furious if their partner is killed, and so on. It has its own leaderboards, tracking the players who survive the longest.

This Smite wiki has a load more info on it all.

The mode will arrive in patch 3.17, which is due on Tuesday. If you really want a go now, you can hop onto the Public Test Server.

Here’s a bit of someone playing Xing Tian’s Mountain. I haven’t checked the whole video but from what I watched he’s a polite young man.


  1. Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

    I really didn’t get on with Smite, but it’s nice to see MOBAs experimenting with the genre a bit. I’ve had a million ideas for featured modes on LoL and test the best they can manage is urf or hexakill, AGAIN. Good on you Hi-Rez!!

  2. Apologised says:

    So, 10, 8 or 6 Wizards in a small space will split into equal wizard teams and wizard duel over a macguffin. Barrack like structures that spawn minions will be created, and someone will erect towers that shoot fireballs.
    This, Magicka and Gauntlet tell us that 2 to 5 Wizards will embark on a quest to rid the land of evil in a not entirely serious capacity.
    And Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit tells us that 1 wizard left to his own devices will start encouraging the mundanes to go on quests whilst appearing to help but actually not helping all that much.
    So therefore the safest number of wizards for a group are prime numbers above 5 so that means 7 or 9 wizards are the safest groupings.
    Oh wait, you put 7 wizards together and they WILL go off and defend small impoverished towns from swarthy Githyanki and their space banditos.

    So Nine. Nine wizards is the safest number of wizards.

    • Chairman_Meow says:

      Trick question. The correct answer is none. None is the safest amount of wizards.

      • Apologised says:

        Well yeah, in an ideal world you’d go for no wizards. But if you notice Wizards congregating, you want to get them into groups of 9 if you can. NO MORE THAN THAT.

        If you go with 11 wizards or above, then that many Wizards in one spot will found a Wizarding School or College, and that means all of the fun of a school or college, except the students are now also spellcasters.
        And if the concepts of a 6th form Student with reality warping abilities doesn’t terrify you then you clearly do not remember what you were like at that age.