Clustertruck Goes Platforming Across A Honking Pile-Up

Clustertruck is a first-person platformer about leaping across the backs of a convoy of perpetually-crashing trucks while dodging traps, and yet we’ve not posted about it before? That doesn’t seem right. Maybe someone forget to tag the post properly. And mention the game’s name. And say anything about trucks. Or the post must have said something so libellous that we agreed not only to delete it but submit to mind-wipes. I’m not sure how else to explain us missing such joyous mayhem. Come look at this:

I know, right?

But I’ve double-checked: nothing.

For those who can’t watch videos right now, I’ll explain. You are so manner of giant jumpman, and go you leaping across a convoy of trucks. Many, many trucks. They’re racing down the road towards a goal – your goal – but that’s not helped by them crashing, flipping, raining from the skies, exploding, zooming under low bridges, passing giant swinging mallets, and driving through collapsing buildings and laser grids. Throw in leaderboards tracking times (with replays! hopefully as simple as Devil Daggers’ one-click watching?) and you’ve got a fine-looking dodge-o-race-a-platformer.

In theory, at least. First-person platforming can feel awful even in the best of games, so I am more than a touch cautious, but the idea is delightful.

Made by Landfall Games, Clustertruck is due September 27th on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’ll hit Steam priced at £10.99.

Maybe you can explain what happened to us. We really would’ve posted this. It even has a free promo game smashing in a bit of Super Hot. No idea.


  1. tyrsius says:

    I remember you guys mentioning this game a long while ago (6-12 months), but it didn’t have a name at the time. In fact, I’ve seen videos of this more than once, but this is the first time I’ve seen the name “ClusterTruck”. It seems like the name was a recent addition.

  2. Plank says:

    “First-person platforming can feel awful even in the best of games”

    Give Grappling Hook a go Alice link to

  3. swaan says:


  4. Budwye12 says:

    RPS has definitely covered it before. It used to be called “Highway Fight Squad”, but I am still having trouble finding the article that I know exists.

  5. Premium User Badge

    alison says:

    This looks like one of those games I’ll buy because the video is awesome, then I will play for an hour before throwing my computer out the window in frustration. But it will be an hour of awesome.

  6. fiasco says:

    Oh hey, it’s the game I played in my head during car trips as a kid.

  7. Simbosan says:

    Mummy why is the music shouting at me? If the game isn’t exciting enough, screeching at me won’t help

    • Phasma Felis says:

      You forgot to say “dubstep.” (Which around here means “anything with synths and bass”)

  8. c-Row says:

    You know what could make this game even better? Multiplayer support.