Ark Update: Archaeopteryx Gliders, More Optimisations

Ark: Survival Evolved [official site] caused a kerfuffle recently when the open-world dinosurvival game launched a £15 expansion despite still being in early access. Even an unsatisfying response from developers Studio Wildcard didn’t stop the Scorched Earth add-on from topping the Steam charts, mind. Anyway, now Wildcard are back to free Ark content updates, boshing in two new flying dinos and bringing more desperately-needed performance optimisations.

What’s going on in that picture ↑ up there? Ah, that’s some folks using the new Archaeopteryx as hang gliders. Just another day in Ark.

Patch 247 arrived last night. Its two new dinos are the Archaeopteryx protobird, which players can tame to use as a hilarious teeny hang glider, and the bigger Tapejara, a pterosaur which can strafe in the air (just like real pterosaurs could – ask Dave Attenborough) and cling to walls so the pilot and their passenger can shoot down (go on, ask him). Also new: Night Vision Goggles and what the devs call “a bevy of performance optimizations and gameplay fixes.”

The update also refreshes The Center, the fancy fantasy land made by a player then included officially. Expect new caves, a new area, reworked weather, and fixes.

A fair few players are reporting crashes after this update, mind. The developers are investigating but don’t have a solution yet. One problem they have already fixed was an inability to whip out items like the torch and spyglass while mounted.


  1. Pogs says:

    Arc is one of the few games that can pretend Early Access isn’t a actually a release AND get people to pay expansion.

    • Unclepauly says:

      I don’t believe you.

    • SaintAn says:

      Wish people would donate to charities the same way they throw their money away on scams and ripoffs games.

      • int says:

        They do — when they throw their money at scam and ripoffs games off Humblebundle.

    • CWB says:

      Early Access is not a full release, you are just goofy.

  2. eLBlaise says:

    Is it finally optimized enough for me to play it with Twitch or YouTube running simultaneously like every other game I own?