Have You Played… MegaRace?

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We don’t need words when discussing MegaRace.


  1. Orillion says:

    I remember how shocked I was to learn that FMV games were a thing. I was equally shocked to learn that they were mostly considered really bad. I mean, I knew that games which used FMVs existed. I had seen Gabriel Knight 2 and The Journeyman Project, and figured that video was probably used in making Myst work, but it was an entire broad category of games that I didn’t ever know about until I was a teenager.

    I guess a big part of that probably has to do with me being born in 1990; FMV games definitely tended to be targeted at older audiences (Phantasmagoria et al) and by the time I was old enough many of those games had just stopped working on modern hardware. Even Gabriel Knight 2 was a nightmare to get working on XP until the various fan patches fixed that.

    Anyway, my point is that I’ve only heard about this game through Noah Antweiler about eight years back, and he’s right; Lance Boyle talks like he’s delivering jokes, but even after three minutes (all I could take of that) I had yet to hear one thing that even sounded like it was intended to be funny.

  2. vorador says:

    All i can say is: glad the FMV era died.

  3. blainestereo says:

    My father’s boss used to play it, oh man how I envied him his powerful PC that was able to run such a good looking game…

  4. Skabooga says:

    I sincerely hope that MegaRace creators didn’t know the meaning of the word “jailbait”; otherwise, I have serious misgivings about the naming of one of their gang leaders.

    • Sin Vega says:

      I do get a kick out of imagining Chris Morris as a cyberpunk street gang rapper, though.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      Haha, yea, I heard that and assumed whoever wrote it didn’t know what that phrase actually means, embarrassing mistake.

  5. nindustrial says:

    Fuck yeah I’ve played MegaRace. It came for free when we got a fancy new PC with a Pentium Processor. Shit game, but plenty of great nostalgia that it brings back simply by dredging all the memories of that time.

  6. Elusiv3Pastry says:

    I never actually owned this until it went on sale on GOG, but back in the day I would rollerblade down to the Fnac (large electronics store) on weekends and play through this on one of their demo stations. It was amazing.

    • Elusiv3Pastry says:

      I just noticed that Software Toolworks made this, the same people behind the hilariously awful and awesome hand-drawn and animated Star Wars chess. I think their sound department for all their games consisted of just a guy with a stick and aluminum trash can lid.

  7. Amake says:

    Haven’t played it myself, no, but I did watch some professional Internet comedians suffer through it live just the other year. Good times.

  8. Optimaximal says:

    This post should simply be “Why haven’t you played MegaRace?!“!

  9. gunny1993 says:

    I thought that was John Lithgow for a second

  10. Ben King says:

    This is ironic because I actually DO need some covers for my car seats. My butt is wearing holes in them.

  11. Maxheadroom says:

    He always reminded me of a budget Matt Frewer

  12. Stevostin says:

    Oh god. Yes. Yes I played this. Oh god I am so old.

  13. Atomic Playboy says:

    They’re working on a MegaRace Reboot:
    link to youtube.com

    • mercyRPG says:

      MegaRace had superb unbeatable graphics quality in its time, had cool live actors making a good show and the game itself wasn’t that bad.

      That video needs serious sound mastering though. :)

    • Elusiv3Pastry says:

      I find it remarkable that Lance Boyle is still alive and looks to have hardly aged a day.

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        All these years haven’t left a MegatRace on his MegaFace.

  14. AutonomyLost says:

    Fuck yes I have.

  15. samination says:

    Yes, and it’s awful. I bought this accidentally instead of Crash N’ Burn for the 3DO as a kid and could never forgive myself.

  16. PancreaticDefect says:

    YEEEEEEEEEESSS! This game came bundled with my families first PC way back in 1994. I played this game for hours despite it taking about 15 minutes to complete. Especially if you have a little brother to drive the car while you hammer the spacebar to destroy everyone in your path or vice versa.

  17. Bullfrog says:

    One of the first games I had to monkey about with config and autoexec files to get it running on our creaky rig.

    Yeah, at least I learnt how to do it for better games.

  18. Michael Fogg says:

    All this FMV and then in the race itself there was a limit of one opponent car on the screen at a time… despite what was shown in the dev’s logo, they did put the cart before the horses…

  19. J.C. says:


    Loved the hell out of this game back then. Some people in the comments said they beat it, but I never could. I was that bad at it – its also a bit dumb looking back at it, but I didn’t have much games to play back then damnit.

  20. Henke says:

    Yup. Played it, loved it, was mystified to find out later on some people had not liked it. It was one of the first games I bought after having upgraded from Commodore 64 to a PC. It played much like the Outrun-esque things I’d been playing previously, but with mindblowingly good graphics. What’s not to like?

  21. Unsheep says:

    These games are awesome. They have an atmosphere that you rarely get in racing games anymore.

    Most racing games today are either about:
    1)über-realism or

    Bring back the fun and quirky racing games.

    • Foosnark says:

      Most racing games today are either about:
      1)über-realism or

      Have you tried Distance or Redout?

      • vorador says:

        Or Trackmania
        Ridge Racer Unbounded
        Formula Fusion (Early Access)

        There are plenty of arcade racing games if you look for them.

  22. beatsarebroken says:

    Hell yeah I did! FMV was just as bad as the acting! But man was this game fun!