Get Pac-Fever In Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Today

Pac-In-Time, like Mario is Missing!, was one of my favorite games when I was younger. It wasn’t a good game. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 [official site] is, however, and you can see for yourself how good it actually is today.

Just when you thought Pac-Man’s fate was gobbling up colorful ghosts and eating golden pills, things have changed. No, they haven’t. Not those things. But just about everything else has. The latest entry in the Championship Edition series once again featues colorful 3D mazes, giant ghost battles, new abilities for Pac-Man and other augments to keep the formula fresh.

But listen, as long as I can chomp through a chain of 25 ghosts at once to make that combo meter rise like my temperature when I see Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme (what a man), I’m not really concerned about anything else. And that’s entirely possible, with Chain Eating mechanics in-game that let you group up four different chains of ghosts to maximize your bonus. I’ve played it, and all hell breaks loose, in a good way.

This is definitely a game for Pac-Man lovers, through and through, and you should probably pick it up if you racked up as many hours on the original game as I did .

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is out on Steam for £9.99/12,99€/$12.99.


  1. Sp4rkR4t says:

    The system requirements are bloody mental.

    • Catterbatter says:

      According to Steam reviews, the requirements are serious. My PC doesn’t make the cut. I’ll be stuck playing Crysis on high like a pleb. Or maybe I’ll pick up the previous Championship Edition at 75% off in the Humble sale.

      • ButteringSundays says:

        Seems odd that no one has mentioned how this compares to Championship Edition DX – given that this is its sequel. As an owner of DX, is this worth the upgrade, is it just more of the same? How does it differ?

        As ever I’m grateful that RPS has brought this to my attention, but this post tells me absolutely nothing of value about the game.

        • Dinjoralo says:

          CE2 is a massively different beast from CE or DX. It’s somewhere between the two prior games, I’d say.

  2. RobF says:

    I wish this didn’t look like a messy headache in a box because I adored the first two.

  3. Alevice says:

    Pac man 2 was a great game however. Too bad the name doesnt make a snese given its a damn spinoff adventure game.

  4. KFee says:

    No multiplayer? you can’t be serious :(

  5. Killerspinach says:


  6. thaquoth says:

    Pac-In-Time/Fury of the Furries was great. I will fight you.

    • The First Door says:

      Wait, wait, wait, wait! Pac-In-Time was a rebrand of Fury of the Furries? That game was brilliant, I absolutely loved it as a kid! I think I’ve still got that on a CD somewhere along with S.C.OUT, Cogito, and Breakline, one of my favourite Breakout clones ever.

  7. mingster says:

    Unfortunately it’s broken on Steam currently and won’t load past Tutorial 1.4. Patch/Fix is required.