Pro Evo Soccer 2017’s PC Version May Be Crocked

If you’re a fan of football games, you might have noticed the glowing reviews for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 [official site] that emerged from the tunnel and onto the internet yesterday. Some of them said it was the best football game ever made. Sadly, if you’re expecting the version of the game those reviews were written about to show up on PC tomorrow, quash those expectations right now. Despite the Steam page’s lack of information about any differences from the main release, as with last year’s title PC players should “not expect it [to be at the] same level as PS4/XBone” according to Adam Bhatti, Pro Evo’s global brand manager.

Bhatti made that comment back at the end of July, stating that questions about the PC version had been answered before. We haven’t been able to find anything specific on official channels and the Steam store page doesn’t specify which aspects of the game might be affected by its apparent status as a current- and previous-gen hybrid.

If the changes are purely cosmetic, this might not only be a slight irritation, but I’ve played Pro Evo 2016 on PS4 and on PC, and enjoyed the console version far more. It’s not just that the game looks muddier on PC, it feels more sluggish as well, and the much-praised fluidity of play is barely noticeable at all. I don’t know exactly why that is, or precisely what differences other than visual ones are evident, but I liked the game more than FIFA on PS4 and didn’t care for it at all on PC.

Whether the same will be true this year, I don’t know. It’s out tomorrow and I’ll take it for a spin, and I’ll be playing on PS4 as well to pay closer attention to the differences this time around.

Maybe we can expect better for PES 2018 however this one turns out. Bhatti said, back in July, that “early talks” about an improved PC version are happening. Until that’s the case, I think the least Konami could do is make the differences between versions clear at the point of sale.


  1. thenevernow says:

    The unwarranted and completely out of place arrogance and cockiness of Bhatti are always amazing.

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    DuncUK says:

    The usual response to crappy behaviour like this is to say “don’t reward this behaviour, don’t buy the game”. However, I wouldn’t put it past these ‘brand managers’ to conclude that nobody is buying the current impoverished version so what’s the point of investing in a PC release as good as PS4/XBO?

    • thenevernow says:

      People don’t buy inferior version => no point in improving it? I’m missing the logic here.

      • deiseach says:

        It isn’t logical. But I think that’s DuncUK’s point.

      • SalaciousJames says:

        That’s certainly what happened with American EA Sports titles on PC in the mid-2000s.

      • Schledorn says:

        I think it’s more, “The PC version only represents 10% of our sales so don’t spend more than 10% on that version,” or something like that. Spending $400k improving the game might not translate to an extra $400k in sales.

        • thenevernow says:

          Hm. But aren’t PS4 and XBone technologically closer to a PC than PS3 and X360? Could they be artificially keeping the PC version behind for whatever reason?

          • Schledorn says:

            I guess it’s possible. I’m certainly no game developer so I can’t say how developing for console differs from PC. I can’t imagine that a studio would intentionally torpedo something that they invested money in, but anything is possible.

          • GenialityOfEvil says:

            I think it’s more likely to be an attitude towards PC gaming as a whole. They are a Japanese publisher after all.

          • Archangel says:

            GenialityOfEvil says: “I think it’s more likely to be an attitude towards PC gaming as a whole. They are a Japanese publisher after all.”

            Quoted for truth. This is pretty much all the answer that you need.

      • Baines says:

        The logic stops at “people don’t buy => don’t bother selling”.

        It is the big problem with the idea of voting with your money, that it is entirely up to the seller to interpret your “yes/no” decision however they wish. Which tends to get shaded by any preexisting biases.

        People aren’t buying “Fantastic Four”? Our creators are great (and any grumbling about bad creators is just a minority that will never be satisfied,) it obviously means that there just isn’t a market for Fantastic Four!

        People aren’t buying our buggy (sub)PS3-quality PC port of a PS4 title? Obviously there just isn’t enough of a market on PC. No point in spending money to improve it, they’ll just pirate the game anyway.

        • thenevernow says:

          That’s true. And the opposite, too: every PC sale might be read as “the game is good enough for that crowd”. Unlikely, but still…

          But the global PC market is objectively getting more attention in Japan and Konami can’t be oblivious to that.

    • dsch says:

      Not as simple, because they’d likely also consider how many are buying the competition.

  3. crowleyhammer says:


    • Sleepy Will says:

      Because Konami is Konami and Konami is the worst.

      • cockpisspartridge says:

        Oh, I don’t know. Yie Ar Kung Fu was the bomb on the MSX in 1985. Give the guys a break. Ha.

  4. vorador says:

    Well, they just made a huge favor to EA.

  5. Avus says:

    Honestly, Japanese still sucks a PC game…. And with this attitude, they will never be good… Bet on Korean if you want better PC game from Asia.

    • Avus says:

      Oh don’t forget the Chinese game developers are rising too and guess which platform they are mainly develop for… PC and mobile

  6. fearandloathing says:

    Well isn’t this the same Konami that couldn’t even put proper licensed teams for years and depended on community patches? Anyone buying a pes game deserves a slap, one harder than CODders get

    • Ichi_1 says:

      Well they were kind of hamstrung by the fact that EA held a ten year contract for those licenses. So anything but fake teams and players would’ve been illega

      • fearandloathing says:

        Yeah I heard that, but was it really impossible for them to do anything, was EA’s rights exclusive and absolute? I don’t think such a deal would be allowed, on the basis of anti-monopolization. We don’t see such an issue in regards to NBA, for example. I inclined to not believe this until I’ve seen a legal explanation, it just seems like an excuse made up by Konami to not to pay for licenses.

        • ButteringSundays says:

          That’s not how monopolies work – a rights holder can license whomever they please, including maintaining exclusivity.

  7. CidL says:

    Oh for…last year’s version of FIFA was such spectacular dogshit I was pinning my hopes on PES this year. That’s that fucked then.

  8. Ichi_1 says:

    Well they were kind of hamstrung by the fact that EA held a ten year contract for those licenses. So anything but fake teams and players would’ve been illegal

  9. criskywalker says:

    “Not expect it [to be at the] same level as PS4/XBone”.
    What the Dickens is this? How can the mighty machine which is infinitely superior not be able to run at the same level as those almost last-gen toyboxes?


    • criskywalker says:

      Back to the best football game then: Rocket League!

      • Brave Dave says:

        I was thinking exactly the same thing at work today, would it be better than Rocket League for that FEELING of, well, Rocket League. From the reviews I was going to have a blast at a footie game this year and PES it was, but I am gutted. Ah well, back to jumping around in my seat playing Rocket League.

  10. Zankman says:

    Sad news.

    PES 2016 (on PC) was legitimately good and felt much better than the horrible PES games of the past few years.

    When I heard that PES 2017 was shaping up really well, I honestly got hopeful!

    Now, eh…