The Sims 4 Tries City Living With Next Expansion

The big city! Bright lights! Pop-up shops! Festivals! Karaoke! Worthless landlords! Angry neighbours! Ah yes, the big city. Land of one thousand dreams! Land of six hundred crushed dreams! Yes indeed, the big city. The siren call of high-rise living! Culture so bleeding edge you’re almost thankful when the carmine puddle you stepped in this morning turns out to only be vomit. Where else but the big city. And what feeds this pounding heart? Arteries of road and rail carrying fresh erythrocytes from the towns, the suburbs, each bearing their precious cargo of deposit + first two months’ rent + credit check fee + reference check fee + social media check fee + misc. admin fees.

That’s what City Living, the next expansion for dolls house simulator The Sims 4 [official site], is all about. Mostly. Some of that, anyway. A bit. A bit of it.

Here’s how Electronic Arts would like you to think of life in the city of San Myshuno:

The most important question: what happened to pop songs sung in Simlish? Katy Perry did it. Lily Allen was onboard. Even Depeche Mode are up for it. Tegan and Sara here are singing in plain ol’ English. What happened to being patrons of vital art, EA?

£29.99/$39.99 when it arrives for Windows and Mac on November 3rd. That’s not cheap but hey, at least it’ll be almost a year since the last Sims 4 expansion pack (not counting add-ons); some Sims 3 expansions arrived only two or three months apart.

I do hope Pip will continue to perfectly replicate our friendship with City Living.


  1. NephilimNexus says:

    I’ve always found it amusing to see what EA employees think life is like for normal people. It’s so divorced from reality that it would make David Lynch do a double-take.

    • Chiron says:

      I don’t know, you can get your Sim to sit in his underpants playing the PC while suffering crippling depression from isolation and poor hygiene.

      • badmothergamer says:

        Agreed. When my toilet breaks I don’t urinate on the floor, but many other aspects of the game are spot on.

      • melancholicthug says:

        *Looks at lack of pants, general unkept state of apartment and persistant feel of sadness masked by excessive game use.*

        Well, that’s one game I’ll surely stay away from. Wouldn’t like to find out how is that Sim’s future life.

  2. Syt says:

    Sims 4 since release has been very lackluster. While the much improved loading times over its predecessors are appreciated, the game seems headed in an ever shallower direction with ever less challenge in the gameplay. I missed the Sims 1 train, but Sims 2 had me quite hooked. Sims 3, with expansions, was very good, and had the advantage of story progression (made better with mods).

    Sims 4 compartmentalizes everything again, and while clubs and interactive jobs are a nice change, the game feels shallower or at least much easier than before. Moods are a nice concept but too easily manipulated, and character traits seem to have less meaning now. The Sims was always a bit a time management game where you needed to weigh your needs and goals vs. the available time. A lot of that seems to have relaxed too much in Sims 4.

    Overall, I think the series needs a serious reconsideration about its direction, or a competitor should step in to create a game for the crowd that played and enjoyed the previous incarnations and would like to see them in a modern engine.

  3. cool4345 says:

    …That’s it? Really?

    It’s incredibly disappointing to see what’s happened with The Sims.
    Even the trailers of previous Sims games were well designed and vibrant, helping to make the world seem alive.

    But this is bland. The whole game is centered on the language, so just having the song in English ruins the mood. The actual trailer doesn’t seem to be as well developed overall as the trailers for previous sims games and I don’t get the same vibes as from trailers such as Sims 2. And the price seems higher than previous expansions also (could be wrong though).


  4. gbrading says:

    I feel The Sims peaked with The Sims 2. The Sims 3 was good at the beginning but then they went and added microtransactions to it. The Sims 4 started off as stripped back and shallow and it seems they’re only adding millimetres more depth each time.

    • Zorgulon says:

      I believe The Sims 3 had microtransactions from the start. While this was cynical (and the Sims has always had a large money milking element), it wasn’t a fundamental problem with the game. The Sims 3, despite its flaws was a step forward from its predecessor in terms of creating a continuous world with improved story progression. It fully realised the Sims as not just a doll’s house simulator, but also as a kind of fantasy soap-opera dynasty simulator.

      I’m still not convinced that Sims 4 has this depth. While the Sim creation and build options have undeniably improved, the neighbourhoods are isolated and besides that, just too small. The skyline in that trailer is deceptive, as this virtual city will only have a handful of lots you can actually live in and build on. While this improves the load times which have always been the series’ bane, it kind of spoils the notion that your Sims are living in a community, which was very strong in the second and third instalments.

      I’m also sad to see the death of Simlish pop songs. Perhaps there’s a version in game? An English track on a Sim stereo would be an outrage.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    the sequel to The Urbz we’ve all been waiting for!

  6. Spacewalk says:

    If I was in charge you’d get a choice between New York in the 70s and Detroit.

  7. Turkey says:

    Now I’m just thinking of an alternate Maxis reality where the expansion ties into SimCity(2013) and you’re supposed to find a home for your sims in your cramped, traffic clogged, trash town that’s perpetually on fire.

  8. shoptroll says:

    Oh look it’s Sims 2: Apartment Life 3.0 (I’m assuming they also did an apartment expansion for Sims 3).

    “The most important question: what happened to pop songs sung in Simlish?” Hopefully this is just for the trailer, otherwise pistols at dawn EA.

  9. Ejia says:

    I liked building and filling apartments in apartment life – hopefully you can do the same here.
    Personally I never saw the appeal of story progression. I usually want to direct my sims personally as opposed to sitting back and letting them play out.

  10. InfamousPotato says:

    Good gosh I wish someone would try to rip-off The Sims. The premise is an incredibly intriguing one (crafting other lives and seeing how they play out), but I do think things could be improved, or at least made more diverse, and competition seems the fastest way to get there.

  11. geldonyetich says:

    Sims 4 is a lost cause. The ability to seamlessly simulate an entire city was cut but, without it, Sims 3 is exponentially better. I doubt this expansion plans to restore it.