Bang Bang: Wild Wheels In American Truck Sim DLC

American Truck Simulator [official site] offers a fine bit of pootling but it’s lacked three things I’d want in My Dream American Driving Experience: a grander scale; a steering wheel whose spokes were gleaming chromed revolvers with ivory grips; and actual proper redwoods. Well! It’s getting close. Developers SCS Software have been working on upscaling ATS for a few months, and now they’ve released cosmetic DLC adding licensed recreations of flashy and absurd steering wheels made for actual trucks by Steering Creations. And heck yes it has a six shooter wheel.

The Steering Creations Pack adds twenty wheels from the custom parts company, some of which look like luxury kit yoinked from a vintage BMW or Jaguar and some of which look like they should be hanging from the wall of an edgy dive bar. The pack’s £1.99/2,99€/$2.99 on Steam, though SCS are giving a load of keys away free to folks who jump through hoops with social media accounts. Here’s the lineup:

My morning has been brightened greatly by seeing that six shooter wheel. Just look at it! What a ridiculous thing. I must have it for my American truck.

While I’m here, I’ll point out that over the weeks SCS have shared a few more loads of screenshots of their rescaling project. The plan is to give the land a grander scale, stretching out the roads between cities and making the landscape more dramatic. The results of that will arrive as a free update.

Now if they’d only say something about chuffing redwoods…


Top comments

  1. Barberetti says:

    When you crash, it probably deploys a giant hamburger bap instead of an airbag.
  1. Leafcutter says:

    Having been on holiday that way this summer, I’m not sure you can drive through these national parks (with Sequoia or Redwood) with a truck.

    We visted both parks (incl Yosemite), and they are very much traffic controlled.

    For anything thinking of going, can I say it was a truely amazing experience… like they say everything in America is big.

  2. Syt says:

    I’m not much interested in the wheels (the pimping out your truck aspect of the games never interested me much), but I wasn’t aware of the planned upscaling. Excellent news. :)

    • ButteringSundays says:

      Same here on both counts.

      I’d actively avoid these wheels, let alone pay for them :D I didn’t have a big issue with the scale, but it’s still great to hear they’re doing it – it felt very strange going between ATS and ETS, for one thing. I also feel that the base game could reeeaaally do with just one more state. But maybe the scaling will help with that feeling.

  3. Mi-24 says:

    Having a truck steering wheel made of 2 handguns is the most american thing I’ve ever heard. Probably loaded as well.

    • Barberetti says:

      When you crash, it probably deploys a giant hamburger bap instead of an airbag.

  4. Wisq says:

    If/when you get pulled over, you better hope the police officer realises those aren’t real. (And/or that you’re not a visible minority.)

  5. chabuhi says:

    Horse armour?