4 Free: DICE Giving Away All Battlefield 4 DLC

All five DLC expansions for Battlefield 4 [official site] are now free. With Battlefield 1 coming out next month, DICE and Electronic Arts are letting everyone get properly tooled tooled up in the last proper Battlefield before it’s time for shiny newness. It’s nice for folks who are hankering for a bit of BF right now but hey, if BF1 proves disappointing this means you can always drop back to the full BF4 experience.

The five expansions – China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth, and Final Stand – are free on Origin until Monday, September 19th. Grab ’em now and they’re yours for keepsies. EA have been giving away Battlefield DLC for a few months, bit by bit, but here they are all at once.

Between them, they add twenty maps set everywhere from open seas to close markets, oodles of weapons, a couple of vehicles, a few gadgets, and a handful of new modes. A DLC season pass usually costs £40, though I’m sure EA aren’t selling many of those these days. It’s still nice that folks returning to BF4 now won’t face a playerbase split by how much DLC they’ve bought.

DICE are also holding a series of special community events for these DLCs over the next few days.

Brendan had a good time in Battlefield 1’s beta so signs are quite good for folks who fancy a new-style Battlefield taking its military silliness back to an earlier era.


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    Oakreef says:

    You can use the code “origin50” at checkout to get the base game for €10

    • Shadow says:

      Great tip.

      Question is, is it worth it? It’s hard to say no at that price, but given it’s all multiplayer, and that with BF1 incoming this one appears to be on its way out, I’m not entirely sure.

      • zind says:

        Honestly, I’d say yes. BF:H didn’t make much of a dent in BF4’s numbers, and last time I was on BF4 still had a very active community server scene, and I don’t think BF1 is the game that’s going to detract from that.

        My prediction is that BF4 is probably going to keep a pretty solid playerbase until a BC3 or BF5 or 2143 comes out. (Or until EA just pulls the plug and stops supporting it with Battlelog.)

      • KwisatzHaderach says:

        Yes, in my opinion the game is at a very good spot right now. Huge player base (I play exclusively on 48p/classic/no fast respawn servers and can still choose from 2-4 full servers at any given time, in Europe), very balanced, nearly bug free, still very pretty, a lot of content, nearly free, okayish community. I will probably keep playing bf4 and skip bf1. I can’t take the lack of my beloved transport chopper…

    • Gomer_Pyle says:

      Question: If I add the expansion to my library even if I don’t own the base game will they still be there when I do buy it?

  2. Agnosticus says:

    I once loved the Battlefield series and I’m a little tempted to give it a go now, but when I’m looking at the amount of dumbing down of Battlefront and Battlefield 1 I’m really turned off.

    Gladly the Rising Storm 2 beta will start soon, finally a squad-based tactical MP shooter to look forward to!

    • hollowroom says:

      Rising Storm 2 you say? Colour me interested, as someone who loved 1942 and Battlefield 2 but just couldn’t get into 3 due to constant asshattery by the players… I’ll check that out!

      • Agnosticus says:

        Yeah, it seems to come along nicely! Release will be Early 2017, the beta will start a few weeks from now.

    • syndrome says:

      Battlefield 1 is dumbed down? Hm, compared to what?
      Care to name the version or a particular feature that seems to be more complex and sophisticated in comparison to BF1?

      In my opinion this is the first proper BF game that takes into consideration people with dumbass attitudes. I haven’t seen any mindless C4 crashing, mindless vehicle hijacks only to get to a remote sniping position to everyone’s detriment, I haven’t seen anyone abusing the vehicles because you get a combat-inferior special class (and the kills aren’t as rewarded as before), there are no airfield jammings and griefing, bunny hops and air/wall glitches, no retarded squads with everyone just scattered all over the map, no commanders whose agenda is to do nothing but to simply fill the slot….

      The only thing I expect to be improved in the full release is that medics get more incentives for reviving, but if you have a problem with any of this, it’s due to the massive amounts of dumbass people playing it, not with the game per se. Every single BF title in the franchise was plagued by this, and now you find this one to be dumbed down?

      • hollowroom says:

        I think the problem for me was when EA got rid of private servers.

        Battlefield 2 was full of idiots on the EA public servers, but every now and again you found a peach of a private server where everyone was there to actually play the game.

        Of course, some private servers brought their own problems, but it was nice to have the choice..

      • Agnosticus says:

        Easy, Battlefield 2 or 2142. Did you play those even?

        In BF2 you had really tactical battles! The commander assigned your squad where to go, you could only spawn to your squad leader, the movement speed on foot wasn’t as fast, there was bullet drop and it was generally harder to hit people, medics were not only useful, they were essential!, death = loss of 1 ticket etc.

        But you’re right, they have removed many nuisances from the old games, especially vehicle stealing, which to be honest, they had to, given how salty and agressive people get on the internet!

        But the silliness was always part of the fun of the BF games and still is.

        • Agnosticus says:

          But the list goes on and on: Teamkills! Pevented spamming of granades and shells, a real engineer not self-repairing tanks OP nonsense, etc etc.

  3. Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

    that salty butthurt feeling you get when you paid 50 BASTARD quid for the premium edition.

    • Agnosticus says:

      This is what I really don’t get: You have played the game and most expansions probably over 2 years by now! Instead of feeling glad that the playerbase of the expansion maps get a healthy boost, you’re complaining? Seriously?

      Do you get butthurt too, when Portal or Tropico 4 get handed out for free, even though you bought them? Or if games you bought 2 years ago get a huge discount?

      I really don’t get people…

    • Vermintide says:

      It’s a good job I got the premium edition for the same price as the normal game by going to one of those super shady Russian CD key resellers. It was the next best option to piracy.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      While I can understand the, err, hurt (I’m annoyed I paid a tenner for it a month ago) but to put a positive spin on it: there’s going to be a load more servers put there playing the premium maps. I’ve found them pretty limited of late, just a few usual suspects that are often full.

      So yay, more people playing the same version of the game.

  4. peterako1989 says:

    So basically if you dont own BF4, the on the house offer for the next few months is of no interest.

    • DEspresso says:

      You could still grab it in case you ever want BF4?

      Offer goes until 19/9, I kinda expect them to put up the Hardline Expansions together next.

  5. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    Well this is excellent :-) I really enjoyed the BF1 beta, but was a little reluctant to pick up the modern-day incarnations, since the setting and aesthetic don’t appeal to me as much. Getting to try out the game and all DLC for $10 is a steal though. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it enough that I can play it until BF1 is down to the same price…

    Also, since I don’t think RPS has posted about it yet, The Crew is free this month! Free games for everyone!

  6. uh20 says:

    While I left Battlefield 4 for safer, less rage-inducing battle simulators, The free DLC will undoubtedly fix the fragmented DLC vs. no DLC community and servers.

    Joining a game (especially with any DLC maps) was nearly impossible.

  7. Cimeries says:

    This is perfect. I picked up BF4 and Hardline when they were super cheap on the PS Store and finally figured out what I love about BF4 – Rush mode. So another 20 maps to DEFEND THE POINT On is just dandy.

    Also means that I don’t have to pay the stupid money they’re asking for the whole game of BF1 with actually all the maps and weapons included. Full on bullshit to split the player base from day one like this.

    Looking forward to buying BF1 in about a year when it’s a reasonable price though, looks great.

  8. SlimShanks says:

    Ok, that’s cheap enough to make me stop playing BC2 for now. I honestly never thought this game would get cheap enough for me to buy it, because of all the DLC’s. I am pleasantly surprised.

  9. HotBread says:

    But why is no one talking about the fact that on the us psn the ps4’s dlc say free and are available but the us ps3 users are being fucked

  10. tonicer says:

    I wish they would also free BF4 from it’s shackles. I want BF4 mods and bots and server files god damn it!

  11. Glentoran says:

    JUst bought the game on Origin (using the Origin50 discount code) with every single map and bit of DLC for just £7.49. I mean, come on, that’s less than the cost of 2 pints, for the entire game.

    Now if only my new gaming laptop would hurry up and get here so i can actually play it…

  12. wykydtronik says:

    I can’t wait for BF1, BF4 still feel ridiculous with the FFA style shooting / meat grinder maps. I started to stick to 32 player maps because 64 slot servers are a shit show.