Trion’s Atlas Reactor Now In Open Beta

Trion Worlds’ upcoming tactical combat PvP bonanza Atlas Reactor [official site] is now in open beta. The game’s a simultaneous turn-based strategy twist on the trendy arena shooter. Players choose their actions during “Decision Mode” before watching how everything plays out in subsequent “Resolution Mode”. Rather than reacting to your opponents in real time, you have to predict their movements before hand, giving Atlas Reactor more of a cerebral feel. It’s a bit like Frozen Synapse, but with a colorful cast of cartoon fighters and robo-puppies.

The test runs until September 25, granting players full access to the game during the test period. After that, the game will be down until September 30, when the Headstart period begins, welcoming all players who bought Atlas Reactor. If that doesn’t sound like you, you’ll have to wait until full launch on October 4, when you can play the game in “free mode”, giving you a limited selection of “Freelancers”, or characters, and game modes. While character level progress and currency won’t transfer over to the full release, you will get to hang onto select unlockables and cosmetic add-ons.

You can grab Atlas Reactor on Steam or Trion Worlds’ very own Glyph service.


  1. Freud says:

    That’s a very clever idea for a game. If they nail the execution, I could see this having an audience.

    • TormDK says:

      I downloaded it on Steam for the Open beta weekend, and decided to take it for a spin.

      While I am utter crap at it currently, I do see the potential, and the fun.

      Oh and the rage that will follow when you join games but have no idea what you are doing.

      Good times to be had by all.

  2. Eight Rooks says:

    Well, the original idea isn’t really theirs… :P or at least they’re not the first to implement it. But if you meant putting the focus heavily on multiplayer and spectators, yeah, I’ve no interest in the game myself but done right I could see it being pretty popular. If they hyped up the whole “AND NOW! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT???” aspect of it then it could go down very well with a screaming crowd/a Twitch channel etc.

    • Eight Rooks says:

      EDIT: (Ugh, reply fail to Freud overhead.)

    • Kitsunin says:

      It is the first game I’ve seen do it as a faced-paced team experience, with each player just controlling one character. I love it, not sure it’ll catch on with Twitch though.

      • tranchera says:

        ResidentSleeper abounds when Kripp streamed it, but people are always resistant to a new game they don’t understand yet.

  3. Marr says:

    I wonder what sort of pay to win economy they plan to destroy it with.

    • Budikah says:

      It actually started out with a typical Free to Play economy in it and the devs made a decision to abandon that route as it’d ruin the game.

      Now it’s free to play with a rotating cast of characters, or pay to own it all. Only unlocks are cosmetic.

      So if someday they decide to start adding new things in, I suppose you’ll know they killed their own canary.

  4. Ineptie says:

    Just wanted to point out that contrary to what was said in the article, you don’t get to keep your progress from beta to live. Quote from Trion announcement : “In order to prepare for the launch, we’ll need to shut down the servers for a bit, reset the accounts“.

    The only progress we’re talking about here is purely graphical stuff though, so no biggy.

    The game is great btw, go play it :)

  5. nullward says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the few matches I’ve played so far. I loved playing DOTA/LOL but I couldn’t keep up with the twitchy click-fest that is competitive play in those games… without destroying my hands, anyway.

    Also, I really like AR’s main menu music. The aesthetics overall are very nice.

    It is a little tricky to get into the swing of making decisions in 20 seconds — it’s a surprisingly short window when you’re trying to evaluate so many changes each turn and plan where to be. I’ve had plenty of whiffed turns, sitting there like a dunce because I couldn’t confirm my action in time.

    I am leaning towards purchasing it at the pre-order price of $20, but I’ll be playing a bit more in the open beta before deciding for sure.