Meet FBI Agent Anne Tarver In This New Virginia Trailer

David Lynch-inspired, small town whodunnit Virginia [official site] is gearing up for its launch next week and has released a new character trailer in preparation. We get a closer look at the game’s protagonist, Anne Tarver.

She’s an FBI agent, fresh on the scene after graduation. She drives around Virginia with her partner, Maria Halperin, as they try to solve the case of a missing boy. She has a very official looking badge. She can drive. There is a large telescope. Okay, so the trailer doesn’t actually tell us that much about the character, but the game sure looks pretty.

If you haven’t played the demo yourself yet, Virginia is an atmospheric adventure thriller. It blends cinematic styling with gameplay you might expect from an adventure game—examining items you come across for clues that might move the story along.

Things have the potential to get a little supernatural and spooky, and spooky is something I try to stay away from, but the game looks so beautiful that it almost doesn’t matter. Your investigations take you through the Virginian countryside, travelling beneath starry skies into concrete tunnels, or inside sterile observatories, or down roads lined with trees tinged in bright red.

Virginia is out September 22, but you can play a free demo now on Steam.


  1. communisthamster says:

    After playing the demo, and despite loving the artstyle, i’m not looking forward to this anymore. Too much “cinematic”, too little walking simulator.

    • Dorga says:

      yeah, same for me.

      • Xantonze says:

        Same here. Played the demo and didn’t like it one bit. There’s no game there, juste a pseudo-film with jump-cuts.
        It’s not even possible to “believe” in the fiction as there’s no dialogue… Guess they wanted to give the thing an arty feeling, but it just falls flat and unconvincing since it’s supposed to be a Twin peaks style investigation. Also, the end of the demo (with the cave-in) was absolutely ridiculous.
        Artsy fartsy is the name of the game here..

        • Sojiro84 says:

          Yeah, I felt the same. I was basically more of a participant in a movie then actually playing a game. The worst part was no voice acting and being teleported from a scene at the house and than BAM, I am in the car.

          • syndrome says:

            I figured that was part of the art direction, as I didn’t play the demo, yet I’ve understood the game was full of cinematic cuts and without voice acting. Those are, in fact, the only things that stood out.

            It’s ok that someone doesn’t like the way it plays (I wouldn’t know because I haven’t tried it yet), but how come art direction wasn’t obvious from the trailers?

            This is what I’ve gathered so far (without playing it):
            – central FBI protagonist working on a mystery case
            – linear but artistic approach to fully-animated storytelling, rich in character, with interactive nodes
            – body language is used instead of voice acting, and the whole screenplay is designed to reflect this design choice; the game aims for the international market while lowering production costs
            – cinematic direction and cuts (hence the condensed font credits in the trailer’s end, to reflect on this)
            – low-poly graphics
            – I assume it plays around 6-8 hours, like a stretched movie
            – minimum play time — player gathers clues while resting in the nodes (sandwiched between the cinematics) which are completely static but atmospheric, and where people sob, lights flicker in the distance, clues lie around waiting to be found

            After I wrote this, I sincerely don’t know what’s wrong with your expectations based on those trailers. And that is probably the only thing wrong with Virginia.

            … I won’t even mention No Man Sky.

        • Bull0 says:

          Jesus, no dialogue? That’s got to be tough to pull off well.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Demo left me intrigued. Didn’t mind the jump cuts, though I got the feeling there were more of them for the purposes of the demo than there would be in the game proper. Curious to play more.