Liquid Football: Rocket League Getting Free AquaDome

There’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a man, there’s always a GOOOOAAAALLLL!

Perhaps misunderstanding the phrase “back of the net”, Rocket League [official site] developers Psyonix have announced an oceanic haul for their bumper-to-ball sports ’em up. Next month will bring a free carfootie pitch set in a BioShock-ish undersea sportworld, named AquaDome. I always thought Andrew Ryan was more into golf (or golf was in him) but here we go. Two submersible-ish cars are coming as paid DLC too.

AquaDome is a brassy glassy undersea sportsfield surrounded by coral and kelp, sharks and jellyfish. It’s standard arena shape, with no tricks, and looks flipping pretty:

Yes, perhaps it is as much Jules Verne as it is BioShock but Rapture is the reference that seems more understood and evocative on a video games site, all right. It’s a dome under the sea, okay.

Launching alongside the AquaDome in October will be two new DLC cars, as is the Rocket League way. They’re the slick sportsub Triton and the practical-looking Proteus, and will cost the usual £1.59/1,99€/$1.99 each.

Anyway! How’ve you been finding Rumble Mode? I’ve not had a kick-about myself but unpredictability of power-ups does look a lark, if sometimes frustrating.


  1. Enso says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, YEEESSSSS………THAT…was a goal!

  2. dystome says:

    I don’t really rate the Rumble mode myself.

    I’m all for keeping a portion of the game outside the interests of the angry ranked players who believe themselves infalliable but the zany power ups make things a little bit *too* luck-based. It often feels like there was really nothing you could have done to score/prevent that last goal and that should ideally be the case as rarely as possible.

    • TeePee says:

      Unfortunately (and this is going to make me sound like a horrific elitist, which really isn’t my intention!), Rumble mode has drawn in a lot of very casual and new players, who don’t really understand even the basics of not being a terrible team player in Rocket League, so therefore things seem a lot worse than they’ll perhaps be in a month or so once things have settled down.

      I’ve found that actually, with a slightly more defensive strategy (Rumble Mode is the only time I will happily play as a permanent goalie due to the potential for shots to come from absolutely anywhere on the pitch), you can have some fairly tense and low-scoring games, as long as most of the players understand that there’s more to the game than just boosting directly towards the ball at all times!

      • TeePee says:

        Having said all that, spikes are the root of all that is evil in the world. Plz nerf kthnx.

        (I’m partially joking, I don’t think they’re hideously overpowered, but they could perhaps do with a bit of tweaking, as they’re resistant to the boxing glove, last for ages and if you’ve got enough boost, you can just jump and fly into the opposition’s goal, laughing maniacally all the way as they flail helplessly below you.)

      • IcyBee says:

        Horrific elitists like you are the reason I stopped playing.

  3. FLoJ says:

    Was it just me or did they use a stylised font to really get you thinking of Bioshock without explicitly mentioning it?

    I had to double check myself (since I didn’t play Bioshock much) but the whole art-deco feel of the font really made me think of it.

  4. Titler says:

    Rumble is not that chaotic once you learn what the powers do, and understand that they all come on the same timer for everyone, and thus when they’re likely to be triggered or most efficiently used.

    Ice for instance is the counter to the boxing glove and grappling hook that are used for shots at the net. If you have it, don’t randomly use it but sit on it until there’s a threatened goal; the powers I think don’t respawn until all have been used so you’re also eliminating randomness by not wasting powers in general?

    The grappling hook is best used when there’s no defence behind the ball, as it pulls you into it and ensures you get an extra shot at the goal upon collision. Trying to use it to stop a goal is a fools errand unless you’ll collide with the ball before it goes into the net and from an angle that’ll change direction so it misses. The amount of times I’ve seen players be pulled into the net with the ball though…

    Boxing glove is a clearance tool, or a shot at the net; you’ll know someone has it because they’ll be manoeuvring off the ball trying to line up a punch. The punch comes in a direct line so you know where it’s going … or can ice it before fired and it’ll mess up their shot, or after and completely cancel it.

    Plunger and Electromagnet are dribble aids; use them when the ball is to the sides or behind you, and you’re driving to the net; don’t go too fast or they’ll break. There’s also good ways to throw off opponents again by tweaking where the ball arc is going.

    Position swap is pure trollery, but can be good when there’s only one defender chasing back after the ball.

    Spikes are indeed very overpowered, especially if no one else nearby has saved boost and leaps into the air where you can’t get them. You can knock the ball off them with driving into them, especially if you have spikes too, but this really does become ungodly if the other player is skilled. Changing his spot with the swapper might be a counter, but you know I’m not sure if that works? May have to sit on one and test this!

    What it all adds up too is that games tend to be much less one sided, as everyone has an opportunity to score depending on what the random rewards were for everyone and whether the person with a possible counter still has it; but skilled teams really do have a much stronger advantage, and not just because of the dread spikes; I’ll often score grappling hook goals for instance because players seem to forget to mark the man or the ball in rumble, become so focused on the chaos they’re not watching for positioning shots with said hook. So basically the skill level required for close games is much lower, but the opportunity for skilled play is still there… Don’t fear the Rumble!

    • DrollRemark says:

      Changing his spot with the swapper might be a counter, but you know I’m not sure if that works? May have to sit on one and test this!

      It does work, but the ball continues in the direction it was being carried by the spiked player once you swap, so it might be a waste if they’re already hurtling at the goal.

  5. liquidsoap89 says:

    The Triton will be mine!

    And thank god they’ve gone back to the traditional stadium. NeoTokyo is 5 minutes of hell!

  6. criskywalker says:

    That’s why Rocket League is amazing! Rumble has been so much fun!

    I’m just a little disappointed that it’s not a new mode controlling cars under water though.

  7. Aitrus says:

    “It’s standard arena shape”

    Thank gawd. Looks great.

  8. tranchera says:

    I’m glad it’s a regular arena. Neo Tokyo and Wasteland both look great, but if I hit one of them while queuing ranked it kind of ruins my mood. I just want a regular Rocket League experience when I’m in ranked.

    I don’t think Neo Tokyo is in ranked though, or at least I’ve never run into it there. Wasteland can fuck right off though.

    • Siimon says:

      Neo Tokyo is in ranked. I don’t mind having all sorts of crazy maps to play on as an option, but not in ranked :(

  9. PancakeWizard says:

    “Yes, perhaps it is as much Jules Verne as it is BioShock but Rapture is the reference that seems more understood and evocative on a video games site, all right. It’s a dome under the sea, okay.”

    Well, that and the font and text backgrounds. It’s pretty clearly meant to be a Bioshock loveletter.