Sunless Sea Adds Text Scaling; Devs Tease New Game

Here’s a twofer: 1) A new update for awfully nice and nicely awful adventure Sunless Sea [official site] has added text and UI scaling to finally improve how the game renders its many words; 2) Developers Failbetter will announce their next game on Saturday. The UI improvement means no more squinting, and the announcement will mean… oh dang, a new Failbetter game!

Today’s update brings Sunless Sea from Unity 4, which Failbetter say “had some limitations particularly around the way it handled text”, into version 5 of the engine. They explain, “As a pretty text-heavy game, we ended up with many players finding the game unplayable due to their screen resolution. Text was tiny or fuzzy. Not ideal!”

So hey, now you can fiddle with the text and UI size.

Next on the slate for Failbetter is releasing Sunless Sea’s Zubmarine expansion, which will go under the Unterzee on October 11th. They’ll be showing it off on the EGX Livestream at 4pm BST (that’s 11am EDT) on Saturday, which they say is also where they’ll announce their mysterious new game. Well then!

Failbetter’s Sunless Sea and Fallen London have shared the same wonderful setting, and I’ll certainly welcome more of that supernatural Victorian nightmare, but maybe they fancy something new by now?


  1. smuppet says:

    Yay! I can play this now!

  2. Mags says:

    Thank god for text resizing. I always had to put my glasses on just to read the text on my screen.

  3. jdawg says:

    An announcement-announcement, how exciting!

  4. Rahdulf123 says:

    Long overdue and welcome.

  5. Morgan Joylighter says:

    If they want to do another new genre that’s totally cool, but honestly if it’s not set in the ‘Neath I’m not going to be as interested in it. They have designed Fallen London and Sunless Sea both in such a way that anyone who gets hooked by the story has an endless appetite for More Content, so it would be disappointing to have that hunger knowingly prolonged in favor of Some Other Thing, no matter how good it might be. Not sure if they have the staff/resources for this but a 3D RPG set somewhere in the ‘Neath might be really good…if they can find artists who can meet the rather gigantic task of making an actual 3D place drip with as much character and history as their 2D art does.

    • Kynrael says:

      Someone might even say “Unaccountably Peckish for More Content”… Do not Seek the New Content. It is a tale that can only end in woe and misery.

  6. Quixote says:

    It’s been so long since I travelled the Unterzee. This is great timing! I have a new monitor with silly amounts of space, perfect for lots of lovely words.

  7. Czrly says:

    One question: I read, somewhere, that you’ll have to start a new game once Zubmariner comes out in order to get the full updates in the expansion. Does anyone know if (A) this is true or not and (B) whether that means a complete restart (like: from square -1 again) or just a new scion in your lineage?

  8. teije says:

    Excellent news on both fronts. Ready to dive back into Sunless Sea (ha) and can’t wait to hear what they have planned next.

  9. caff says:

    Hooray! I love this game but the squinting with 4K was a bit much. Looking forward to playing this again!

  10. karthink says:

    Phew. I can actually play the game now, almost an year after I bought it.

  11. CKScientist says:

    Fallen London and Sunless Sea get a lot of press on RPS, but I’m starting to suspect that this is the sort of game you can’t trust British journalists for. Because the games are very word heavy, because they have the weird, grimy 19th century British setting, and because the kind of stories they tell and the way they use the language are very… RPSish, I think the games appeal way more to Journos (and particularly British ones) than they do to the average person.

    • Odexios says:

      I can tell you they are also enjoyed by Italian computer scientists, but as in every game ever written, your mileage may vary.

    • Babymech says:

      Shouldn’t you always try to get a sense of whether the reviewer values the same game aspects as you do, before taking their recommendation on? I mean in this case it’s not so much the fact that the RPS folk are British, so much as the fact that they aren’t illiterate joyless scum.

    • log1932 says:

      I’m an Eastern European prole (and mildly Britophobic, too) who has already spent more than 500 hours playing Sunless Sea and probably a similar amount of time in Fallen London. Of course, both games keep reminding me that I’m just an illiterate oaf, not able to recognise most literary and cultural references, but it’s a fantastic gaming experience anyway.