Doom Update Brings Deathmatch, Private Matches

Free-for-all deathmatch has been the foundation of multiplayer in id Software’s shooters since, well, since they started making them, yet somehow D44m [official site] launched without it. Didn’t even get a half-hearted note from their mum (in handwriting suspiciously similar to their own) saying demons stole their deathmatch and threw it on top of the bikesheds. Well, deathmatch has finally arrived in D44m with the launch of Update 3 last night. That also brought support for Private Matches, where you can pick modes and settings as you play with your pals, along with bug fixes and such.

Deathmatch is a free-for-all multiplayer mode where everyone runs around shooting each other into tiny pieces, respawning and fragging over and over. Which may sound obvious to you but hey, we all learn about it for the first time at some point. Back in the days of Quake, before I got online, I remember being baffled for months by cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer casually referring to ‘deathmatch’. Turns out, it’s way simpler than anything I’d imagined.

Private Matches are another feature that was oddly absent. Now they’re here, and they you create your own matches for you and people you invite, picking modes, maps, time limits, and such.

These absences are especially curious given that id Software and Bethesda seemingly believed multiplayer would be the most popular part of D44m. Perhaps they were expecting a return to the glory days when id multiplayer towered over all, but nah D44m’s MP is simply adequate. It’s a bit disappointing that all the DLC they’ve announced is for multiplayer and these updates mostly focus on it too.

“I was surprised a little bit by just how much folks liked and got the singleplayer,” said Bethesda PR chap Pete Hines in an interview published in this week’s issue of MCV.

“If you are at Bethesda and play the singleplayer, you might think it’s really fun and different. But you don’t know if you’re drinking your own Kool-Aid… is it really fun? Or are people going to play it and dislike the fact there’s no voiced protagonist, or the fact there’s no real story, and will they say ‘id Software hasn’t got out of the 199s. Same old, same old. 6/10.’ You never know which of those two scenarios you’ll end up getting.”

It’s the former.

Do check Update 3’s patch notes for details on fixes for a few crashes and general bugs plus SnapMap optimisations. And here, this trailer shows a little of the newnewss:


  1. Faults says:

    Too little, too late. Doom probably won’t find its way back on to my HDD now. If we were still living in the age of physical media, I would have traded that sucker in at CEX months ago.

  2. Kefren says:

    I’ll wait until they remove the Denuvo stuff. My original Doom didn’t have no steenkin DRM.

    Even then I’ll have to grit my teeth about playing a game with double-jump. Maybe I can complete it without ever using that. I do like making my own challenges (which is why I never use achievements). Call me a killjoy all you like, but I do actually get a lot of joy from my games. :-) Well, the good ones.

    • fabronaut says:

      Pretty sure it isn’t possible. At minimum, you’ll need the mantle move. (Think System Shock 2 / Thief engine games.)

      From what I remember anyway. I liked the single player but it’s a bit unfortunate how things went.

  3. Mungrul says:

    These private matches… I take it they haven’t actually done the respectable, sensible thing and implemented dedicated servers?
    At a guess, I would say that they allow you to create private matches on their servers, correct?

  4. Bostec says:

    Didn’t really like DOOM, biggest disappointment so far in 2016. Arena type level, spawn monster and then kill. Stick on infinite repeat. Predictable and boring. There was no flow no smoothness. Didn’t really feel like a game at all. As for the multiplayer? Didn’t interest me in the slightest. A FPS I will probably never play again.

    • Faults says:

      Agreed. The arenas were awful. Although what really got me was the scarcity of health packs in the levels, which meant you had to keep glory-killing enemies to get by, as it completely decoupled the original Doom’s really tight combat/exploration loop.

    • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

      I started playing it a few days ago and I’m loving the arenas (the part of my brain that loves Painkiller has finally awoken from its decades of slumber!), they’re well paced with an interesting verticality. Add to the mix the glory kills mechanic, the single use power ups and the fact that demons spawn in preset waves and some of the harder arenas become almost a rhythm game of pattern memorization. In a few cases I even restarted the arena without any need to do so, just because I was dissatisfied with my performance. Do it again, do it better, just because you can.

      If anything, it’s the quieter parts I have a problem with: not the secret finding and the exploration by themselves, which I LOVE, but the way in which they interact with the arenas. The whole point of an arena shooter is to keep your adrenaline up with its momentum. What you get in DOOM, instead, are peaks of chest thumping actions followed by massive drops in the adrenaline while you spend 15 minutes trying to access a corridor. And then, out of nowhere, another explosion of ultraviolence. Mmmh…It kills the pacing, you know. Now, of course secrets are optional, but they’re also very useful which is motivation enough to keep on looking.

      So yeah, in short, loving the game, adoring its individual components, a few quibbles on how they occasionally short circuit each other. That’s just me, obviously, sorry to hear you didn’t like it.

      (oh, yeah, the game has multiplayer. Fine, it’s already installed, might as well dip into it now that it has the proper mode…)

  5. Psychomorph says:

    The Doom franchise is already doomed. Moove on.

  6. Killerspinach says:

    GOTY I was there for the original and I love everything about the new one. Some changes required adn open mind to get used to but I am now approaching 600 hours played and I think it’s the best fps I’ve played since maybe ever.

  7. sebmojo says:

    good lord look at all the wrong in these comments. Doom was fantastic. play it with no interface on ultraviolence if the modern gubbins annoy you, it’s astonishing.