What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Shhhh shhh shh. This mug is still shaking off a day-old hangover so go easy on your Auntie Alice, who thinks she’s still so young and wild and cool. Come come, little one – pull your chair close and tell your favourite aunt what you’re playing this weekend.

Adam: This weekend I’m playing Escape From RPS, a brilliant new open world game in which I spend not only the weekend but the entire week that follows AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER. Yes, readers, I’m taking a holiday. And I definitely wont’ be spending any of my time in the hotel room marrying off my kids in my latest Crusader Kings 2 misadventure. Just when I thought I was out…
Alec: I’m going to check out Twin Peaks does 30 Flights fast-cut adventure Virgina this weekend, even though I’ve heard some mighty divisive things about it. I really dug its dreamy-but-paranoid vibe when I tried a demo on a noisy showfloor a couple of EGXs ago, and I’d like to recapture that half-comforted, half-disorientated feeling even if denouements and whatnot don’t push every button.
Alice: I’m breaking my policy of ‘Don’t play anything but Devil Daggers because it’s just not worth it, okay’ this weekend to check out Virginia. A nice, quiet, sinister, murderous small town with a supernatural tinge will do me nicely this weekend, thank you very much. Warm colours, a gentle pace, and dreams of being pals with Dana Scully.
Brendan: I finally escaped from the tutorial LAN in Hackmud after 4 hours of petty cybercrime, mostly composed of mistyping {these annoying brackets}. I emerged into a chamber of hacker chatter and was confronted with other players brandishing aliases like “coldfront”, “bitstorm” and “bluscreen”. I think I’m going to like it here. If I can’t scriptkiddie my way into somebody’s virtual bank account, I’ll probably run away and try Event[0]. Because all time spent on my computer must be spent in front of another computer, inside that computer. Some day I’ll get another layer deep.
Graham: I still don’t know! There’s lots of games I want to play but very little time to play them. That means I’ll probably play something I can get in and out of quickly. PES 2017, perhaps, which I have been convinced to play by Adam’s review but which I am so far struggling with due to its not-FIFA-ness.
John: I fully intend to play The Uncertain this weekend, and if I don’t manage it because Real Life gets in the way, then I’m going to play it on Monday instead. I don’t know if it’s any good – that’s why I’m going to play it. Also also plan to replay Sorcery! all the way through from the beginning again, this time being a complete prick (and in the game), but (shhhhh) most likely on my phone.

Oh god I’m going to play No Man’s Sky, aren’t I?

Philippa: This weekend I might take Duelyst out for a spin. I refused last week because HOLIDAY and then I didn’t this week because HOLIDAY INBOX AND ALSO DESTINY AND… Oh. I’ll be playing Destiny, won’t I? Well, they both begin with D so it’s basically the same thing, yes?

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    PES 2017 here, when I get the chance. Tis a wonderful return to form. I hadn’t played one in ages, the Master League is much improved. There’s a real sense of progressing up and coming players through the ranks and they all feel like they’ve got character.

    Do I give what’s his face from the youth team time in defensive midfield, or take a risk on ‘Bad boy’ thingamajig. Yeah, I don’t know anyone’s name yet.

    Come on you Auxerre!

    • Zankman says:

      PES 2016 was already a good game, glad to hear from all sources that 2017 continues the upwards trend.

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Yeah, except the goalkeepers didn’t work. That’s the one thing that’s put me off PES for years. In 2017 they actually work in a way that doesn’t ruin the game. Still spill a lot of saves mind, most of mine come from rebounds.

  2. Barchester says:

    Autumn has begun, and that means adventure time for me. I’ll be playing the Monkey Island series from start to finish.

  3. mukuste says:

    Duelyst, mostly. It’s really rather good, isn’t it? It helps that one earns booster packs at a good clip (~1 per day of playing). Would like to make Gold division before the end of the month, but not looking too good right now…

    • kwyjibo says:

      Your best bet should be Kara. I’m at rank 11 with my Kara deck with only basic and commons, I might have one rare in it. Fairly confident I can get Gold with it this weekend.

      She’s probably going to get nerfed. Her unique spell buffs every minion in your hand +1/+1.

      • mukuste says:

        I tried something very similar last night actually but got stuck around rank 15. It feels like such a slow deck since you rely on your BB spell to get value, and almost everybody kills me at around the point where I feel I finally get going. Or I get them very low, only for them to throw out a couple of ridiculous legendaries and kill me either way.

        Time to change up the pace and try something more aggressive.

  4. golem09 says:

    Earthbound and Destiny. Good combo.

  5. Halford9000 says:

    Gonna try the new map in heroes of the storm. Cannot wait to release gigantic swarms of zerg onto my enemies buildings. Also gonna try Sorcery. Got a six hour long bus ride waiting. Hopefully it is enough to fill the void of traveling alone.

  6. DancesWithPotatoes says:

    Metal Gear Rising again, because it seems that in trying to find the point where this game stops being ridiculously enjoyable I may have fallen into an infinite replaying loop.

    Please send help.

  7. kwyjibo says:

    I’m playing “Attend the RPS London Meetup” which is on tonight. Look – link to rockpapershotgun.com

    Other than that, it’ll be Duelyst.

  8. Captain Narol says:

    Tito Ecology : They just added the gila monster to the desert biome, need some !

    Football Manager 2014 : Trying to catch on current season, with updated transfers for the major teams.

    No Man’s Sky : Still not tired of it, it’s a relaxing game and there is always a new planet out there to explore… We may not be many left to play it, but I will try to outlast John at least !

    • PancakeWizard says:

      I feel like between Tyto Ecology and Universe Sandbox you could pretty much sleep through teaching Year 5-6 science.

      • Captain Narol says:

        Btw, the makers of Tyto Ecology have recently announced their next game, an educational MMO about Science called Tyto Online, that has already been greenlighted on Steam and should get into Early Access before the end of this yeat.

        I’m quite interested to see what it will look like, even if I am not in their central target (it’s mainly aimed at 9-14 children), as it is taking place on an alien planet and two of the main themes seems to be the conservation of endangered terran wildlife and the discovery of the local alien ecology.

        Guess what, it already seems that some quests will make you search the planet for some alien animals and scan them for discovery like in NMS, yeah !!

  9. Blowfeld81 says:

    Finally done with building a new PC setup and it performs magnificently at 3440×1440 with G-Sync enabled.

    Now that I have done all the “hide the cables behind the mobo” stuff, finetuned all the fans, overclocked, undervolted, stress testet everything… I realise that I have no title I am looking forward to, at the moment. ;D

    Maybe I will finish Tomb Raider or continue with Salt & Sanctuary. Wanted to give Overwatch a shot, but Blizzards solution to 21:9 gaming is a slap into every consumer’s face who bought an expansive monitor. (“You have less vertical view than @ 16:9, so you do not get advantage. Tell that to people with a 144Hz setup. Let’s limit the game at 30 frames and give everyone the same 500ms ping, a 10€ keyboard and the old Microsoft 2button mouse then…*rant off*)

  10. Palimpsest says:

    Like last weekend, I’ll be trying to get away with playing for as long as possible before the missus notices what I’m pulling and demands we “spend time together”. This includes a HUD-less road trip across the US on The Crew (which had me lying awake at 6am in excitement), maybe starting Headlander and/or Quadrilateral Cowboy and potentially even a bit of Doom.

    • cockpisspartridge says:

      Say that you’re going to the toilet and wait until you’re asked where you are. Feign dysentry.

  11. zsd says:

    XCOM: Enemy Within

    My rule with XCOM has always been to never reload a bad mission and always let the dice fall where they may. High stakes so I can feel smart when I win I guess. This has led to a lot of playthroughs that get aborted somewhere between the first terror mission and the home base invasion. (My God I hope it’s just “the home base invasion” and not “the first home base invasion.”)

    Then I had my current run, which has been miraculous. I got through the invasion losing only one poor security person. I’ve never done so well. And I realized that while I have been playing reasonably smart, my success had been due mostly to fielding a pair of MECs and some really incredible lucky moments, and if I wanted to see the end of this game, which I do, it was time to drop the faux-hardass act and start saving.

    So that’s what I’m doing now, which turned out to be very important for the second terror mission, which went south almost immediately. My pride is wounded but I’ve had this game for years now.

    • polecat says:

      I never used MECs. XCOM is really about pushing on until you get plasma weapons and titan armour, from which point you are hugely stronger but need plenty of anti armour e.g. HEAT heavies because of sectopods etc. I never really found any substitute in the original / EW no saves mode for playing like a boring person – edging forward and setting up lots of overwatches in the hope of the pod reveal triggering on enemy turn. Also using lots of grenades and prioritising the squad size and iron will upgrades.

  12. aircool says:


    Going through a huge pile of my 80’s records; mostly old school goth and alternative. Picked up quite a few of them when The Tube stopped broadcasting (I knew the sound engineer), so there’s quite a few white labels (esp Sisters of Mercy).

    Yeah, I’m a smug bastard :)

  13. ThePeon26 says:

    Im playing the shit out of The crew and Atelier iris 3 at the moment and some Ryse: son of rome. Must say the crew is fun like hell and im not a fan of racing game. The last race game I had fun in was Granturismo on ps1. Ryse: Son of rome must say was totally worth the 4.99 euro I paid on the humble sale it´s fun and has a good story just shame to few games today is played out in Roman or Greek lore.

    • Captain Narol says:

      Ryse on PC is an horrible console port but still a lot of fun and my guilty pleasure when I feel the need for some brainless fighting action !

    • gabrielonuris says:

      Ah, The Crew… Can’t believe the game I’m most playing this month was one that I earned for free; I’m not a fan of racing games too, but I’m enjoying this game more than I’m allowed!

      • Llewyn says:

        The Crew is unremittingly shit, and yet I’ll also be playing it quite a bit this weekend – for all that it drives me mad, there’s something very moreish about it.

        I’d love for someone, even Ubisoft, to give us a non-MMO open world driving game with a bit more emphasis on the driving than the MMO.

  14. Jonfon says:

    The Witcher 3. Just “finished” Novagrad and off to Skellig. 55 hours in. I must be near the end, right?

    Also running my kidlings through Samorost 2 and 3 as they are learning Scratch coding, so I’m showing them how weird & cool a point-and-click can be and to give them inspiration (and maybe bizarre dreams).

    • Aitrus says:

      “I must be near the end, right?”


    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      What the commenter above me is trying to say is that you’re about halfway through the main story of the base game. That’s not counting sidequests and DLC.

      • mukuste says:

        Oh god, that’s terrifying. I don’t think there’s any way I could play that without burning out about halfway through.

        • Unclepauly says:

          That’s what I thought as well. I even gave it a good shot at taking a break mid-way through, but it kept pulling me back in. It’s really that good.

    • Vandelay says:

      Like you, I will also be playing The Witcher 3 this weekend. I had taken a bit of a break from it a while ago, but picked it up again a few days ago. I’m in the middle of Novigrad at the moment and assumed I was about halfway through. That was until I picked up the DLC and noticed that the recommended level for it was 30. I was 13-14. To hear that you are only halfway through when you are off to Skellig is kind of mind blowing. Makes me wonder what else there is, as Skellig doesn’t look particularly big from the map.

      It really is a fantastic game. CD Projekt have made something quite wonderful. I can’t wait to see what they do with Cyberpunk.

      I might also find sometime to continue with Pillars of Eternity, another humongous RPG. I have likely only scratched the surface of that one though, having just reached Defiance Bay.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Have fun with the most boring sailing in a game ever.

    • McGuit says:

      5th weekend in a row for me with Witcher 3. Still in Novigrad.
      60 hours in and still loving it.
      Might try to squeeze in just a little RimWorld. Nice game and hard to believe it is still early access.
      Embarrassment of riches I say….

  15. invitro says:

    Played Virginia last night, it’s a piece of crap. Tried Duelyst before that, seems like a piece of crap too. So I’m back to Kingdom: New Lands, I love that one. Might try Batman: Arkham Origins later.

  16. AutonomyLost says:

    I have recently become obsessed with Dying Light, a game I loved, put about 20 hours into, but reached a point where I got stuck and decided to give it a six month snooze in my Steam library. Picked it back up again last week, and beat it last night. I will be beginning The Following DLC today and can’t wait.

    Also, I’ll be playing the waiting game for FedEx to deliver my brand-spanking custom axe. Er, bass guitar if you wanna be proper. This is a good weekend.

    • Jaykera says:

      I followed the same pattern. :) also gave up after a few hours, then jumped back into it for like 100 hours. For some reason I couldn’t stop playing it. The mouvement and combat are so rewarding.

      I hope you enjoy the DLC but I never hooked to it. I missed the verticality and never enjoyed driving a car since running across the city was the best part.

      • keefybabe says:

        Same. Much like Batman, throwing a car in seems like a good idea until you’re forced to use it all the time.

    • inspiredhandle says:

      No one’s gonna ask? Fine I will. What sorta bass?

  17. Vacuity729 says:

    I’ll be playing Wargame: European Escalation, trying to complete the second NATO campaign. This was a random pick from my pile of shame a week and a half ago and I’ve found it exceedingly compelling. Hopefully I’ll finish all the campaigns before I run out of enthusiasm. Then maybe I’ll play Airland Battle, or maybe I’ll play something completely different, but that certainly won’t be this weekend.

  18. Zankman says:

    This weekend, LoL has the game mode of “ARURF” – All Random Ultra Rapid Fire.

    URF itself is a game mode where Cooldowns are only 20% of their actual duration and where all manacosts are 0 (there are a few other changes for the sake of balance, but, those are the primary and principal ones).

    This mode was introduced two years ago to massive community pleasure – however, after a while, certain Champions being broken in this mode started ruining the fun…

    After a long while (and me suggesting it from the very start), Riot finally did the smart thing – and added the All Random aspect to URF.

    I’ve had so much fun playing this mode – sure, sometimes RNG gives one team better Champions, but, most of the time it is quite balanced; URF is just so much more enjoyable this way.

    So, I’ll be playing this.

    In addition, if possible, I will be playing:


    Shattered Throne

    Sovereign: Reign of Kings

    Particle Fleet Emergence

  19. Laurentius says:

    I want to play Virginia but technicals problems drive me up the wall. First on my monitor, game takes on place on roughly only 50% on its surface, leaving to huge black bars up an ddown, litteraly I havn’t seen anything like this befroe. Still I can get past it but the other problems might by reletd to my gfx but screen tearing is of the charts. It suppose to be atmospheric game but screen fizzles back and forth is really making it unplaybale for me :(
    I will play Guild Wars 1 then I guess.

  20. wodin says:

    Going to write a review for my Blog. Then maybe play some RO2, CM Final Blitzkrieg, SH5 with Wolves of Steel mega mod, Wings Over Flanders Fields 3, Rimworld (my last name being Rimmer how can I not play it) and prob do more testing for a game I’ve been helping with for the last three or four years!

  21. zinzan says:

    Playing Combat Mission (Final Blitzkrieg, Fortress Italy, Battle for Normandy & all expansions) as ALWAYS!! Might get a look in at my GTA V solo campaign that stalled 3 weeks ago. Other than that playing the game of “Prepare for Gawd Awfully Important Work Meeting (Tues).

  22. Ben King says:

    I played Virginia on release day on console and really loved it, but it’s one of the least interactive games I’ve played. I’m eager to play it again, but it’s so much like watching a TV show that I think I’ll need to wait a week or two to keep from running it into the ground. I wonder to what extent the in-game cuts would hold up without confusion in a more complex gameplay environment… For the weekend though It will be some MGSV and a good deal more The Long Dark. I’m still searching for a rifle, or wood to cure for a bow, or ANYTHING that would let me kill a deer or get some food outside of scavenging, traps, and fishing…

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      You know the farmhouse in Pleasant Valley? There’s a radio tower on a cliff visible from the front door. If you climb up to it, there’s often (but not always) a rifle and some ammo stashed in the radio hut.

      • Ben King says:

        you’re going to roll your eyes, but I am still wandering around the Mystery Lake area. I’ve been doing my best to avoid wikis and enjoying learning as the game teaches me, but man I’m still struggling to master navigation… and find my way to another area… Eventually I’ll have to look that up I think. I did finally craft a bow and an arrow but now I’m just ridiculously paranoid about biting the dust after such a long stretch.

        • TheAngriestHobo says:

          Don’t feel bad at all. I’ve been playing the game off and on pretty much since it was released and I still get completely lost in most areas.

          I wonder if it’s possible to orient yourself using the stars? I rarely spend much time outdoors at night, so I haven’t tried.

  23. TheAngriestHobo says:

    John’s review sent me off to buy the first two chapters of Sorcery!, and I haven’t been disappointed thus far. I have, however, been abusing the bejeezus out of the rewind feature to try to get all four lines of the spell in part two. The line that got ripped in half has become a fricking nightmare to collect – hopefully I’ll finish that up over the weekend, and maybe even pick up chapter 3.

  24. Monggerel says:

    Lately I’ve been playing the “get about 10 hours of sleep erryday or die in shame” game and trying to continue (I need more sleep than normal to function, and I usually get about 5 hours daily).
    Surprisingly difficult not to think of sleep as a wasted opportunity. Especially cuz now I don’t get to play actual games. Oh well.

  25. fish99 says:

    The plan is to start either Bioshock 2, Event[0] or SOMA. Who knows whether I actually will.

  26. malkav11 says:

    Definitely more WoW: Legion. I’m on the verge of level 110 and pretty close to finishing off questing in Highmountain (which I tackled as my third zone). Then it’ll be Stormheim and some dungeoning for gear and suchlike, and working on my class hall campaign. However, I probably won’t actually want to play it all day every day this weekend.

    So to go alongside it, I fully intend to spend some more quality time with Deus Ex Mankind Divided (which I haven’t touched in a few weeks and really ought to keep on with). I’ve accomplished very little in the main plot, but there remains plenty of Prague I haven’t broken into and looted bare, so that takes priority.

    And who knows, I may spend some more time with my Entrath Settlers deck in Hex’s Frost Ring Arena (Entrath Settlers is basically Settlers of Catan adapted as one hilariously complicated, singleplayer only card with a bunch of ancillary cards you can only access through it. It’s a thing of beauty). Or dip back into DROD: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder now that it’s out on Steam. (It’s out on Steam!). Or read a bit more of Steins;Gate. Or resume my Sorcery! 2 run. Either way, definitely making some sausage risotto and slow cooker Thanksgiving pot pie over the weekend. mmm, food.

  27. geldonyetich says:

    Boring one-game adult with a full time job, that’s me. I’m still plugging away at Fallout 4, a replay I started in Survival Mode. My character, a luck-point heavy pistoleer, is level 31 and yet has only explored about 25% of the main Commonwealth map because Survival Mode more or less forces me to stay near beds, which means I have to expand settlements to get any closer. HANG IN THERE, SHAWN. (Aw, who am I kidding, the little scrote can rot while I’m having post-apocalyptic adventures.)

  28. Det. Bullock says:

    I was going to install my new SSD but it seems that AS USUAL the two hours the ferry takes to get to my island become five or six days with courier deliveries. :(
    Well, I have Elite on PC and Castlevania Bloodlines/Vampire Killer on Mega Drive anyway.

  29. Zenicetus says:

    Still playing Divinity Original Sin in co-op mode with my wife. It takes an incredibly long time to move through the game, when your partner is a town thief who steals everything that isn’t nailed down, AND spends half her time crafting stuff.

    I might try the new DX Mankind Divided DLC during a break.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Ugh… just read up a little on the Mankind Divided DLC, and it sounds like a glorified ad for that stupid Breach “feature,” and you don’t take any of your augs or gear into the DLC from the base game. I’ll pass. Maybe play a little XCOM 2 instead.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Something that your wife might not have found out is that the telekinesis skill makes stealing things a breeze. You basically find a corner to hide and nab things from 20 feet away. My witch with a sneaking of 1 is a much more competent thief than my sneaking 3 rouge.

  30. April March says:

    I’ve been playing a lot of Streets of Rogue lately. The open alpha came out this week, and I haven’t had this much fun with an open alpha since Nuclear Throne (which was callled Wasteland Kings at the time).

  31. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I hooked up my old PS2 so I have finally gotten around to playing Silent Hill 2 and by god it still holds up really well. I am about 3 hours in I think (I just met Eddie for the first time.) I especially like how it uses the controller’s vibration for you health meter. The more intense your heartbeat, the closer to death you are.

    I’ve also been playing a bit of Rez at the same time on the same console. It’s a game I’ve wanted to play for ages and finally just went onto eBay and bought a copy. It is almost exactly what I expected. Perhaps Rez Infinite can be another reason to buy a PS4 other than that Insomniac Spider-man game.

    I have also been playing through Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hands on the Game Boy Advance which I bought at a comic/anime/games expo last weekend. For those who don’t know, it is a Hideo Kojima game where you fight vampires. The big gimmick being the cart itself which has a light sensor built into it meaning you need to be in direct sunlight to charge your weapons. I’ve only played it a tiny bit so far.

    I’m also still trucking away at Divinity: Original Sin. 33 hours in and I’ve finally solved Jake’s murder.

  32. Thurgret says:

    Children of a Dead Earth. More a game of orbital mechanics than a space strategy, but I’m really rather enjoying it so far. I assume it would go down well with fans of Kerbal Space Program or Orbiter (despite that I didn’t get along with those games myself).

  33. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Devil Daggers begins with a D — twice!

    My boss has been kinda curious about Devil Daggers since I’d excitedly talked about it a couple times, and we were both working this Saturday, so I brought in my laptop with it. His curiosity has been satisfied, and he still prefers turn-based strategies. :)

    In the process, I discovered the Linux version works nicely, even on Intel graphics, and it works when Steam is offline, only displaying a “connecting to steam” message in the corner because of the leaderboard stuff.

    I’ll probably be playing some more this weekend, but first, there will be Elder Scrolls Online with meatspace friends. And probably some more Flat Heroes.

    • sabrage says:

      As far as I know Devil Daggers is entirely software-rendered, so no GPU involved.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        A GPU totally throws the pixels on the screen, yo! ;)

        Well, it does, but less pedantically: The Linux version includes some OpenGL-related libraries (specifically glew and glfw), and both it and the Windows version reference some OpenGL stuff in their binaries, so there does appear to be some OpenGL stuff of some sort going on, at least in v2 and v3, and I suspect it’s not just for physics simulations or matrix math speed hacks. I haven’t dug any deeper than that, so it could be a ruse or those alternate things, buuuuut…

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          To be fair, everyone and their mom has been talking about variations on “software rendering” with relation to the game. But more officially, the Steam store page says “software-style rendering” and lists a “GPU with OpenGL 3.3 support” as a requirement.

  34. Gomer_Pyle says:

    Most likely some more Battlefield 4. I decided to pick it up because they were giving all the DLC away free and they had a promotion for 50% off on Origin. Besides that, I am hoping to continue with my EUIV Ottoman playthrough.

  35. Pizzzahut says:

    Forza Horizon 3. Just beat it.

  36. andregurov says:

    Forza Horizon 3 just arrived in the mail today … so there will probably be lots of that tomorrow. And since the Commandos titles are on sale dirt cheap on GOG I guess that will consume my non-racing time … where will I squeeze Duelyst in?!?!

    • invitro says:

      I wish RPG would do a Commandos article. I loved the first one when it was new. But I couldn’t really get into the second one.

  37. Hugo Stare says:

    This week, me and my beloved lady will mostly be taming cute things in Creativerse…

  38. tranchera says:

    Fractured Space! Reminds me a lot of the old Bridge Commander game, with a MOBA twist. So far, been really enjoying the setting and feel of the game. Feels extremely polished.

  39. Rikstam says:

    Duelyst, it’s rather playable with one hand, while holding a 4-month-old baby with the other. Playing something when you have a small kid is both juggling with your time and your kid.

  40. Barberetti says:

    Games wot you level up in:

    Levelling up my car in The Crew

    Levelling up my survivor in 7 Days to Die

    Levelling up my Alliance *spit* rogue in WoW

    Raising my alcohol level in the pub this lunchtime with my Dad, uncle & grandad.

  41. melnificent says:

    I’ve just helped my friend to move from mobile to PC gaming. So many hours of Civ V and not an energy meter for cash in sight.

  42. ExitDose says:

    I’ve been addicted to Star Crawlers, lately. I am also looking to run a game of Eclipse Phase, so I’ve got to keep reading up on its dense setting and rules.

  43. Nightcrowe says:

    I’m about to go back to Dunwall in Dishonored (kept the 3rd DLC as a treat to go back to) as I’m drooling over Dishonored 2.

  44. Karyogon says:

    DXMD now almost 100 hours, though I’m reasonably sure some of that is just Steam counting the game’s launcher running and it has absolutely nothing to do with wanting to explore every nook and cranny. Yes, that must be it. I’m quite enjoying it.

  45. pertusaria says:

    I’ve played the first two days of Firewatch (beyond the initial bit). I thought it had a reputation as a short game, but I gave it about 4 hours at a guess and I don’t think I’m anywhere near the end. I’m probably being very thorough and getting lost a lot, and it probably speeds up once you become more mobile. It’s beautiful and the sound design is well done – I loved being able to hear ducks when next to a lake. It’s also quite a gamey game, in that it funnels you through areas very effectively, but because it’s gorgeous at the same time it doesn’t bother me. Looking forward to the free-wandering mode at some stage when I’ve finished the story.

    I also played a bit of Kirby’s Adventure and some Mario Kart, since I had a long train journey.