League Of Legends Worlds Anthem 2016:
Better Or Worse Than Warriors?

It’s THAT time of year. And by “THAT time of year” I mean the time of year when someone has to try to topple Imagine Dragons’ Warriors from its throne as the best League of Legends World Championship anthem of all time. 2016 is the turn of Zedd and Riot’s collaboration – Ignite, with its cool video and references to Faker’s broccoli japery from 2015 and other key Worlds moments over the years.

Is it as good as Warriors?


Alternatively: Spotify.


  1. Don Reba says:

    No two ways about it.

  2. Helmsguard says:

    Imho, Kraddy – Android Porn at Intel Extreme Masters 2012 was better than Imagine Dragons – Warriors.

  3. Zankman says:

    The only good thing about Ignite are the references to past moments at Worlds.

    The song is just completely mediocre, uninspired, bland and generic… No hype, no epicness, no “peak”…

    In on itself, that isn’t some big crime – however, having in mind what it was made for, well… It is effectively terrible.

    The video, as implied, aside from the references, is meh.

    Sure, with an actually good song it would be pretty good – but, without a good song to back it up, its weaknesses are exposed: inconsistency in art style and animation, odd pace, weird way the stories were mixed and presented, loads of tropes used, even some frame drops…

    With that said, I just dislike the art style, quite a bit actually; the animation and “cinematography” would have to be really good to make up for that in my eyes, but, they are just O.K.

  4. montorsi says:

    It’s bad but thank god you are talking about some PR fluff instead of the President of the company getting caught Elo Boosting. That might take some looking into, and to hell with that.

  5. SaintAn says:

    Looks like it’s dragons all the way down.

  6. opasnimiki says:

    As someone who never played lol but loves their animated stuff I’d say this is pretty disappointing.

    Song is really dull compared to Imagine Dragons – Warriors (2014) and in my mind it doesn’t fit the video. It just feels like generic electronic song. Well at least it’s not as bad as The Mötley Crüe Tribes 2 Unused Theme Song.

    When it comes to animation, after watching so much seasonal anime in past few years, I am surprised to see how much smoother the animation in anime is when compared to this 4 minute long clip. To be fair, in moments when animation is smooth it looks fairly impressive.

  7. Montegomery says:

    The song is okay, the biggest problem is the action in the video simply doesn’t match the music. You’ve got intense action happening at lows in the song, cuts happening with no regard for the song’s beat/phrasing, and little or no connection between the words and what’s happening beyond the generic.

    It’s not a bad song, the video just doesn’t do anything with it. A proper video that time the epic moments for right when the song revs things up might not have matched Warriors, but it at least would have been respectable.