Battlefield 1 Campaign Promises War Stories In Trailer

War is dreadful. But also: exciting! We’ve already had a look at Dice’s next romp through War 1, by diving into the multiplayer beta of Battlefield 1 [official site] held earlier this month. But what of the story mode? This is normally where Battlefield games tend to stumble and fall on their own grenade. This new trailer showing off some of the campaign is here to convince you that it won’t be like that this time. It features lots of sad men saying brave things and then killing everybody with a gun. Come and see.

The campaign aims to create an “anthology of war stories”, say the developers, following a range of characters in different locations. That’s why you’ll meet Laurence of Arabia and the Red Baron, as shown in the trailer. But you’ll also be plonked into the shoes of punters, like this former chauffeur who finds himself driving a tank.

One example is the War Story Through Mud and Blood. It takes place late in the war and centers on a British Mark V Tank crew. The story focuses on a young soldier assigned to the crew as the tank’s driver. However, our protagonist has no experience of these modern war vehicles and need to learn – and learn fast. Our hero is also struggling with earning the trust of his fellow crew members, so there’s a social dynamic in the story, making the whole thing something personal. Danny Edwards, our driver character, is not an ace sniper. He’s not a crack pilot. He’s not a demo expert. He’s a former chauffeur – a volunteer new to the war. He can drive and he can fix things. That’s where we start.

Another story sees you playing as Laurence’s right hand soldier – a rebel arab who has to bound through the desert on her horse and scout out enemy camps before luring out an armoured train.

What do you think? It feels to me like a concession to the old story-telling of Call of Duty, but a sensible one. In those games you swapped between characters in global conflicts and were never even sure if the game was about to kill you off in a nuclear blast, or shoot you in the face at the end of a level. I’ve found past Battlefield campaign modes underwhelming in the past, so it’ll be interesting to see if the historically-influenced tales can win some pride back for the series.

Battlefield is released on October 21.


  1. geldonyetich says:

    War has been famously described as, “Long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of terror.”

    So basically a massive malfunctioning server queue followed by a realization you can’t get a refund.

  2. wykydtronik says:

    I’m not normally into FPS single players, but that trailer rustled my jimmies. I’ll definitely play the single player! And I’ll probably opt in for the EA Access… Just for this release…

  3. SlimShanks says:

    Hmm, I’m definitely a weirdo, but I’ve always thought that after CoD 1-4, Battlefield had the better campaigns. Better gameplay, better writing, better characters. Bad Company 1 and 2 had excellent campaigns, and Battlefield 3 and 4 have ok campaigns. Whereas CoD REALLY lost it’s way after number 4.

  4. Smion says:

    Don’t these morons at Dice know black people and women were only invented in the 30’s?

    • syndrome says:

      well I know at least one moron who doesn’t believe that racial tolerance was invented a couple of centuries before…

    • JFS says:

      Looks like a Senegalese to me. The French used them quite a lot. If that is the correct word. It’s nice they seem to remember that, at least. There was ANZAC, Canadians, Indochinese, actual Chinese, Moroccans, Indians, Italians, the whole k.u.k people and what else not. WW1 was not just France and UK vs Germany. About female Arab fighters, though, I’ve never heard about those. But whatever, there probably were some.
      I wouldn’t mind if it were depicted in that way, as an actual World War. This here, however, with the music and dialogue the way they are, seems a lot like the usual jingo videogame rubbish, the US (in this case the UK as a substitute) against the evil Nazis. Oh wait. See MurrayPoopins post.
      WW1, even more so than other wars, offers the great chance for artists to present the essence of dread and pointlessness of war. Futility at its purest, from the totally purposeless outbreak, across the industrialized and dehumanized battlefields to the end of it, spawning a yet worse catastrophe – that is WW1, and that doesn’t seem well-reflected in this trailer. A pity.

  5. racccoon says:

    Nice trailer, but its shame even a triple A game co. still can’t get eye animation to look right, they always seem to be staring wrongly or not even looking blinking or moving. I think I have seen only few animators that have captured eye movement perfectly. You think with all the cgi and real time action captures they would of mastered it perfectly by now.

    • soijohn says:

      Well, you know, CGI just means creating digital art, and i’ve never seen a motion capture suit with little white balls on the eyes of the person wearing it. Eyes in 3D is not even done right in movies. It’s incredibly difficult to put the shard of life into digital characters.
      Not every animator is the same, each with it’s own style and talent, and i think the way they move in the trailer looks really good.

    • oyog says:

      Uncanny valley.

      Uncanny valley never changes.

      Seriously though, for me it’s the hands. They’ve mastered making convincing looking explosions. Why not work on convincing looking hands next?

      • Holderist says:

        If you think hands are bad, wait until you see feet. Why else do you think they’re always covered up?

  6. snowgim says:

    I always liked those CoD games that jumped between the characters, it seemed more realistic than having 1 guy globetrotting everywhere. So I’m interested in this.

    I always think it’s a shame BF goes so close to the linear CoD route with their singleplayer, they never really integrate the large MP maps and vehicles as much as they could.

  7. Troubletcat says:

    Pretty ballsy of them to launch on the same day as Civ VI. That’s sure to be an intense launch-day showdown between two games that share an audience.

  8. PiiSmith says:

    I looked and found nothing announced about a “coop-campaign”. I would play this, instead of the traditional singleplayer, which is most likely a part I never touch.

  9. MurrayPoopins says:

    It’s a little disappointing that the campaigns shown in the trailer all seem to be from the perspective of the Allies. It’s understandable in WW2 games since Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan are extremely difficult to depict in any sort of positive light, but that’s not the case for WW1. WW1 was universally bad and the fault of all the combatants equally so it doesn’t seem right to depict the Central Powers as the villains. If anything it helps to support the weird narrative that’s been emerging in the past few years that WW1 was in some way noble and that the Allies were standing up to the warmongering Central Powers. I don’t exactly expect delicate storytelling from a triple A FPS but the apparent lack of any Central Powers protagonists leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

    • Raz0rback says:


    • soijohn says:

      You are absolutely right on everything, but isn’t the red baron ( german aviator ) in the game ? Maybe i misread, but i think so. That’s a good beginning, i guess.

      • MurrayPoopins says:

        It looks like he’ll be the main opponent for the flying campaign. In the trailer you can see what I’m assuming is the player’s plane shooting at the Red Baron and strafing over German troops.

    • inspiredhandle says:

      It’s especially sickening when you consider that the Lusitania was likely loaded with weapons and ammunition and sent in to a war zone with the intention of it being sunk, thus giving the Americans their justification for entering the war in the first place.
      We are all a bit tired of playing the role of the war profiteer. (Not that there was anyone in the right in ww1. Imperialistic expansion was sort of in vogue back then)

  10. SuicideKing says:

    But hey, don’t forget to get the Xbox One Ass

  11. JiminyJickers says:

    Include offline botmatches and I’m sold.

  12. Jediben says:

    Include a section where you write terrible poetry during get missions and I’m sold.

    • Jediben says:

      Like Interstate ’76, but with huge handlebar mustache instead of huge afro

  13. Ham Solo says:

    The best entries were still BF1942 and Vietnam, sadly.

    • inspiredhandle says:

      I adored the original. Was totally impressed with the bf1 beta though. Very pretty. Very fun.

  14. inspiredhandle says:

    My main gripe with these games is that the protagonists are too handsome. It’s immersion breaking. I don’t even think I’m joking.

  15. Louis Mayall says:

    Lots of this trailer just makes me wish they’d just made this game into like a pulpy, Indiana Jones style romp. Bouncing around the desert on horseback looks much more fun than trench warfare.

    • inspiredhandle says:

      The horsey bits in the beta were great. Am a bit disappointed that they’ve lost their adamantium armour though. Charging through smoke behind enemy lines slashing up folk is tremendous fun.