First-Person Platforming Pile-up: Clustertruck Released

Yes, thank you.

Leaping across the backs of a convoy of trucks as they crash, flip, jack-knife, and explode sounds a right lark. That’s Clustertruck [official site], a timetrialling first-person platformer which launched today. Correction: that’s the early levels of Clustertruck. Then it’ll introduce static obstacles, then swinging hammers, lasers, plummeting… it gets messy. Look, I need to finish this news post before I’m allowed to clock off for the day and play Clustertruck myself, so let’s crack on with it, shall we?

A trailer:

Worlds: 9.

Levels: 90.

Level editor: with Steam Workshop support.

Twitch integration: viewer votes to activate interference like earthquakes, low gravity, high gravity, bouncy trucks, thin trucks, fat trucks, laser trucks.

Price: £10.99/14,99€/$14.99.

Store page: Steam.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Developer: Landfall Games.

Publisher: tinyBuild.

Jokes: no I’m fresh out, thanks for checking though.

Okay I’m off to jump on trucks talk to you later bye bye goodbye bye.

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  1. Premium User Badge

    Herzog says:

    Oh that looks fun! Question now is: Does it play more like Defrag (yes plz!) or like InMomentum (plz noes!)?

    • falcon2001 says:

      Aw, that makes me a little sad. InMomentum was one of my favorite little games that I got on the cheap on steam. Wish there was more games like it, although I don’t think it was the best ever.

  2. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    This seems to be a lot more in line with what I wanted out of Superhot. A daft but cool idea that just keeps escalating.

  3. Bishop149 says:

    Well, this is clearly a case of think of name first, build game second.

  4. ButteringSundays says:

    I pre-ordered it to get the TABS alpha (and because it looks awesome) – thanks for the reminder I’d completely forgotten! I’ll have to wait until tomorrow now though :( It is my day off though! :)

  5. falcon2001 says:

    For what it’s worth, I said early on and I’ll say it again: this game needs MG:Rising style sword cutting action going on. Think how much better that would make this.

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