GTA Online’s Biker Gangs Will Roll Out In October

Motorcycles, aka the horses of the highway, will be seeing a lot more action in GTA Online [official site] following Rockstar’s upcoming update. We already told you about what’s expected in this addition – the ability to start an 8-person motor club, new competitive and co-op modes, new bikes, weapons, clothes and tattoos – but you didn’t listen. You just twisted the throttle like a petulant John Connor and pretended not to hear us. Well, I’m here to tell you that the update is happening on Octo – oh for heavens sake.


GTA Online: Bikers will also give you the ability to lash out with melee weapons as you ride along on whatever the half-baked parody name for a Harley Davidson is. The Hardon Davisbone? Meanwhile, your fellow gang members can ride along on co-op missions and the like, spitting and cussing and looking downright rude. All this will come as an automatic update, says Rockstar.

In the meantime, the online world of GTAV becomes a stranger and stranger place as time passes. The Cunning Stunts update added silly props and gear for folks who like creating daft stunt jumps, while previously-added freemode events included a mode in which you hunt a Letterman-wearing beastman. And that’s just the official updates. Hackers and modders have made their own fun, like the troll who creates weird green-haired clones of your player model and then affixes them to your back.

I hope whoever was responsible for that gets his hands on a motorcycle gang. Hundreds of green-haired clones, riding into the sunset, periodically swiping at each other with machetes. That’s the GTA we deserve.


  1. RacerX says:

    Snarley Happytuned ?

  2. State says:

    Bikes, yay! And since you made a Terminator 2 reference in a GTA V post, mind if I pimp the Terminator machinima series I’ve been working on, using the GTA V Rockstar Editor? Clicking my name should work, I think.

  3. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Did they ever change it so that destroying another person’s vehicle doesn’t put you into the bad sports category?

  4. Doubler says:

    Too bad much of not most of it will likely only be accessible to cheaters or people who buy their Shark cards.

    Every now and then I remember having fun messing about in GTA Online with a couple of friends and wonder why we don’t do it anymore. Then I remember having to do the same set of missions over and over and over and over again to pay for the mayhem and I remember most of my time with it was actually pretty bad.

  5. April March says:

    I don’t care unless you can select the kind of bikes your gang drives, and one of those option is mopeds.

    I think one of my happiest gaming moments in recent memory was when I was played a Mario Kart game in my girlfriend’s place and was able to play as Bowser in a tiny scooter, using Peach’s parasol to glide.

  6. ademiix says:

    When I’m on the road, I’m indestructible. No one can stop me… but they try.

  7. racccoon says:

    From the pics the npc models look way too big and the bikes look like kind of larger version of a mini bike. I think scaling is wrong for sure.. see this real life pic in comparison –> link to

    • racccoon says:

      Never mind the above link,as it doesn’t work here ;( Just type in bikes in google and look at images..

  8. haradaya says:

    As much as this is what my friends and I want, it’s probably just another thing that’s gonna be wasted effort when players also have access to hover jets with rockets and vulcan guns etc.
    It’s like they’ve forgotten how much of the experience in free roam is being blown up or shot unprovoked. And there are few ways to defend yourself against it.

    GTA Online has, or had at this point, such potential.