What We Would Like From Destiny 2

According to “several sources” Destiny 2 may be coming to PC. “You played a bunch of Destiny, didn’t you?” said Graham in work chat. I looked at my inbox which contains ongoing discussion of when everyone might be ready to do the new raid, thought longingly of the PS4 downstairs tempting me with its Archon’s Forge quest shenanigans, cast an eye over my bookshelf which contains a spare copy of the base game which I can’t remember why I own but it’s a good “just in case” precaution and cautiously replied “I fucking love Destiny.”

That is how I found myself writing this here “What We’d Want From Destiny 2” post.

The Unofficial Answer

I’m going to tell you my personal opinion first and that is – perhaps unexpectedly – that my ideal would be for Destiny and its franchise to stay away from the PC forever. If it’s a PC game I suddenly run the risk of Hot Takes and Features and News appearing on the horizon and zooming towards my to-do list. Part of what makes Destiny appeal to me so much (apart from being a cracking game with some of the most satisfying shooting I’ve ever come across and a UI I wax lyrical over etc etc) is that:

a) There is no possible way it can be classed as work so I can tune in and out depending on what I feel like doing and play entirely according to my own desires and pacing.

b) The PS4 doesn’t have any of the million sources of distraction on a PC nor the mindset of needing to keep checking other apps which comes from my PC being a work space as well as a leisure space.

The consequence of both of these things is that I’ve had a kind of utterly irresponsible affectionate attitude towards Destiny the entire time I’ve played it that I haven’t really had since being in the industry. It’s a game where I could be a fan rather than a critic needing to pin opinions to a page. Being a fan doesn’t mean being uncritical, by the way, but it’s not the same kind of accountability when you voice irritation during chit chat with friends over a thing you all broadly love rather than in a piece on a website.

So I guess one answer to this question is that what I want from Destiny 2 on PC is for it to get off PC.

Moving On…

For a different (perhaps more helpful) response, probably the first thing that I’d like is for Destiny 2 to be officially announced and then announced for PC. It’s a game that’s been in this weird state of “I know that you know that I know…” between Bungie/Activision and the players but it’s still technically unannounced, thus a PC version is EVEN MORE unannounced.

Play Environments

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has folded some of the current indications of what to expect from the sequel into his article on the idea of a PC release. One of the specific concepts is that of a different quest and area structure:

One of the terms we’ll be hearing often with Destiny 2, according to sources, is “play-in destinations”—a new activity model that will revamp how Destiny’s world functions. The plan, from what I’ve heard, is for Destiny 2’s planet areas to feel more populated with towns, outposts, and quests that are more interesting than the patrol missions you can get in Destiny.

I’m all for things which make the landscapes of Destiny feel more inhabited, although I’m very wary of moving towards a more obviously MMO structure. I mean Destiny is an MMO in so many ways – quests and loot and social and all – but I liked that I wasn’t bimbling around fetching four mushrooms for some rando (or maybe it would be Randal the Vandal here). The current set up is that you collect quests, go do them and then sometimes need to go to a hub area to talk to someone for the next phase. That’s the chunkier side of task fulfillment. For smaller bits and bobs – so patrol missions and bounties and things like that which you perform almost as asides or extras – you don’t have to go back to the hubs. I liked that these smaller tasks – the four-mushroomers – were just things that you’d have in the background and complete without needing to do an interaction. If an MMO ever looks like it’s inching towards asking me to speak with Hogger or someone I start to twitch.

That said, some of the loading times between activities on current Destiny are pretty sizeable and mean I’m always a bit miffed to leave an area and then realise there was one more quest I should have done there because it feels like such a faff to go back. It took me just over two minutes to load into the new hub area today.

With that in mind I’d relish larger playspaces which cover off a wider variety of things you might want to do during a session to help cut down on those gaps between play. I’d also like to give the environments more of a feeling of being lived in, but for me that doesn’t even necessarily need to be by people/sentient alien races/the corrupted forms of alien races who were kidnapped from one dimension by a god for a while before being sent back with glowing feet. I think I’d even be happy if it was nodded to in seasonal shifts, so with different weathers and plant phases and things. Sort of Animal Crossing meets the mythic sci-fi fantasy shooter-verse. I’d also want them to be more rewarding to investigate – The Dreadnaught area which The Taken King expansion added to Destiny was far more in this vein and all the better for it. I’d like Bungie to take those ideas and really push them.

Roaming Not Homing

Prodding at the above ideas has made me realise that I like the transience of Destiny. None of the player characters has a home in the game, they just drop in, and you never see anyone else’s home either – not beyond the lairs of enemies. I mean, most people just hang out in the place they’re supposed to be forever and then Xur pops by every now and again with his traveling salesman routine and maybe a few other special events. But the players don’t kit out a house or inhabit a town or anything and neither does anyone else. At most, your home is your rebuilt body and the redecorating you can do involves colour shaders and armour switching.

What was my point here? Oh yes. I’d like to get a bit more of the Animal Crossing vibe going on in terms of the seasons and things, and with larger, more varied playspaces to get rid of loading screens as much as possible but towns feel strangely foreign to Destiny.

It’s Not Unusual

Another thing I’d really love is the ability to switch off the UI when you’re in-game and take screenshots that way. Destiny is actually a really good-looking game and I’d really like to be able to take pictures of whatever comes to Destiny 2 and fiddle with them to my heart’s content. I’d also really like to make clearer gifs of my character doing the Carlton dance (or whatever dances you can do in Destiny 2).

Long Live The Warr-Lock

The Kotaku story also suggests much of what might be found in Destiny 2 will be new and that that could potentially mean characters and locations and so on not carrying over to the sequel. I’d be loathe to lose my warlock without good reason, simply because I’ve grown familiar with her to the point where she is inextricably linked to my Destiny experience. Starting over with a new character for a Destiny 2 experience might end up being necessary but I’d liked the idea of making a significant investment in a character and having that last for years. That said, you can’t transfer current Destiny characters between PS and Xbox systems so perhaps my PS4 warlock would be trapped forever, unable to head for PC/Windows regardless.

I think something that would make a character swap far more palatable would be the introduction of new subclasses – or even new classes or types of character. In a setting where warlocks no longer exist or where their previous powers have become obsolete or whatever (THIS IS NOT A WORLD THAT LOOKS KINDLY ON FLOOFY JUMPING, GUARDIAN), it would be easier to make that shift to a new character without it feeling like just having to endure a reset for the sake of saving a company a logistical headache.

Fashion Show

I was also thinking the armour system might be good with a transmogrify option, so I could wear my hideous cape with its banana shader along with my deer skull helmet (pictured above) but infuse it with another chest piece to give it some actually useful stats and buffs for what I’m doing at the moment. I’m wondering whether that would be bad for PvP, given you can tell a tiny bit more about someone’s build when their armour can only mean particular stats or buffs. Perhaps transmog for PvE and hideous wardrobe disaster legibility for PvP?

Shut Up And Drive

Speaking of PvP I know that some of my fellow players would really appreciate some dogfighting PvP options so they can show off the ships they’ve picked up on raids as well as their aerial prowess. I do not want dogfighting PvP but only because I’m atrocious at it in other games. I’d be delighted with a fast-paced space chase in my endearingly lame red and blue ship which sort of looks like a robotic bee and goes by the affectionate nickname, The Space Bus. Taking The Space Bus on a Destiny version of a trench run would be gloriously stupid.

Make Foursomes Awesome

Still on the subject of playing with other people, I’d really like to have more things I can do with different numbers of people. Say you have a group of four, that’s not enough for a raid (normally), but it’s too many for normal patrol fireteams and too many for the strike playlists. I’d like to have more things I can do beyond form the majority of a PvP mode team when there are more than three of us pottering about of an evening.

Just Pick One Already

Oh, and that ridiculous thing where you level your character to a certain point using one system and then need to do everything further using the light levels given to you by your armour is just idiotic so that can go.

Mods And Men

I’m not sure to what extent anything would be possible to modify (especially given that we’re still at the point where Destiny 2 is technically an unannounced surprise). It’s possible any attempt would set off the OMG YOU’RE HACKING THE GAME alarm but, should it prove possible, I would like to see what enterprising PC folk would do with the game.

Vive La Dinklebot

Lastly: I would like Dinklebot to come back.


  1. 99RedBaboons says:

    Unless I’m misunderstanding, you can turn off the HUD. They patched an option in about six months ago. IIRC it’s in the settings screen where audio and log out options are, top right I think?

  2. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    I’d like it to demand less of players, in a way. As it stands now, Destiny expects you to do everything it has to offer if you want to progress. Want to finish the Rise of Iron progress book and get all the rewards? Then you’ll have to do the Raid and Trials of Osiris, difficult tasks that require you to rope up to five other people to come along. I just don’t have the time, frankly, and past that I don’t really like the raids at all: they’re tedious, stingy with their rewards, and ultimately transform a leisure activity into frustrating work.

    I want Destiny 2–and MMOs more broadly, I suppose–to decouple itself from this sense of obligation. Let me do what I want to do. Offer matchmaking for everything. Don’t lock away story–and yes, as miserable as the Destiny story is I actually quite like the lore that informs it–behind walls. I want each raid to have three versions. Normal and Hard as they have now, but also Easy: matchmaking, simplified rules, and weaker (but visually identical armor). Besides letting everyone feel as if their Destiny experience is “complete,” it would help ramp players up to the higher levels of the raid gradually rather than dumping them in all at once.

    My two cents.

    • RobF says:

      Yeah, pretty much this. Just leave me to tinker around without trying to funnel me into strikes and raids that I don’t really care for or want to do.

    • Rizlar says:

      As ever WoW seems to be the game that’s addressing this stuff. For years now there has been a ‘looking for raid’, easy, pick up group version of the hardest raid dungeons. Works rather well. There are indeed three versions of dungeons and raids – effectively easy, normal and hard, with optional, escalating challenges for the hardest modes.

      It’s also ditched a lot of the busywork generally required to gear up. Now there are heaps of ‘world quests’ at max level that change daily, involve a variety of stuff and drop nice loot scaled to your character. So you can ‘progress’ (ie. improve your stats) in a number of different ways without ever entering a dungeon or grinding away at a specific area. Though you can do that too. In fact all of the new areas and drops scale to your level.

      Yes I am playing WoW again, yes it is brilliant.

    • Maxheadroom says:

      Oh yes this. All of this.

      I begrudgingly went on one of those matchmaking sites to do the Taken King raid and by-Christ is it mechanic heavy!
      I didn’t go in blind either, I read the guides, I watched videos and the other guys in the raid were extremely helpful and patient with me, but it was far from fun. It was work and stress.

      Back when I played WoW I used to love raiding. Bosses would have 2 or 3 phases and each phase was just hitting a thing, standing in a thing or avoiding a thing. Some of my fondest memories are of running Karazan shooting the breeze with the others in the raid and occasionally calling out phases or warnings

      This was like spinning plates. Except everyone in the raid is spinning their own plates, in their own order and everyone has to stay in step. Spin plate 2 before player 4 spins plate 6 but after player 3 stands on platform B and player 5 picks up orb c and takes it to player 1…or wipe and try again. All while being assaulted by waves of adds from every direction.

      Not fun


    • golem09 says:

      I’m playing Destiny for the first time currently, and I’m usually a player that doesn’t care for end game content. I currently have the absolute opposite experience:
      I’m playing with the Taken King expansion and do all the story missions available to me. This basically means I’m more than 10 levels above any mission I can take, and the game is piss easy ALL THE TIME. I really had fun at the beginning, when the game still threw a challenge at me, but now it’s just boring to chew through the midgame, and I’m kinda demotivated to play the game, even though I find it surprisingly much fun.

  3. itchyeyes says:

    I’m likewise kind of torn about it coming to the PC. On the one hand, it will be great to see it utilize the better capabilities, and I think a wider audience can only be good for it. On the other hand though, after many, many hundreds of hours with it on my Xbox One I don’t think I could ever play it with anything other than a gamepad at this point. I’m not sure I could even play with anything other than the Xbox One gamepad. It’s just too ingrained into my brain that that’s how I play that game.

    I’m sure a gamepad will still be totally viable for PvE content on the PC. But regardless of which mode you prefer to play, Destiny is a game that continually nudges you to be involved in both PvE and PvP. If you devote yourself exclusively to either mode you’re going to be missing out on a lot of rewards. And, for obvious reasons, the only way to play PvP on the PC will be with MKB.

    • CronoRay says:

      Well you can most definitely play it with a controller on PC, they would more then likely add that feature. As for the PvP aspect on PC…. one would be crazy to not use Mouse & Keyboard for the PvP modes considering how superior fps controls tend to be on PC, you’re more then welcome to try using your pad for that though :)

  4. Jediben says:

    I would like to see Mankrik’s wife.

  5. Vandelay says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up Destiny ever since I got my PS4 last Christmas. Problem is I know no one that has a PS4 and I’m not particularly interested in joining up with randoms, outside of some straightforward PvP team deathmatch or capture the flag type modes that don’t require much interaction.

    What’s it like playing solo? I did try out the demo for an hour or so and really enjoyed what I played, but does it open up more and force you to play with others? I’m sure there is quite a bit that would be cut off from someone playing solo, but I would be happy with just playing through the campaign, if it stays as enjoyable as those first couple of hours and was reasonably meaty.

    • Nauallis says:

      I’m on xbox, otherwise I’d offer to party with you. If singleplayer is your thing, you can solo but frankly, you won’t have a very good time. The game is unashamedly built upon enticing players to use their own abilities in ways that often intentionally (and just as often unintentionally) benefit their teammates.

      The “story” missions can be played solo, and the starter missions are fine this way. The harder difficulty missions lose a lot of fun and charm when played solo.

      The core trinity of Destiny abilities — melee, grenade, and super — generally have ability perks and gear perks available that will allow you to have a significantly faster recharge rate on one, two, or all three abilities simply by using them effectively with teammates around. The super ability, if used effectively, generates “orbs of light” that the generating player can’t see, but when picked up by teammates, accelerates the recharge rate of their supers, and then they generate orbs for you, so on and so forth, which can create a gameplay-awesome positive feedback loop with your teammates.

      The strike missions and the raid force you to play with other people. The strikes have built-in matchmaking for everything except the weekly Nightfall (a very hard strike that is more like a raid), so you don’t have to use voice chat for those. In-game emotes and contextual cues are enough. The raids do not have matchmaking. You must find and coordinate your own 6-man team to complete these. They also require voice chat. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re shy like me it can be stressful to get started.

      The story itself is interesting but not particularly coherent generally, and unless you approach it from all available angles, you’ll miss out on significant parts of the story if you only play by yourself.

    • Junkenstein says:

      If you enjoyed the early missions, then there is absolutely enough content just playing through the campaign(s) in single player.

    • welverin says:

      I’ve played the majority of the game on my own and felt it was worthwhile (I did buy the retail Taken King version while it was on sale).

      I’ve ended up playing with my brother and one nephew a fair bit now, but even with out that I think there’s enough to do on your own to make it worthwhile. So long as you get the all in one version, i.e. grab the new Rise of Iron version that includes the base game, the two expansions, and The Taken King.

      There are a lot of things you won’t be able to do solo and some you’ll need to be over leveled for to manage. Don’t be put of doing Prison of Elders or strikes though, you don’t really need to interact with or often coordinate that much with others on the normal versions.

    • inspiredhandle says:

      I feel the same way about gtaV. When I got the ps4 version I was pumped to play it online, from the heists update onwards I have lamented at being a loner. It’s about to get worse with the biker update (gangs up to 8 people.)

      • Vandelay says:

        Yeah, that is why I have held off getting GTAV until I do an upgrade. Might actually have people to play with on PC.

        Sounds like Destiny will be OK solo. Obviously it won’t be as good as with others, but should get my money’s worth.

  6. jasta85 says:

    Honestly when I saw a friend playing destiny soon after it came out I was thinking “looks like stripped down version of warframe.” I’ve got no problem with destiny, but never really was interested in it. If destiny 2 comes out I’ll treat is like most other games, wait for the reviews and some gameplay videos and see if its worth buying full price, wait for sale or skip.

  7. SuicideKing says:

    Well, it’ll effectively be Halo for the PC so that’s good. But I think this is a good time to


    that they sorta kinda suggested that Destiny 1 could make it to the PC, but it never did. Bungie were never a PC developer (Gearbox ported Halo), so I don’t know. I’m not holding my breath.

    • malkav11 says:

      They said they weren’t bringing it to PC at that time. I forget the exact wording of the reason but it was something to do with not having the resources or wanting to focus on the console experience, things which were basically nonsense when you consider all the different platforms they were already supporting and the giant buckets of cash they supposedly had for development. But anyway. They’ve never even tangentially confirmed plans for a PC release of any Destiny product AFAIK. It’s just such an obvious missed opportunity (I mean, it’s an FPS and an MMO, both genres that are clearly superior on PC) that we’ve all been assuming it will happen eventually.

      I will be really irritated if Destiny 2 turns out to be a completely separate product and they never bring the first game’s content to PC, though. I hate jumping in midway when it comes to series.

      • welverin says:

        Yeah, the ‘we don’t have the resources’ excuse always sounded like a load of crap when you consider they released it for the two last gen consoles, which had to require a fair amount of effort to get an run well enough.

    • Janichsan says:

      Bungie has a history before Halo. And guess what: these games were all made for PC.

      • malkav11 says:

        Well, Mac, technically, aside from the Marathon 2 port to Windows.

        • SuicideKing says:

          Yeah and back then there was an actual hardware difference between Mac and PC…

  8. OmNomNom says:

    I’m not really sure it’ll work for the PC audience. It is a little shallow.

  9. TheAngriestHobo says:

    It’s a game that’s been in this weird state of “I know that you know that I know…”

    …that I’m not telling the truth?

  10. welverin says:

    Things I want out of Destiny 2:
    1) To be able to play with a mouse and keyboard (I can’t aim at all with an analog stick)

    2) to be able to transfer my character from the first game (all the data is on your servers, there’s really no excuse)

    3) Cross platform play, so I can continue to play with my brother and nephew, but do so with my preferred platform. For god’s sake, Capcom managed it, so can you Bungie.

    • SuicideKing says:

      Excuse may be in the way the data carries over, assuming they restructure it or something. It’s not a huge barrier to be honest.

  11. tslog says:

    I don’t want a destiny 2. I want to game with actually good combat, you know, like like Halo used to be.

    And I don’t want to destiny fans relying on loot and grind to be what this game is conversation has been about for the last few years.

    Who ever thought that gameplay was less important in this gen then on last gen

    • Faults says:

      What didn’t you like about it? To be honest, how the combat ‘felt’ was the only thing that kept me coming back to my copy of Destiny, pretty graphics aside.

      Not trying to start a shouting match btw, genuinely interested in what people didn’t like about the combat.

  12. Ericusson says:

    As a PC gamer, I really have absolutely no idea what Destiny is and why it should come to the platform and why people are getting so would up about it.

    So all these past days news are a bit abscond to me.

    • King_Mandu says:

      It’s a sci-fi fantasy shared world loot and shoot fps with loads of PVE and PVP content. The endgame for PVE is 6 man raids, which are obviously much less complicated than PC MMO raids, which to me have been some of my gaming highlights the past few years. The PVP side of things has a very healthy community even after all these years with quite a few different modes. It’s a really fun game that released in a half amazing, half dreadful state. The game has had a lot of ups and downs in terms of content quality and player/developer feedback but the community is very dedicated because the game is just fun. I’ve never been a huge fps player but Destiny got me hooked something fierce.

      I think it could be successful on PC but Bungie will have to dole out punishment for hackers and cheaters with an iron fist and not drop the ball like The Division.

  13. Thankmar says:

    Wasn’t Destiny supposed to be around ten years or so? If I was a fan, that would irk me somewhat if after just two years they announce a sequel.

    • DeepSleeper says:

      It was supposed to be a trilogy that lasted ten years, I believe. So they’re more or less on schedule.

      • Janichsan says:

        ^ This. The 10 year plan involves the whole franchise, with expansions and sequels, not just one game.

        • Thankmar says:

          Oh, you’re absolutely right. I skimmed through some articles, and everyone of them stated that.
          Back then, my go to magazines just wrote about Destiny, not “the series” or “the franchise”, and since I knew it was a MMO, I just assumed Destiny=WoW. Which would be a little difficult to do on consoles.

  14. King_Mandu says:

    My dream for Destiny 2 would be crossplay for PS4, Xbone and PC for the PVE content, which would really expand the potential community for raids and strikes in a huge way. I doubt that will ever happen because Bungie will probably stick to 30 fps (gross) for the consoles.

  15. Spang says:

    Hi all,
    Would love to team up with some fellow RPS goodfolk for raids, nightfalls, funtimes.
    Playing on PS4, psnid is Spangstah

  16. FFabian says:

    What I want from Destiny 2? No grind and a game that feels more like a game and less like work.

  17. frymaster says:

    What I want from a Destiny sequel? For it to be named Destiny’s Child