Planets3 Gets Name Change, Early Access Date

Planets3 is getting a new name and an early access Steam release date. The Kickstarted voxel-y, build-y, explore-y game will now be known as Stellar Overload [official site] and will be coming to early access on October 12th.

“Stellar Overload is a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets which centers around a block-thrower-equipped, jetpack-wearing hero who fights evil in open and procedural voxel worlds. Combining clean FPS gameplay with unlimited construction and design phases of all kinds, the game also has a creative mode offering a sandbox experience where every cubical eccentricity imaginable is possible.”

So it feels like a Minecraft-but kind of game with a story component, although on a granular level the game isn’t so much cubey as it is polygonal, judging by the twisty tree trunks and squirrels and things that I’ve seen in some of the videos. The cubular-ness is more obvious on the planetary level, with you navigating the faces of these block worlds.

I have no idea how the game itself actually feels to play, but one neat thing I saw in a video was that one face of the planet cube might be fully lit and the next might be in shadow so the day and night seem to work differently – as you might expect given you wouldn’t get a terminator in the same way that you do on a rounded planet like Earth. I think the thing I’m enjoying most is the concept art or explanations for the different types of resources because they involve pleasing presentations of shapes and colours – it’s the same feeling I get when looking at the Things Organised Neatly tumblr.

I will say that I’m really not a big fan of the name change, though. Stellar Overload doesn’t feel like it tells me anything about the game, while Planets3 did. The game page does explain its relevance as follows:

“Stellar Overload. It is the name of the cosmic cataclysm which caused a massive extinction in our solar system. When did it happen? Why? Even our elders have no answers. The only thing we know for sure is our every day fight since the event. United against the alien invaders and their infernal machines, we, the last survivors of the human race, have chosen our destiny. Fight, Survive and Rebuild…”

I’m now thinking of alternatives and I’ve decided I would have gone with Cubic Feat. It’s a pun AND involves cubes AND implies you’re doing something epic or cool.


  1. Captain Narol says:

    I’m becoming utterly cubophobic…Cubes are so ugly !!

  2. Jay Load says:

    Agreed. It’s a horrible name, coming straight from the Space Game Name Generator circa 1996.

    Game looks alright, though. Although it’s not really offering much we haven’t seen a hundred times already.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Harlander says:

    Cubic Feat would absolutely have been a much better name, IMO – but then, I do have an unhealthy appreciation for puns.

    • ThornEel says:

      The problem is that it is a pun with cube feet, and if there is one thing that we hate here in the birth place of the Metric System, it is this incoherent, obsolete space probe-killer that is the Imperial System (and the US System variant for our oversea friends).

      Or is it just me?

      Well, I’m not going to apologize.

  4. tranchera says:

    At first I thought it was Stellar Overlord and I mean, okay, it’s a voxely Minecrafty world building game, I guess we’re all Stellar Overlords?

    Stellar Overload? The hell is that? File that away with the leagues of poorly made survival games that have cropped up on Steam in the past few years. At least Planets Cubed gave you an impression of the game.

  5. Captain Narol says:

    “Cubic Overload” should have been the real name, but not sure It would have sold well…

  6. Turkey says:

    I hope it’s cause they couldn’t get the tiny 3 to register when they put in the name of their game in the Steam registration form or whatever.

  7. maphisto2000 says:

    I keep reading the new name as Stellar OverloRd, which sounds great, but probably even less appropriate to the game concept than Stellar OverloAd is.

  8. fatherjack says:

    Still haven’t finished Planets²

    • wu wei says:

      Never tried it, I found Planets¹ way too linear.

      • Premium User Badge

        Drib says:

        Yeah, gameplay was fine, but the setting felt a little flat.

      • Premium User Badge

        DelrueOfDetroit says:

        Can somebody help me. I’m at the part with the pomegranate but every time I try to eat it my digestive system cuts me in half.

    • Kohlrabi says:

      At first I liked Planets^1.26186, but at some point it got samey and repetitive.

  9. spacedyemeerkat says:

    I backed this on Kickstarter about 23 years ago. Always surprised when I receive an update on it, it’s been so long.

    As for the name change, I’d forgotten about it. What were they thinking? (Well, we know what they were thinking but still…)

  10. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Ironically, John called the devs out for calling their game Planets³ the last time you folks covered this game. They just can’t win with you guys.

    • Anti-Skub says:

      That’s not ironic, they are both rubbish names for different reasons. As John pointed out the original name is shit because while it’s kinda cool in theory it has major SEO issues and the problem that most people will write it as Planets 3, making it sound like a sequel. Stellar Overlord is awful because it is almost comically generic.

    • Sizeable Dirk says:

      I believe the RPS ISO compliance would be PlanetsPlanetsPlanets or short form Faceplanet.

  11. Cvnk says:

    They changed the name last year. Although I suppose it doesn’t matter. Not like that’s hot news that needs to be reported in a timely manner.

    I backed the game. I’ve wandered around a world a bit collecting things and I’m generally impressed with the core. But it certainly will benefit from some sort of storyline or progression in general. Similar to Starbound in that sense (which I’m currently enjoying).