Gears Of War 4 Shows 20 Minutes Of Prologue Gameplay

Given that it’s been a fair few years since we last had Gears of War on PC, you might have missed or forgotten what it’s all about – other than fridgemen crouching behind waist-high concrete blocks shouting, obvs. Something about aliens? Or were they Moonmen? Morlocks? With pet coconut crabs? Well, with Gears of War 4 [official site] a fortnight away from launching on Windows 10, a new twenty-minute gameplay trailer revisits some key moments from Gearsworld recent history to explain a bit more. It’s showing off the game’s Prologue chapter, see, with many a fiery set piece.

So The Good Guys had a war with some other fellas on their planet, then they had a war with the people and coconut crabs living inside their planet, and then that was it. After twenty minutes, peace is won and the Prologue is over. From that point on, we can only assume Gears of War 4 becomes a very fancy walking simulator. Wander a peaceful planet, cooing at their shiny city with its shiny statues. Lovely lovely peace!

Gears of War 4 is hitting Windows 10 on October 11th, priced at £49.99. Console prices on PC games are still weird to me. But it’ll be one of those ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ games, where buying it digitally gets you the game on both Win 10 and Xbone, so our prices go up to match. I don’t even have an Xbone. Tch. As for PC technobits like boasting higher-resolution textures, check this.


  1. klops says:

    The Morloc doesn’t have enough muscles in head. Won’t buy.

  2. GallonOfAlan says:

    Fridgemen, LOL. Fridgemen spouting brospeak.

  3. Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

    50 quid! Fuckin hell, that’s some steep monies, especially for what is essentially a 10 year old retread.

    Oh wait sorry, I forgot we live in a world where Call of Duty exists.

    • Mechorpheus says:

      And as this is a UWP game, and therefore only available on PC via the Windows Store, you can wave goodbye to any chance of there ever being a sale or a discount. Look at Quantum Break, that’s still £50 on the Windows Store last I looked.

      I’ve really lost a lot of respect for Microsoft recently. This ‘Xbox Anywhere’ thing seems rather pointless if I’ve got to fork out £50 for the privilege, where I can get the Xbox version on disk for near enough £10 less ON LAUNCH DAY.

  4. Kefren says:

    Oh my. £50. For interactive cliches.

    I love the way “important” characters don’t wear helmets, as if their faces are bulletproof, but redshirts get full face helms (and blow up within a few minutes).

    • tnzk says:

      To be fair on Gears of War, it does the dumb action movie thing really well. The main characters are literally and figuratively colour-coded, for one: you have the blonde guy, the black guy, the brown guy, and the white guy with a scar across his face. And each plot point was essentially there to service the notion of getting a chainsaw bayonet into massive alien targets that would result in buckets of gore.

      To this day, I still think Gears of War is one of the better sci-fi action games the medium has seen. A lot of it is due to its lack of pretension.

  5. Banks says:

    2007: the videogame.

  6. inspiredhandle says:

    Owning a ps4 and a pc fills me with deep resentment for this business practice. Not that I have any plans to ever play any GoW game. Why did I click on this article?

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      I suspect that like myself you were drawn in by an intrinsic need to mock this dreadful franchise for flogging itself into dead horse oblivion.

  7. Chaz says:

    Is it going to be “Even bigger, better and much more badass”?

    • Louis Mayall says:

      *sigh* probably. Really does seem like a very humourless, unattractive franchise.

  8. Nauallis says:

    This is actually the first game I’m looking forward to primarily because of the “play anywhere” capability. On the one hand, PC ideally means fast load times, low lag/latency, and fantastic graphics, but on the other hand console means comfy couch, 55″ screen, and surround sound. Yes, yes, why don’t I just combine the two and put my PC in the living room? Because wife. Also, reasons. Lazy, lazy reasons.

  9. waltC says:

    Has Sweeney learned how to program on real computers yet? (Or is he still complaining about having to learn how again?…;)) Or, is Sweeney even involved in this? More questions than answers I have.

    One thing I have always hated about these post UT games is the appearance of every single “human” male in the games–they all look like they either grew-up on high-G planets and have short, stunted, and wide physiques, or they look like they are all a pack of steroid abusers and ex weight-lifter flunkees. The women, however, seem proportioned intelligently–no signs of steroid abuse there at all. In UT the athletes looked like athletes, trim and fit, but UT was unfortunately the last game in which human males actually looked like normal human males instead of big, fat steroid-gulping swine who might keel from massive coronaries in the next ten minutes…;)

  10. Legion1183 says:

    Console prices on PC games are still weird to me.

    I hate that this became a thing and is now just accepted as the norm.

    It’s another reason why – apart from not having enough time – I’m 6 months behind with games; so that I can purchase PC games at their normal price once they’ve been discounted from their ridiculous console price.

    • inspiredhandle says:

      PC games have gotten more expensive and I’ve gotten more stingy. It’s a lethal combination.

      Xcom 2 is 45% off on steam atm, and I’m still on the fence. How did I get so cheap?

      • Legion1183 says:

        Xcom 2 is 45% off on steam atm, and I’m still on the fence.

        Ha same here, but also partly because I haven’t even had a chance to finish XCOM EU and know that if I wait even longer it will drop in price even further by the time I get round to playing XCOM 2

        • inspiredhandle says:

          I got to the last mission in enemy unknown and got wiped out doing an ironman run. I thought that it would then be game over. It wasn’t. For some reason I could restart the mission, owing to it being the last mission I guess.
          I was too disgusted with myself for effectively having to use a game enforced savescum to finish it, I didn’t finish the last mission.
          The other thing that put me off was, I wanted to replay the first game with the dlc and long war installed. Been putting that off though.
          Long story short: can’t bring myself to play the second instalment till I’ve finished long war. Also am a tight arse.

  11. Flea says:

    “They’ve dug in, flank them!”

    “Oh cool”, you think to yourself. “Finally I have some freedom to move!”

    • Flea says:

      Something went wrong with the comment above. Anyway, let’s try again…

      * Run through a predesigned corridor that the game has created for you.

      “They’ve dug in, flank them!”

      “Oh cool”, you think to yourself. “Finally I have some freedom to move!”

      * Look to the right, notice a predesigned flanking corridor that the game has created for you to flank them.

      * Turn off the video.