Super Terraria World Makes Terraria A Full-Fledged RPG

Terraria [official site] has plenty to do already. Have you ever sat and just fiddled with it for a few hours? Interestingly enough, it also utilizes the same font I used in every report I turned in to my Language Arts teacher in middle school (it used to be called Mead Bold back then, but now it’s called Andy). So you’re forgiven if you feel a bit overwhelmed when you look over the Super Terraria World mod, which converts vanilla Terraria into an RPG with quests, NPCs and more.

Re-Logic’s classic sandbox game has been reborn thanks to one ridiculously crafty dev team you can interact with over at the Terraria forums. There’s a staggering amount of stuff that’s been added. So much, in fact, that if you haven’t picked up Terraria and explored in a while, this mod might change your mind. It’s lain dormant in favor of my visual novel addiction and Princess Maker 2 Refine lately, but I’m strongly considering returning to take in all of the new content.

Character skills, passive abilities, and a story to explore to your heart’s content means you should have tons of new things to do. The features you already know and love should still be there, too, but they’ve been given various improvements.

You can nab Super Terraria World for free right now if you’ve already got a copy of the vanilla game. Should be good to get into for the weekend, right?


  1. Stepout says:

    Looks pretty cool. Anyone know if this mod is noob friendly? Or should one be good at the base game before trying it out?

  2. karnak says:

    I’m a “Terraria” fan but I’d love if its devs included an optional “story mode” to the game.

    Maybe in a future update or in “Terraria 2”?

  3. Nevik says:

    This looks awesome! A few days ago I finally got all the endgame gear (don’t ask how many times I fought the Moon Lord for bags).
    Think I gotta try this one next.

    • MajorLag says:

      I remember the first time I said that. Then the second. And third. After that I actually kind of resented the developer for continuing to add content…

  4. BobisOnlyBob says:

    Redigit, the lead developer of Terraria and head of Re-Logic, used to develop a fangame engine called Super Mario Bros. X, which featured SMB1-3 and Super Mario World sprites and gameplay. So I think this is a very fitting name for a Terraria mod!

  5. malkav11 says:

    The lack of story or clear goals has always been my bane in this sort of game (though I got more fun from Terraria than, say, Minecraft because there are at least bosses and special loot to find rather than craft), so this mod sounds amazing. At least, if the reason I quit Terraria (the incredibly obnoxious enemy spawn rate) has been fixed in the interim or by the mod.

    • malkav11 says:

      Oh. It turns off building and digging, so it has much the same problem Minecraft Adventure Mode does in that it’s not really “Terraria plus RPG” at all at that point. (Also it’s in alpha.) So nevermind.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Oh. Uh, really? I was excited about this mod, but that little fact makes it sounds exceedingly mediocre. Terraria was fun because of its sandbox systems, the gameplay was so-so, but good enough to be carried.

        • malkav11 says:

          They say it’s because they can’t tell a story if you can do those things, but they’ll have “little areas” where you can build later, just not yet. I can imagine why that would be a problem but my feeling is that if you can’t figure out some way around that problem other than disabling those core game mechanics, you should not be trying to tell a story in this game. There are plenty of other games you could be modding.

  6. Detocroix says:

    Looks great… except that herp derp meme trash in the end convinced me not to bother. Hints that the mod probably has plenty of similar trash in it :P

  7. RanDomino says:

    I played it through the early courier quest and it’s not bad. Some things are annoying, like the objects that change the cursor to indicate that they can be used, but don’t actually do anything. Only one bug encountered, in one such treasure chest (which, unlike all the others, decided to lock the game- I haven’t played since; I hope it saved at some point).

    If you already have Terraria, play it. If you don’t have Terraria, go back in time like three years and buy Terraria.