Former Doom II Mod Unloved Bursts Onto Steam

Back in 2010, a chap named Paul Schneider brought Doom II fans an exciting mod in the form of Unloved [official site]. A traipse through the classic shooter several shades darker (way more than fifty shades) than fans were used to, it was an exercise in serving up entrails as floors and chunks of flesh scattered throughout each level.

Most importantly, it was good. It could have become its own game, honestly. Oh, wait. It looks like it has! Unloved has broken out on its own as a fully-fledged horror shooter after escaping the confines of Steam’s Early Access. It’s available in full now, in fact, and looks like it’s well worth trying.

Outside the confines of Doom II’s assets and in Unreal Engine 4, Schneider has crafted something decidedly demonic, riddled with SMGs, nailguns, and entrails. It combines procedurally-generated levels with themes centered around classical horror tropes. One level might be a basement or a medical facility. It loses a few points for how angsty it can appear at first glance, but it actually seems to have done the horror shooter right.

There’s also plenty of stuff to kill. My favorite part, however, is how much blood there is. It’s all Operation: Body Count up in here, without all the rats and without all the brown. I’m talking about the body count that results when rampage through each level. Not the deep crimson of every pool of blood you find throughout. I just really wanted to mention that game.

Get your occult simulator on now with Unloved, available on Steam for £6.59/8,99€/$8.99, which includes a 40% launch discount.


  1. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    So this is what Paul Schneider has been up to ever since getting cut from Parks and Recreation for being the most boring character even made.

    • SigmaCAT says:

      Whaaaat, it’s the same guy? Sadly this game looks completely deprived of any form of feeling, those enemies seem like they’re hovering above the ground…

      • April March says:

        Yeah, for something made in 2010 it looks very 90’s. And I think Killing Floor already covers much the same ground with greater panache.

        • Catterbatter says:

          The PK3 for gzdoom (Doom 2 iwad) was in 2010. This is a standalone game using UE4 that has just come out. I haven’t played the new one, but the old one was very good.

        • dethtoll says:

          The original Doom mod came out in 2010. This is new, which just makes it all the sadder.

      • DrazharLn says:

        Pretty sure not the same guy…

  2. Xiyng says:

    Probably not my cup of tea even though it looks like it could be sort of fun, but I just wanted to point out that the levels look really flat. From them, one could imagine the game’s origin isn’t Doom II but Wolfenstein 3D.

  3. lordfrikk says:

    If I’m not mistaken this guy also made Super Panda Adventures, which, despite the name and looks, is a very solid metroidvania.