Funcom’s Hide And Shriek Is A 1v1 Jumpscare ‘Em Up

The Secret World developers Funcom have announced a new spin-off from their supernatural MMORPG, a 1v1 competitive jumpscare ’em up named Hide and Shriek [official site]. It sees two teens sneaking around school on Halloween, trying to find the other one and give them a dang good jumpscaring. Oh, and they’re both invisible. The Innsmouth Academy does have some odd traditions, and we’ll all get to join in this Halloween when the game arrives.

So there you two pranksters are, invisible, trying to track down each other by watching for doors opening and objects moving. As well as jump scares flashing big spooky faces (these are customisable, obvs), you can cast spells to do things like lay traps, blind your opponent, and summon a demon to go after them. Typical Halloween stuff.

Players will have ten minutes to try to out-spook each other and, y’know, perform dark and ancient rituals. Halloween, yeah?

Hide and Shriek is due around Halloween on Steam. No word on a price yet but presumably, as a small multiplayer novelty, it’ll be fairly cheap.

I’m intrigued by Funcom continuing with small Secret World spin-offs. Last Halloween they released The Park, a walk-o-horror set inside a theme park, which Adam kinda liked. Hide and Shriek is definitely quite different to that, though apparently it had a similar aim: giving one of their teams more practise with working on Unreal Engine.


  1. Michael Fogg says:


  2. Telkir says:

    I appreciate a lot of video games have a bunch of violence in them but for the love of kittens RPS, it royally sucks that you’re using an image like that with no warning whatsoever for your readers. Not cool.

    • Jakkar says:

      P.Ness, the OP might be referring to opening the website with a young child nearby, so don’t be so unnecessarily rude.

      Nonetheless, Telkir… Please, you’ll see as bad walking around a city centre in broad daylight around the release of a major horror game or film. Sometimes you’ll even see something like that on a Tesco Seasonal Goods aisle.

      You are overreacting.

  3. Kodaemon says:

    “Shriek at your opponent to scare them! Use scary masks of famous characters like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton”

    Yeah, that’s what the TSW brand is being used for these days. A shame, really.

  4. Weenie Hut General says:

    How soft? This is the least censored information has ever been in Western history.

    Even 10 years ago a gory image posted would have ran family rights groups into a fit. Even the lamest southpark jokes created reams of phonecalls.

    Mortal Kombat was scandalous. So was Doom. So was the initial GTA (which is hilariously tame now). We have movies that never could have been developed. Pornographic material is more available than ever.

    So while I agree Telkir needs to develop a stronger sense, the idea that our society is somehow “softer” than it was concerning violent media is a joke.

    • Weenie Hut General says:

      Edit: the person’s post I was responding to was eliminated for pretty obvious aggressive targeting of another user.

      For context, they complained about how “soft” our society is now regarding content.

  5. TeePee says:

    This looks like kind of an interesting concept, although I’m confused as to how one ‘wins’ such a game. Is there a button one presses to acknowledge that they have been scared? Perhaps a specially designed moisture-sensitive peripheral that players have to sit on?

    That aside, I have little interest in TSW, but I quite like the idea of scarehunting whilst also being scarehunted – kind of like some bizarre hybrid between Damned (sadly underappreciated), The Ship and Screencheat. It’s a fun idea if nothing else.

  6. Sizeable Dirk says:

    Do Funcom only keep a skeleton crew of developers now when they fired half their staff with every game since Conan?
    I liked their TLJ/Dreamfall stuff and Anarchy Online but now it’s just cash-in Spooky projects and that Conan Survival Craft’em up.

  7. Stone_Crow says:

    Oh Funcom… you used to have such ambition. OK, you failed to realise that ambition quite a lot (and when you failed you did so spectacularly) but at least you used to try. I can’t help thinking someone died a little inside having to make this just to pay the gas bill this month. Bad times.