The Other 1%: Grand Theft Auto Online Biker Update Live

Start honking your hog and pumping your guts: bikers have arrived in Grand Theft Auto Online [official site]. Multiplayer crimepeople can now form and join motorcycle clubs – and not the polite kind who get together over tea and biscuits to write their self-printed newsletter. No, these are rude, noisy motorcycle clubs, doing all those crimes you see on television. Along with new bike-y activities, the Bikers update brings new bikes to ride and new clothes and cosmetic options to make yourself look rowdy.

You don’t need to join a motorcycle club for all of that – anyone can dress up and whatnot. Pull on your leathers, grab a chopped hog, and roll around whacking people (yep, you can now attack with melee weapons while riding – perfect for Road Rash bike action). I suspect the serious bikers will frown on posers and give you a kicking but hell, they’ll be putting the boot in either way.

If you do want to be serious, though, you can form or join an eight-person motorcycle club. They get to have a clubhouse, give and climb ranks, and play with new cooperative and competitive bikerbits.

I had intended to pootle around a bit myself so I could show you some of the Bikers update but, when I loaded up GTA Online, I spawned in front of a pond with a cool leather jacket, some nice boots, and only $101 in my wallet. Ah, yeah, I can imagine what I was up to last time I played. Then I tried raising money through, ahem, crowdfunding and it did not go well. Three police chases later, hey, I’ll finish this post now then return to raise cash and join in the biker fun later.


  1. Sigvatr says:

    Did they eventually manage to crack down on the cheaters? I haven’t played for a long time, but the last time I played a cheater with a minigun that shoots bags of money held the button down for like 5 minutes at me and now I have like a hundred million dollars. I’m not complaining.

    • rapchee says:

      no fair i only ever meet invulnerable hackers :/

    • GewaltSam says:

      When I stopped playing sometime last year, you couldn’t join a server and not see somebody hacking big time (like, giant invincible air planes spawning right on a busy intersection). I played a few months ago again, after the Ill Gotten Gains update I think, and it felt a lot better, at least. I don’t think there’s no more cheaters around, but if they are still around, it’s not that obvious.

    • dontnormally says:

      I would play GTAO if I didn’t feel like the only person absolutely drenched in cheater money.

      The progression rate is absolutely appalling for someone that just wants to enjoy the game without grinding (forever) or cheating (and getting away with it).

      I bought a shark card for $20. It did about fuck-all for my ability to experience even a fraction of the content. That’s completely unacceptable.

      • dontnormally says:

        the only person *NOT* absolutely drenched in cheater money.

    • ChipDipson says:

      because of the way the game’s multiplayer works they will never be able to definitively crack down on cheaters, though they routinely neutralize the most common current methods of cheating which then get re-enabled fairly promptly. They also do bans in waves, after which i’m sure a good amount of cheaters are dissuaded at least for a time. This all adds up to seemingly random periods of time during which nary a cheater is to be found, which i’ve experienced for up to a couple of months at a time, or the game is completely unplayable for a couple weeks due to rampant and unbridled cheating in every session. Game’s damn good, i just cant wait for GTA 6; they couldnt possibly make the p2p mistake again..

    • grundus says:

      I’ve played a few hours over the past couple of days and only found one person mentioning that someone else was cheating and a Motorcycle Club doing free mode jobs while in passive mode so we couldn’t fuck with them, which probably earned them a few million just while I was there.

      I keep flip flopping on the rate of earning in GTA O, on the one hand you’ll have to play for some hours to make much but on the other hand, you could probably get about half a million, without cheating, grinding (as in, doing one mission over and over) or trying too hard, in a weekend. Maybe. That’s enough for most of the cool stuff, but the super high end cars would take you like three months, probably. I personally have been playing very irregularly since before GTA Online even worked on PS3 and I’ve got a fair collection of nice cars but I don’t have a yacht, any planes, boats or helicopters, a corporation or a MC… Just guns, cars and apartments with garages to park them in. I’ve had some run ins with generous cheaters but never been given more than about 5 million in one go and the last time was before the PC launch.

  2. GameHunter1515 says:

    its a good thing i bought gta v with a megalodon card when it was on sale for 60$

  3. ManApeGoneWrong says:

    I’ve been playing a ton, lately. Haven’t seen any hax, but I’ve seen people calling others out in local a couple of times.

    As for grinding jobs for money to buy content… screw that. 500k for hours of effort? That’s $10, and I make multiples of that every hour in my real job. I’d rather drop $100 every month, and do no grinding, buying shit at will. Game is fun enough to justify that, to me.