Endless Legend’s Tempest Expansion Sails To Next Week

Now this is what I call a party.

Amplitude Studios may have just launched Endless Space 2 into early access, but they’re still not done with Endless Legend [official site] yet. Our favourite game of 2014 will receive a new paid DLC expansion, named Tempest, next week. It’ll introduce naval warfare to the 4X strategy game, along with an aquatic faction who are called the Morgawr and can raise leviathans. They sound like my kind of seapeople.

Tempest spices up the sea of Endless Legend, upon a foundation of naval warfare. Ships can blast the heck out of each other, and also bombard cities. These seafights will be handy when trying to secure new Endless relics risen from the waves, which can provide resources and luxuries. Only, they’re defended by guardians you’ll need to deal with or deal with. Those same guardians will be patrolling “wild” seas, areas plagued by storms, fog, and debris too. You mighty find a handy Sea Fortress in the ocean too. Or maybe a mahoosive bundle of tentacles that will keep coming back after you defeat it, stronger and stronger. The oceans really are full of wonderful surprises.

That stuff sounds like a fair foundation for an oceanic expansion by itself, giving new reasons to visit the sea and new hazards to battle through. On paper, it sounds like a solid expansion?

On top of all that, Tempest will bosh in the Morgawr. These delightfully gross seamen specialise in naval warfare, becoming the scourge of the seas, the terror of the coasts, and the flippy-floppy of dry land. Along with raising honking great seabeasts, they have sneaky powers like mind control.

Tempest will cost £9,99/12,99€/$12.99 when it arrives on October 14th.

It’s been a fair while since we lost popped on our Examinating Spectacles to give Endless Legend a good look, so I turn to you: what’s it become with all these expansions? And what would you like it to yet become?


  1. Ugubriat says:

    EL was my favourite game for like two months. Which is a long time for a game. Super looking forward to the Morgawr.

    (Also, Alice, you have two innocent typos at the end of the first paragraph.)

  2. Kefren says:

    I like the flip flop image.

    Endless Legend seemed nice when I had a play – I filed it away as something to come back to. Though it was Dungeon of the Endless I stayed with and completed. For some reason I loved DotE, even though the first 10 minutes nearly put me off for good.

    In a similar vein to Endless Legend, I just started playing Warlock Master Of The Arcane (Paradox). Bought it years ago following an RPS feature. It’s really good, I find it hard not to have one more go. Probably because it makes it so easy to track what you need to do each turn, and the number of units hasn’t got overwhelming. My favourite game is HoMM2 – this sort of scratches a similar itch but is vastly different enough to not seem over-familiar. Also Paradox supprt were great (and you don’t have to create an account to contact them!)

    • Czrly says:

      I *have* Warlock: MotA in one of my plethora of libraries. I think I got it free… can’t remember where or why and, because it was free, I never prioritised playing it – it was calling my name, but losing to many other games. You’ve just recommended it in a comment-section below an Endless Legend article and, magically, Warlock suddenly appears to be downloading and installing itself. THANK YOU… I hope.

      • Kefren says:

        Ha ha, I hope you enjoy it! I’m just playing on the default settings for my first game, but have grown fond of my hero champions, slowly upgrading them as “rewards” whenever they do something successfully. Very sad when my bumbling ogre got taken down by a load of ships shooting him as he walked along the coast. I think the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously is part of the charm, with units like the stubborn knights – armoured knights riding donkeys. Very Don Quixote [pun intended]. The tone is a cross between Heroes of Might & Magic, and Magicka.

        • Czrly says:

          Wot? You mean a game that’s actually *fun*? Perhaps even a little *theatrical* instead of trying to be grim and realistic and gritty and serious? Nooooo!

      • MisterFurious says:

        It was in a Humble Bundle, so you may have gotten it there. It is a good game, but it’s pretty easy and simple as far as 4X games go. It’s fun, though, and definitely worth a play.

  3. CMaster says:

    Well, the lack of naval combat was a big, big omission from EL.
    You could Cheese all sorts of ways a s a consequence, with scouts/threatening armies just sitting off a rivals coast indefinitely, or preventing any enemy armies from landing by just blockading a coastline with 1-unit stacks all along it.

  4. Czrly says:

    Wot? Someone’s releasing actual DLC that has actually taken time to develop and adds actual Things to a game? Bravo! Insta-buy as a vote of confidence!

    Long may this last… (I’m really trying to forget who acquired them…)

  5. Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

    Well, since you ask so nicely, Alice, I will say this: while it’s great that Amplitude kept supporting the game and adding more options, by the end I found it a bit…bloated?
    Keep in mind my bias here: I played a lot of vanilla. I then bought almost all the expansions together in a sale and tried them and my brain had a lot of difficulty parsing all the new components. There was a lot of new STUFF to keep track of, just stacked on top of what was already there instead of expanding the original mechanics and making those a bit deeper.
    It’s probably my fault and I didn’t play enough to have a fully formed opinion, that’s just the impression I got.
    In fact, I’m a bit conflicted on this expansion: if it was about anything other than sea battles and exploration, I would definitely avoid it until after a few more playthroughs with the other expansions, but I might end up buying it anyway soon: as others have said, that was a very lacking area of the game and I have a soft spot for sea exploration and Chtulhu-like races. We’ll see.

    • vahnn says:

      I played a LOT of the vanilla, and then picked up the Guardians DLC as soon as it arrived. It felt like a wonderful expansion to the game, adding, as you say, depth to the current mechanics, without adding too much STUFF to kero track of.

      The addition of the 3 different competitive “who can do it first” quests that appear during each tech era were a great addition, and the Guardian units themselves felt like a great addition to the relatively limited number of units you could build, coming naturally from the tech tree. The world-wide competitive and cooperative quests were icing on the cake.

      Then, other games came,demanding my attention, and so I neglected EL for the last few months. I finally came back a couple weeks ago, picking up all the DLC since, and it is quite a bit to keep track of. But the game ha definitely evolved quite nicely over the last couple years. I still have yet to try the the 2 newest factions, but even without them, the newest expansions have a lot to offer in terms of gameplay.

      I would highly recommend picking them up!

      • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

        You know what? Maybe I should just play again adding one expansion at the time and lowering the difficulty. I’ll start with Guardians, since both you and the general internet consensus recommend it.

    • Prime-Mover says:

      I have bought three expansions so far, and the only expansion that seemed to bloat the game, was the “shifters” one. Though the new race was interesting enough, the addition of pearls was a bit of an annoying distraction. It’s a cool idea to have a reason to continue exploring the world, but you already had that with questing. Hunting peals is just such a boring boring thing to waste time on. There’s enough to do in the game to spend time walking units around. In the end, I imagine most people just settle for the paerls that just happen to wander into, since there’s plenty of them around.

      The other expansions were great. E.g. “Shadows” added an awesome new faction, and spying. Guardians added quests and much needed trump-card units. All worth it. They filled a void. The same seems to be the case with this expansion.

      Something I hope they will add in time, is the ability to switch on and off game features without removing whole expansion packs. E.g. maybe I want to play a game without spying, but I can only do that if I remove the whole “Shadows” expansion, and then I also leave out the “forgotten” faction. Or I want to keep some of the legendary deeds and “wonders”, but I don’t want have the guardians running around. Again, I have to disable the whole expansion, instead of just the particular feature.

  6. Alfy says:

    I haven’t opened Endless Legends for a very long time now. Could someone tell me: has the AI improved since, say, last year? Does it actually DO anything now?

    • Nauallis says:

      Other than cheat? No, it’s still the same old, at least on vanilla.

      • Elric666 says:

        Are you serious? All the people here praising the game as the greatest thing since sliced bread and they still didn’t fix the AI?

        I played one vanilla game, and yes, it was an interesting variation on the Civ genre with lots of atmosphere and potential. But I went on to complete my quest completely unchallenged by all the other major factions. In fact, there was practically no interaction with any other faction other than the deals I always had to initiate.

        What’s the fun of playing these Civ type games when you’re practically playing a game of solitaire? Beyond Earth had the same problem. Great atmosphere, interesting mechanics, but the AI basically just sits and waits for you to steamroll over them. It’s always the AI with these games.

        • Nauallis says:

          Take my post here with a grain of salt. I was pretty stoked by RPS’s glowing reviews of Endless Legend and I have completed multiple games (approx 40 hours)… but the game suffers from an extremely bad tutorial – it explains how to play on Easy, but doesn’t scale up to help understand the underlying mechanics on Normal or harder difficulties – and also from very opaque diplomacy and faction story systems. I found it difficult to figure out what the other empires were trying to do in a human vs AI game. This is because the other factions’ motivations are NEVER explained to the human player in a detail that makes sense. I eventually started to automate combat because the battle system is just so tedious. Similar situation with unit upgrades.

          In Civ 5 (the closest mainline comparison game for me), while the diplomacy is fairly basic and stupid (mostly useless) the reputation system does a great job of letting you know how the other civs feel about you and if it seems you’re likely to be attacked soon. Because unit upgrades are static in Civ, it’s also fairly easy to tell from a contextual standpoint how strong your enemies’ militaries are. In Endless Legend the AI will up and steamroll you without any apparent forewarning that they even dislike you, and it’s nearly impossible to tell the tech level/upgrades/strength of their units without actually entering combat. Now, I haven’t played any of the DLC, so I’m not particularly aware of how the added factions or mechanics change or help balance the game.

          • Nauallis says:

            That said, the comparison to Civ 5 isn’t much fair for the rest of the way the game operates. Endless Legend’s factions are more like characters themselves, instead of Civ’s generic “civilizations with perks.”

        • Vintageryan says:

          “I went on to complete my quest completely unchallenged by all the other major factions. In fact, there was practically no interaction with any other faction other than the deals I always had to initiate”

          You have explained on of the main problems with Endless Legend perfectly, I only played 3 games, 2 I won without any interaction with other factions and 1 game that I lost with little warning.

          If your going to lose a game of civ you get plenty of warning and can do something about it, in this game I didn’t even know where the faction that beat me was based.

          The best part of civ for me is the opening where you explore the map at no point did I get the same urge to explore in Endless Legend.

          It still surprises me how well this game did and how great the feeling is towards the game yet the better game in my opinion the Fallen Enchantress series struggles.

        • Alfy says:

          Well, it’s disappointing. I don’t even know why I owe this game: I’m not a fan of multiplayer civ-like games, I just don’t have that kind of time. So yeah, what’s the point of great factions and interesting systems, if the rest of the world around you does pretty much nothing?

  7. Zenicetus says:

    Did Amplitude ever get around to adding random/hidden faction selection in the setup menus? I always considered that a standard feature in games like this, and was surprised it wasn’t included. I don’t like knowing in advance which factions I’m up against.

    Last I heard, the devs kept saying it was on their “to do” list, but it kept slipping behind other work on the game.

  8. Neutrino says:

    Endless Legends is currently top of my want list so here’s hoping this DLC signals an incoming sale :)))