Rocket League’s Undersea AquaDome Arena Is Out

“Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? ‘No,’ says the man in Washington, ‘it belongs to the poor.’ ‘No,’ says the man in the Vatican, ‘it belongs to God.’ ‘No,’ says the man in Moscow, ‘it belongs to everyone.’ I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose… hot dunks 24/7 slamming and jamming and punting and giving them the ol’ alley-oop in the highest-horsepower sportsballing this side of Atlantis GET DUNKED ON, FONTAINE.”

Which is to say that the new BioShock-lookin’ Rocket League [official site] arena arrived in yesterday’s update, along with some snazzy subnautical sportsgear.

The new AquaDome arena is now sportsballing in all playlists. It’s an undersea arena surrounded by coral, jellyfish, sharks, kelp, and other pleasantness. It’s regulation Rocket League shape with no fancy tricks. It looks lovely, though some players are reporting unusually low performance when playing in the AquaDome.

Other watery new things in this update include antennas like tridents and harpoons, new ‘ink’ and ‘treasure’ car trails, and so on.

Two new paid DLC cars are out. Proteus and Trion on Steam for £1.59/1,99€/$1.99 apiece. Proteus looks like a deep-sea exploration vehicle, while Triton looks like a Batmobile transformation. And two old cars have been overhauled, with the Road Hog and Hotshot getting new looks, see:

“To be honest, we’ve wanted to streamline the look of these car for quite some time now and we’re glad that we’re finally able to replace the old models with new ones,” developers Psyonix explained.

Check the patch notes for the full scoop on everything.


  1. Aitrus says:

    Epic intro. I read it in Ryan’s voice. This is a good website.

  2. Kefren says:

    The new arena is for drips.

  3. mrvega says:

    Great intro. Lol’d big time.

  4. caff says:

    Excellent, my next shipment of hardcore crack cocaine has arrived.

  5. SlimShanks says:

    Even though I knew where it was going, that intro was still so beautiful. Thanks Alice.