BioShock Remastered Replastered To Fix Last Disaster

A patch has been released for the recent Remastered editions of BioShock and BioShock 2, hoping to fix some of the problems players have been confronting 2K about. The games came out as part of a collection, boasting about how good they looked. But they were also lacking a lot of the expected graphics options, not to mention the presence of treacly mouse controls and the absence of support for BigWide resolutions. 2K are hoping to balm those deep, deep wounds with these patches, introducing adjustable field of view, more resolutions and some other fixes.

I judge all games by their water effects, so I was mostly just unhappy to see that the water somehow looks worse in the remaster. But many were far more annoyed by the lack of options, with the games containing only the ability to change resolution, anti-aliasing, vysync and anisotropic filtering. A strange situation when even the original BioShock allowed you to change shadows, textures and so on.

But developers gonna develop. Here are the BioShock 1 Remastered patch notes, as listed in a recent update. Try finding your particular gripe and seeing if it’s fixed. The short version is that they’ve made FOV adjustable from 75 to 130, improved the mouse sensitivity, introduced 21:9 resolutions and provided new graphics options “for lower-end machines”. All that along with stomping out some bugs.

Got that? Okay, now here are the BioShock 2 Remastered patch notes. This got the same treatment in terms of FOV and 21:9 resolutions, as well as the adjustments for mouse, but has also received some DirectX 11 performance improvements while fixing some “graphical issues with Occlusion Culling”. There. I hope you’re happy now.

Ah, but it turns out you aren’t. Because now several people are complaining of crashes when they reach particular points, or try to load old saves, or simply when they press the space bar for the first time. Others report flickering textures where previously no problems existed. Hurrah PC gaming! 2K has yet to respond to any of this but given that these are currently just a few reports in the comments of those updates, they will likely wait and see how widespread any new problems are and whether they go away as people furiously update drivers and fiddle with their machines in a bid to figure things out.


  1. Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

    Possibly the best headline of all time. Well done Brendan, the internet is yours for today.

  2. LTK says:

    Wow, I imagine this will make 2K think 2x before doing another remaster of a popular franchise.

    • Doogie2K says:

      I mean, if they’re gonna half-ass the PC port like this…

      • w0bbl3r says:

        Yeah how dare they give this half-arsed port to us for free?
        They should pay us to take it and then still make it better than it is right now.

        Entitled generation strikes again.

        And before anyone says “but it’s not free if you don’t own the original, wah-wah-wah… “, it IS free if you don’t own the original, because now you get BOTH if you purchase either one.

        Which other developer has done this recently? Maybe that titan quest remaster? But since that isn’t a proper remaster, just a patch to make it run better on modern systems, with no graphics upgrades, they wouldn’t be able to charge for it anyway.
        How about deadlight? Full price if you own the original and all it does is add a survival mode. Not even a graphics update or any additional levels, weapons or even updated controls (because they are a bit crappy at times in that game).

        2K did the best thing they could possibly do here, and just because this free game doesn’t have everything you could possibly want to be absolutely 100% perfect, they should be burned at the stake.

        Go for a refund, crybaby

  3. CaptainVolcanoes says:

    I gave it a whirl for a bit and I’m really impressed! It feels waaay better, 2K did a stand-up job with this one.

    Ideally it should have been like this from the start, but I’m not complaining, a fix is a fix!

  4. Sic says:

    It’s not just the water. It simply looks worse.

    It looks like some dude (definitively not an art director) wrote a to-do list on Trello, then let 10 different artists pick five items each and forebade them to talk to each other.

  5. Vanderdecken says:

    Just fired it up again and the audio’s still broken for BioShock 1 when starting the game. Menus are fine, all settings accepted. As soon as the intro video’s over and you’re in the water, dead silent, and menus no longer make sounds :/

    • MarkoH01 says:

      I do remember that Bioshock 1 (the original) also had this problem. I also remember that there was an easy fix for it. Will search for it and post.

      Edit: Found it
      link to

      • Vanderdecken says:

        Nope, none of the suggestions in that thread work. I’ve tried it with all audio devices other than the one I’m listening on (5.1 speakers through Creative X-Fi Titanium, on Win 7 x64) both disabled and enabled, and I tried the fullscreen window INI file edit suggestion. Setting Bioshock.exe to XP compatibility mode prevents the game from starting, with a warning of ‘Bioshock requires Windows 7 or higher to run’. I have the original BioShock installed alongside, and neither disk nor Steam versions suffer this problem. As soon as the intro video’s done and it drops into the game engine, no sound at all.

  6. dongsweep says:

    Is this a habit for 2K? Releasing a basic bitch version of the game then releasing the version it should be after some time?

    • keefybabe says:

      Sadly at the moment it seems standard for the industry

    • carewolf says:

      No the game was broken like this before it was remastered. It has always been crappy PC ports. Now it is finally fixed after some 10 years….

  7. Det. Bullock says:

    Hugh, was this remaster really necessary, the first game still looks fine to me.

    I still have to play the second though.

    Talking about Bioshock 2: where does the DLC come into play? Is it an extra level/sidemission or a separate story from the main game?

    • cockpisspartridge says:

      You access it through the main menu. I think it’s under ‘extras’ or somesuch.

    • MarkoH01 says:

      Completely seperate story well worth it.

    • welverin says:

      It was necessary to remaster the game in order to sell it on the new consoles.

  8. fish99 says:

    Hmmm… Bioshock with no mouse acceleration finally, and it only took 9 years.

    I did notice in the scene where the Big Daddy throws the splicer through the window, the mouse speed shot up like 400%, then went back to normal.

    • MarkoH01 says:

      Noticed that too. At this moment the game is nearly unable to play for me. Already postet 2ksupport about this issue.

  9. cockpisspartridge says:

    I tried playing Minerva’s Den but it just crashes out randomly for no apparent reason and it made it too much to persevere with. Fingers crossed this sorts it. Might give it another whirl if WW3 doesn’t kick off first.

    • welverin says:

      The original version was crash happy, which is why I suspect they originally chose not to release it on PC.

      Bioshock 2 crashed on me a number of times, Minerva’s Den made that seem like an island of stability.

  10. Booker says:

    Yeah, what the last part of the article says: My game now flickers and objects wildly pop in and out of existence unless I have vsync enabled. The funny thing is vsync off is the default setting the game reverts to after receiving the patch. Judging from the steam forums, tons of players encountered this. At least in my case everything works the way it should as soon as it’s on. It just took me a while to figure if different settings would “fix” it.

  11. zsd says:

    I’m currently running through the remaster of 2. The original crashed on me once. The remaster started crashing on me frequently in Siren Alley, usually during gather sequences where traps are involved, sometimes during events that had an impact on the environment. The new patch has had little if any impact on crash frequency.

    So I have a long trail of saves from Siren Alley onward. I used to just overwrite the same save, but it crashed during saving once and wiped out several hours of play. Ugh.

  12. noxohimoy says:

    I have zero interest on a game I finished years ago.

    But I want to pay for new campaigns for Bioshock 1 and 2.

  13. gummybearsliveonthemoon says:

    The big problem I had with both 1 and 2 (originals) was that it kept crashing on quicksaves and then erasing my settings ini back to default video and controls. I had to make my INIs read only.

    And BS2 was far, far, FAR more crash happy than 1, I had to use full saves instead of Autosaves every time. Oh, also, there were some major failures in control settings that required major ini recoding for 2. Like no on-demand Eve hypo key setting in the Settings… so I did it with the INI. And the mouse setup was garbage.

    Still, love the games. Hate the work I had to put into to get them functioning though.

    I somehow doubt the remasters have fixed any of those problems.

  14. bill says:

    Personally, I’m happy.

    It was nice of 2k to give me a free steam key for the original Bioshock, and it was nice of them to give me a free version of the remastered version too.

    I just wanted to register my lack of outrage.

  15. Shmagegy says:

    Okay so I’m trying to play BS2 remastered on PC I’m on the level now of The Atlantic Express. I hit the A button on my Xbox 360 USB controller to continue and it crashes. Then I get a message saying”we’re something has caused a problem in the game to crash message” So I unintalled the game then reinstalled it today. Still the same problem. I bet it has something to do with the Latest Update the game got. So now I think have to start all over from the begining. Thanks 2K for giving us something we wanted, but has alot of bugs and glitches. And also taking away our right to set the graphics setting the way we want it. I wanted to run this on High or Ultra but I can’t because you inputted a code or program to only let you put in what you wanted for graphics settings. But I will admit the graphics are beautiful, and the hd look is also great. If it’s not too much to ask, please put in an update to fix this plese. All-in-All great work on the game series.

  16. supaapple says:

    For those running SLI and getting texture flashing, make sure Vsync is on. Worked for me.