Commence Your Criming: Mafia III Released

Bang! Vroom! Pow! Thwock! Cuss! Crime! Those sounds and more are now echoing across ’60s not-New Orleans in Mafia III [official site], which has just come out – in the UK, at least. It’s an open-crimeworld third-person shooter about gangs, the mob, and other naughty people, with crimes to commit, men to shoot, and a criminal empire to build. Our John has put on his crimehat to do crimes and tell us all Wot He Thinks but it’ll be a while before he’s fully crimed-up. So for now, hey look it’s out!

The release has not been without trouble, however. A lot of players are already annoyed that the game is locked to 30 frames per second and are furiously firing their thumbs-down cannons at full power on Steam. The developer has acknowledged the spate of negative reviews and responded, saying that they are working on a patch to make everything better.

“We are currently working on an update for PC that will give players the option to play Mafia III at higher framerates. We’ll share more details about the update, and when you can expect it to arrive, very soon. In the meantime, the team welcomes feedback and would like to hear from you about what performance adjustment options are important to you. We’re actively considering a number of additional post-launch improvements on PC that would give players more control over how they can tailor the game’s experience to suit their rig’s performance.”

Mafia III tells the tale of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran who returns home to not-New Orleans (it was originally set in the real city but has since shifted to the fictional analogue of New Bordeaux) to find the Italian Mafia murdering all his pals in the black mob. So he sets out to murder them back and steal all their crimes.

While the first two Mafia games were fairly linear games which happened to be set in open-world cities, III looks like much more of a Grand Theft Auto-ish sandbox with crime opportunities all over the place. You can take over criminal enterprises, helping squeeze the mafia out and bolstering your empire.

Until John’s back with crimetales, hey, you can watch this twenty-minute gameplay trailer and read what Adam made of a preview build.

Mafia III is £34.99/49,99€/$59.99 on Steam. Yes, DLC is coming. Here’s the launch trailer with an anachronistic tune from Ice Cube and DJ Shadow:


  1. int says:

    We didn’t have 60fps in the 1960s anyway.

    • Frosty Grin says:

      Did we have 30 fps in the 1930s?

      • savagegreywolf says:

        we did, actually. Standard definition television broadcasts are at something like 29.5 FPS.

    • smeaa mario says:

      We didn’t have you in the 1960s anyway.

    • Costa_69 says:

      DEVELOPERS!!! Give the option to DISABLE the ADDITIONAL INTERFACE ON the SCREEN during the game (this is the rear mirror, speedometer, mini-map) That to make a nice video or screenshot, as well as realism in the game does not interfere to see the extra interface!

  2. smeaa mario says:

    I find it beyond difficult to believe that they couldn’t foresee the 30 fps backlash coming. I am not even a PC elitist myself, but I simply cannot stomach the clunkiness of 30 fps.

    • cheese lol says:

      It could very well be a technical issue, in which case it would have been a decision between releasing at 30 FPS, delaying the PC release, or releasing a buggy game. The first option would probably anger the fewest number of people.

      • smeaa mario says:

        I’d be alright with waiting. But that is just me of course.

      • GenialityOfEvil says:

        That seems likely, since they stated alongside the announcement of the cap that they were going to release a fix.

      • tomaac says:

        Seems like they already testing fix to that. I wonder why this was not already in day 1 patch, but 1-2 days later.

      • Jokerme says:

        The technical issue is console parity.

      • Premium User Badge

        ooshp says:

        Oh god surely they didn’t do something as stupid as tying car physics to frame rate.

  3. Ericusson says:

    I wonder whas it the train of thoughts of the guys before release.
    “Bah people won’t care if it’s 30fps”.
    It’s not as if people haven’t self immolated themselves over the issue on the internet a billion times already …

    Imagine if they would have released the game while communicating about their plan to work on this issue at the same time of release : “Mafia 3 is out today and we will release soon an extended graphic options patch to take better advantage of the possibilities given by the PC platform, gang tight and mafia on !”

    Or are they just to chickenshit because of a general lack of balls from the publisher’s marketing and legal department.

    In the meantime, the games get skewered on steam raging reviews. Kaching, good job !

    • cheese lol says:

      Imagine if they would have released the game while communicating about their plan to work on this issue at the same time of release

      Is this not what’s happened? The game isn’t even out yet in the US.

      • yogibbear says:

        No, people starting complaining because some early unlock regions started streaming and people in stream chat noticed it was 30fps and went and asked 2k if this was an actual lock or not.

    • Baines says:

      The train of thought was probably “We’re targeting 30fps (for console),” and that was it. People in charge probably didn’t give any thought to PC.

      Maybe someone at some point raised the concern of PC (and potential backlash), but by that point the game development was already committed to 30fps.

      • Ericusson says:

        I don’t think I will bother with their game either though.

  4. AutonomyLost says:


    Also, I am supremely disappointed regarding the state of the release.

    It’s intolerable, it’s inexcusable, yada yada yada, etc. etc.

    But, really… really, 2K/Hangar 13?

    I hope for a vicious backlash, on the part of the developer, upon those Steam SHEEPLE that renders their collective complaints, both called-for AND completely legitimate, MOOT. I just HOPE they give it to you all, right and good, in the form of a patch that irrevocably changes the game for the better — i.e. unlocking the frame-rate, enabling FULL-ON ultra-wide-screen support, and utilizing all of your pathetic master-race cutting-edge technological components which you pay top-dollar for and with which you choose to equip your gaming system of choice.

    • Max B says:

      its not only the 30 fps, its the main issue and the most immediately visible. but the fact that most peoples have an insane amount of ctd (i’ve read some reviews with 5+ ctd in an hour), even the resolution you choose is a upscaled 720p ! hence the textures are muddy and crappy all around !
      i was waiting for the game and even preordered it to support the dev as i thought were the same from Mafia II which i loved, well, it was the last time. Good guy Steam refunded me under an hour of me asking.

      Also from what i’ve read, it might even be worst than anticipated for the 30fps, its probably tied up to the engine, as someone i read as said, which make the matter even worst. best port since Arkham Knight.

      • FFabian says:

        Pre-ordered you say … so you’re part of the problem.

        • Max B says:

          i usually dont, i did two days ago based on the gameplay videos which looked good. that wont happen again.

          • saillc says:

            I do not understand, what is the point of pre ordering a digital copy of a game? You say it was to support the developers (who will have plenty of support from mindless gaming drones anyway), but all your really supporting is developers who continuously do everything in their power to pry every last dollar out of their consumers grasp for the least amount of stuff in return. By waiting the 2 days until release you would have seen all the news, you wouldn’t have supported an awful launch, and you could have waited until a patch released if you still wanted to play the game. With steam doing refunds there is literally NO point in pre-ordering unless you care that much about whatever crappy preorder bonuses the company is offering, which are almost never worth the unnecessary chance your taking with your wallet. As consumers the only way to stop these practices is to stop pre-ordering. I can’t stand when people complain about certain things in the pc gaming community when they’re contributing to the major issues plaguing it currently. Let’s hope you learned a good lesson from this shit man, we need everyone we can get to be smart consumers.

  5. yogibbear says:

    And…………. pre-order cancelled.

    • dagnamit says:

      for god’s sake, just don’t pre-order stuff. why waste your time?!?!

      • Creeping Death says:

        But if he didnt pre-order then how could he come here and be vocal about cancelling his pre-order?


        • Cvnk says:

          Well you could just be like me and say GLAD I DIDN’T PREORDER THIS LOL!!!

          edit: Someone literally wrote that below. I hope they don’t take this as an insult.

      • ninjapirate says:

        I figure it also sends a message if a large portion of pre-orders is cancelled due to the 30fps annoyance. Nothing spells “lost sales” as clearly as cancelled pre-orders.

      • Blastaz says:

        With automatic refunds and pre order bonuses the optimal path is to preorder the day before and wait a week or so for patches/reviews, play for two hours then decide whether to refund.

        Or wait for the sale.

        • Someoldguy says:

          Yep. Preorder if you want, to get the deals or to show support for the developer, but be savvy enough to get some sense of how well received it has been before playing your own 2 hours.

      • Premium User Badge

        ooshp says:

        Because cancelling a pre-order hurts them more than not ordering in the first place.

        Publisher has probably already spent/invested half the money, lel.

  6. Zenicetus says:

    Would it have killed them to use period music instead? What… they didn’t think there were some bad-ass tunes being played on the radio back then?

    Kids these days… grumble (shakes cane).

    • Ericusson says:

      Hey, this one is my cane !
      Yours is the 4 feet tennis balls tipped over there.

    • Sic says:

      It’s set in 1968.

      1968, for crying out loud!

      I’m right there with you old timer, shaking my cane.

  7. poliovaccine says:

    I loved the first game enough to allow its painful lack of a proper Freeride/sandbox mode to lead me by the nose into the wonderful, terrible world of modding, and in particular coding, in which I found a lifelong addiction (I know my life’s not over yet but I see where this is going). I loved the second game once I installed the mod that just let you cruise around with yr three buddies and do open world crimey stuff for open world reasons… pretty sure I never beat the storyline, whereas in the original, the story was key. But having an actual sandbox mode, even if it still needed a mod to make it happen, is why that game is still on my HD today.

    So I will certainly wind up getting this when it’s out in the U.S. Only question for me is if it’ll return to that energy and care that made the original special, or whether it’ll complete the transformation by degrees into “just another” open world crime shooter. It has all the potential for excellent, unique style – a faux New Orleans, unconstrained by reality, hosting a 70s crime story, unconstrained by morals and other inconvenient trappings of a less-than-cocaine brain? That *should* be awesome. But AAA productions in any medium are notorious for their special ability to cock up the seemingly uncockable. Like how do you mess up Jurassic Park?? Or Star Wars?? But oh do they manage..!

    Btw… I’m curious, what else besides the first Mafia ever used that LS3D engine? I think Hidden & Dangerous did, and you could definitely feel the similarities in the characters and stuff like opening doors.. but can anybody think of anything else?

  8. engion3 says:

    WHY IS THIS HAPPENING EVERYTHING WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BETTER WITH THIS GENERATION OF CONSOLES. I can’t even play forza since the most recent patch. I just want to play games father.

  9. fish99 says:

    Glad I didn’t pre-order.

    • dagnamit says:

      You should always be glad you didn’t pre-order!

    • BobbyDylan says:

      Very glad. Might pick this up in a Christmas sale in about 3 years. Mafia 2 was such a disappointment after the first one.

  10. April March says:

    Considering that Mafia II is apparently still unplayable if you have an AMD graphics card, I’m not that surprised.

    • Petethegoat says:

      I played it on a R9 2xx and it ran beautifully, so that’s definitely not universally true.

      Maybe I’ll reinstall the original and get my dad to do the racing section while I wait for this to be patched.

    • Premium User Badge

      ooshp says:

      Mafia 2 was fine on my AMD. As… well I’ve never seen an unplayable game on an AMD card. And I’ve played plenty.

  11. Unclepauly says:

    This is a mafia game where you play a black vietnam vet who spends a huge chunk of the game slaughtering KKK members. Did I mention this was a mafia game?

    meh I guess he slaughters some Italians too.

  12. Jediben says:

    Didn’t RPS do a preview or see it at game shows or interviews or press releases? WHY AREN’T YOU ASKING ABOUT THIS AS STANDARD?

    • Jediben says:

      Oh and that fancy little EDIT countdown doesn’t scare me. I’m keeping it old school.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Preview/review copies have been withheld until launch apparently.

      It doesn’t automatically mean the game will be awful (nu-DOOM did the same), but it is unfortunate. Perhaps they were doing critical bug fixes up until the last minute.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I guess because a lot of previews will have odd problems, like being locked to 30fps, and they were waiting for the release version to test.
      The fact that no reviews have come out before it was released should tell you all you need to know really.

  13. Dickersan9572 says:

    Hey guys! Make the off-screen interface. The mirror of a car dashboard.
    To turn off the entire interface on the screen, it greatly hinders!
    Approximation and distancing for the game character, it’s very far in the screen, not comfortable to play.

    Why such a bad setup!?
    In Mafia 2 it looked much better.

    Can you hear me, it’s not nice to play. I will return the game.

  14. aircool says:

    Locked at 30fps? This almost never happens…

  15. Chorltonwheelie says:

    When will we learn?
    Wait, wait for the patches, wait for the modders to do their thing, wait for the price to drop…just fucking wait a bit you premature buyjaculators.

    • Premium User Badge

      ooshp says:

      Yeah, I think I’ll continue spending my money how I see fit despite your jealous rage.

      Apparently the whole “Steam refund” thing blew way over your head, too.