The Silver Case’s HD Remaster Is Available Now

Master! We’re in a tight spot! Wait, that’s the psycho-trip assassin tale Killer7, another one of Suda51’s games. I’m supposed to be bringing bountiful news of The Silver Case [official site], or at least the remastered version, anyway. Grasshopper Manufacture’s re-release of the point-and-click murder mystery adventure is available now for your downloading pleasure.

The Silver Case originally released back in 1999 for PlayStation, but it never did get its own English-language version due to localization issues. It’s your chance to further complete your Suda51 game collection with this version, rocking an updated soundtrack, revamped characters designs and a new, slicker appearance. Check out the launch trailer to see for yourself.

You can nab The Silver Case on Steam, GOG, the Humble Store and Playism for £13.49/17,99€/$17.99. A demo – recently updated too – is up for grabs on Steam and GOG, if you’re not so sure you’ll like it. Suda’s games can be an acquired taste.


  1. Jason Moyer says:

    “It’s your chance to further complete your Suda51 game collection”

    Which now consists of 3 games.

    • Baines says:

      More like 30, to be technical. It is just that only three have been released on PC. And one of those, Sine Mora, isn’t what people think of when they think of a “Suda51 game”. (Not that people think of Fire Pro Wrestling as a “Suda51 game” either, even if he worked on two of them.)

      • Brittany Vincent says:

        Yeah, Suda51’s catalogue is much larger than three games. Wasn’t limiting myself to his small PC collection.

      • malkav11 says:

        The only game that Suda51 has directed that’s available for PC is The Silver Case. He apparently did some writing on Killer is Dead and has an executive producer credit, but that game was largely made by other Grasshopper staff. Similarly, Sine Mora was mostly made by Digital Reality, with Grasshopper contributing art direction and sound design.

        Maybe it’s just me, but I think you can tell when Suda’s in primary creative control versus games where he’s playing a secondary role. Killer is Dead, for example, takes pains to look like the sort of surreal nonsense he’s fond of, but it just falls completely flat for me. Its weirdness is boring and…well, trying too hard. It feels like it’s just aping weird for weird’s sake instead of having some driving force behind it. Also, it’s not a very good game.

  2. fahdiz says:

    Yeah, I’d be a lot happier for a remastered Killer7 release on PC…but if this does well, maybe they’ll release one.

  3. Phasma Felis says:

    Elsewhere, I saw “The Silver Case now available on Steam,” and immediately imagined it as a bundle of Valve games like the Orange Box. I saw a future filled with glorious Valve originals packed into The Blue Crate, The Green Package, The Mauve Parcel…

    Man. Remember the Orange Box? It was the single best value for my gaming dollar I’d ever seen, in the days before humble bundles and 90% Steam sales. Hell, even at $50 it still might be. Five games, counting the episodes, and every one of them a genuine classic.

    • PhoenixTank says:

      I, too, remember when Valve still made and released games.