Conduct Mayoral Sacrificial Duties In The Shrouded Isle

I’m not sure what’s going on in The Shrouded Isle [official site] but that’s why I’m so intrigued. Just look at it. What’s that all about? According to Steam, you take up the role of mayor of a seaside village. Sounds friendly enough. I wonder what kind of duties I’ll have there — oh, wait. It looks like I’ll need to “sate the blood-hunger of gods sleeping beneath the waves.” Well, consider my interest piqued.

It turns out that Kitfox Games’ eerie, heavily stylized project has five families competing for power as storms roll in and the ocean becomes ever furious. It’s up to you to make sure everyone is properly taken care of, of course, but it seems someone (or multiple someones) will be sacrificed to make sure things can stay “peaceful.” Or some such.

Unfortunately, The Shrouded Isle isn’t available until February 2017. But you can have a look at the trailer above and evaluate whether its heady decisions are ones you want to take part in ahead of its release. As for me? Yes. They are. Very much so.


  1. Jediben says:

    Clearly the families have been named to give them the chance to do the “Oh my God, they killed Kegnni! You bastards” gag.
    Might even be an Achievement when the whole clan is dead.

  2. A Wanderer says:


    • Ashabel says:

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought of that movie.

      I hope sacrificing deeply religious tourists by stuffing them into burning wickermen is a valid god-sating option.

      • A Wanderer says:

        I’d be extremely disappointed if you can’t do that.

        • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

          Yup, I was thinking about that movie too. Well, the good one, not the “BEES!” one.

          I’m all right with a Wicker Man Simulator 2017 (now with Actual Bloodthirsty Gods © to please!).

      • invitro says:

        It’s decent, but if you want to sate them thoroughly, rape and mutilation of virgins is still the best choice.

  3. BIKINIstate says:

    Cadwell, Efferson, Blackborn, Iosefka, Kegnni?

    I hope anybody else who tried to create a fantasy world/lore as a child is cringing as much as I am after reading those names.

    Or maybe I’m being needlessly snide and cruel… Good luck to them anyway.

    • Harlander says:

      “Blackborn” sounds a bit on the knuckle, but it’s actually a real surname.

    • Stayche says:

      What the hell is wrong with Cadwell may I ask? (Is actually my surname!)

    • poliovaccine says:

      I’m quite earnestly failing to see the problem with any of those names, tho I guess I can envision someone balking at “Efferson,” but I don’t even… who knows, maybe your childhood fantasy names were actually decent and you were just too hard on yourself? Yknow very often that’s the root cause of folks being too hard on others – you wind up holding em to the same unreasonable expectations to which you hold yourself.. Besides, the name itself matters very little compared with the depth and degree of effort put into the character who’s attached (of which we know absolutely nothing in this game by that video and this article alone) – plenty of frankly ridiculous or cookie cutter stuff routinely goes iconic simply for the degree of heart and care put into its development. Ref: almost every cult horror classic ever made..

  4. Vintageryan says:

    Its based on a free game called The Sacrifice, which was made during a game jam.

    Its pretty dull at the moment, hopefully the full release will be deeper.