Dungeon of Zaar Is Crisp-Looking Turn-Based Strategy

Dungeon of Zaar [official site] is a fantasy turn-based strategy game from developer Dungeon of Zaar. Okay, if we were judging this game solely on the developer’s ability to choose a unique name I’d fail it immediately on principle. But a closer look reveals that this could actually be a decent little game, especially with art this good-looking. It’s got a demo so you can see for yourself.

It’s supposed to feature turn-based tactical gameplay that draws inspiration from games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars with strategic elements from Magic: The Gathering and even Pokémon.

You’ll create a “Dungeon Explorer” (read: character) and battle either via single-player or PvP online with local hot seat mode for couch co-op. Or computer chair co-op, as it were. If it weren’t for these elements it might be relegated to the pile of samey strategy games out there chilling in the world, but I like that it’s trying to be ambitious.

The game’s still in its infancy on Kickstarter, with 23 days left to go to make its goal of 25,000€ (£22k/$28k). I dislike Kickstarters on principle, but if I were the type to kick back cash to these projects, this might be one I’d consider because of its slick-looking interface and the professionalism of it all. I’ll be interested in checking out if and when it gets funded.

Dungeon of Zaar has a pre-alpha demo available for Windows and Mac.

It’s expected for release on PC, Mac, Linux, and interestingly enough, Nintendo NX.


  1. gwop_the_derailer says:

    I’m getting whiffs of Yu Yu Hakusho: Tournament Tactics as well.

    Anyway, looks gorgeous!

  2. April March says:

    So cu~ute

  3. AngoraFish says:

    I’m struggling to see how this differs much from the current round of new hotness, such as Faeria and Duelyst… and Labyrinth for that matter.

    I guess it’s not free to play, which has its advantages although less than one might think (smaller player base).

    Regardless, as much as I like the art style, sadly I think I’m already up to my gills in this type of game and don’t have room for another.

  4. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    This is going to be one of those strategy games I buy almost entirely for the graphics, isn’t it?

    Also, did they record that soundtrack in the same room as somebody typing an essay with a mechanical keyboard?

  5. littlestcaesar says:

    Looks kind of stale to me and more like a mobile game. Just like Hero Academy which was way ahead of it’s time and was forgotten before it succeeded.

  6. invitro says:

    So what comes before pre-alpha?

  7. MikoSquiz says:

    Look, you had me when you mentioned “Final Fantasy Tactics”, “Pokémon” and “Magic: The Gathering” all in one sentence. I’m in.

    I always really wanted a Pokémon game that played like Final Fantasy Tactics, because the ‘mon games are pretty rank in their bland simplicity and grindiness, and I love Final Fantasy Tactics but it could use a little less Final Fantasy. And I like Magic: The Gathering except for the part where you buy cards to build a deck with..