The Deadly Tower of Monsters Gets Survival Mode

The Deadly Tower of Monsters [official site] features a hero named Dick Starspeed, so that’s one reason you should know it’s received a new Survival mode. ACE Team’s top-down action shooter is all about B-movie glitz from head to toe, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that its new free mode borrows from that universe as well.

You also might not be surprised to hear that ACE Team was responsible for the gleefully bizarre Zeno Clash. Ah, that would probably explain everything about this game, then.

For the uninitiated, the game features some distinctly strange graphics that look as though they were taken straight from a 50s-styled kitschy science fiction board game. It’s pretty awesome, actually, just like the game’s box art.

Survival Mode will find you battling through wave after wave of “Sci-Fi creatures” (their words, not mine) to earn both weapon and power upgrades. There’s also a new achievement you can get for your trouble. ACE Team have also gone in and resolved some pesky local co-op bugs that happened to muck up progress and save data when playing with a second player in a session.


  1. Beefenstein says:

    I enjoyed this when I got it in a one-off sale a few months back. If you think they style and gameplay sound interesting then I think you should try it, y’dig?

  2. vorador says:

    While the game is ok, what does it for me it’s the style parodying the classic 50’s sci-fi B-movies, and the “movie director” almost constantly including commentary about the “movie”.