Avast! Sunless Sea Gets Free New Quests Today Too

Sunless Sea [official site] will adventure under the Unterzee when the Zubmariner expansion launches in a few hours – we’ll tell you later today about our time with it – but developers Failbetter haven’t forgotten about the surface. New quests for the supernatural naval roguelikelike’s base game are arriving in a free update alongside Zubmariner, perhaps teasing what’s under the waves but not requiring you to buy the add-on. Here, come read about the new quests.

Here’s what Failbetter say about them:

New faces in London
Each time you create a captain, you’ll meet a passenger who wants to recruit you in London, and begin a unique quest. There are a total of four new passengers to meet, and all of these quests contain foreshadowing regarding Zubmariner.

Your old friend, the Blind Bruiser
When the Blind Bruiser asks you to carry cargo, you can now ask if there’s another task he’d like you to do instead. There are two different, new quests to discover, both to do with the Cheery Man…

Mutton Island: Apocalypses

After you’ve made a few trips to London, strange events will start happening on Mutton Island.

The update will also revamp the Rose Market, making it stop generating new trade runs every time you visit London. Instead, quests will stick around until you complete one or ask for a new set.

Zubmariner is due to launch today at 6pm UK time (10am Pacific).

After going under the Underterzee, Failbetter plan to go way, way above it. Next year they’ll try to crowdfund Sunless Skies, voyaging amongst the dying stars.


  1. Stillquest says:

    Both Zubmariner and a major Kerbal Space Program update! This is going to be a busy day…

  2. TomxJ says:

    Crikey the 11th of Oct is fun what with this and Thumper and all.

  3. Neutrino says:

    Can help but note the difference between this old game still getting free content upgrades while Stellaris is barely out of early access and the addition of missing obvious content is already paid DLC.

    • EvilMonkeyPL says:

      But isn’t it how Paradox works? They release a game, usually not entirely finished, but than tinker with it for years, occasionally asking you to throw some money their way in exchange for their work. Kinda sucks for those looking to get into say CKII, as they have to buy most DLC at once to get the best out of it. But than again they often crop up in bundles on sales.

  4. anHorse says:

    Have they announced the expansion price anywhere?

  5. mercyRPG says:

    Best feature of Sunless is recent Large text GUI upgrade. BUT the game is totally boring heap of junk. Bedlam and OverFall stole all the show and beans already long ago.. and nothing remained. At least for these gang trying to collect all the most weird lore and boring wrap they could and packaged it in one maggot infested Kentucky Chicken takeout pack.

    • yusefsmith says:

      I don’t care for the game either but it’s not a ‘heap of junk’. It hits the spot for many players.