Cuphead? Cuphead! Cuphead Delayed Into 2017

Flip me, Cuphead [official site] still looks gorgeous. The run ‘n’ gun platformer is styled after 1930s cartoons, see, with the beautiful bouncing hand-drawn style and horrific anthropomorphisation of everyday creatures and items that always unsettled me as a child. Always nice to revisit childhood horrors, yeah? Alas, we’ll need to wait a while longer. Cuphead was expected to launch some time this year but developers Studio MDHR have now delayed it into “mid-2017”. They want it to be finished and good, yeah?

“Throughout this year we discussed reducing the scope to make a 2016 release, but we made the difficult decision to delay the launch in order to ship with our vision intact,” MDHR said in yesterday’s announcement. Fair enough! That sounds the better of the two options.

Now let’s gawp at some of those amazing boss battles again:

And… reluctantly peer through our fingers at this platforming gameplay from June:

That’s the worst thing about Cuphead. I’m so excited to see a game go so hard on this visual style. I’m delighted to watch it in motion. I’m fairly certain that I will find it frustrating and possibly want to stop, as run ‘n’ gun platforming really isn’t my thing. That’s fine! I’ve got Devil Daggers pandering to me in every possible way, and I’ll certainly give Cuphead a fair crack.

Mid-2017 it is.


  1. GallonOfAlan says:

    I love the art style so much. Such a nice change from identikit mobile-inspired platformers of the last few years that all look like Angry Birds.

    • Turkey says:

      Yeah, it’s not often you see hand-drawn animation like this in anything anymore. With how long this is taking them to produce, there’s no wonder why, I guess.

    • Premium User Badge

      gritz says:

      I love the art itself, but for some reason every screenshot has an unfocused quality to it that makes my eyes water and my brain hurt.

  2. Jokerme says:

    Probably this is the first 2d game to excite me with its art style. I really want to see what it turns out to be.

  3. Louis Mayall says:

    Boy this game brings up some real deep associative memories. I just feel a general dread rise up in me when I look at the pictures. I watched a lot of cartoons of this style as a kid (I guess rented from the library since they can’t have been on TV). The only ones I remember are the three little pigs and King Midas, and I was always transfixed but also terrified, they were so scary. I don’t think i could ever play this. I’m sure it’ll be cool though.

  4. Somerled says:

    Why oh why can you jump on the floating spiky things? That goes against Rule One about platformers: never touch the spikes!

  5. klops says:

    Art syle is great, the boss battles look wonderful, but the platfoming itself… meh. Not enough. Hopefully they concentrate on that aspect of the game more.

    Also what would be cool (but what’s apparently missing) would be syncing the sound, music and gameplay/animation. Something like Necrodancer (and then we’d have a very different game, yes). Mickey Mouse bopping his head or torturing animals by the rhythm of the music was the thing in early cartoons, and everything happened with the music. Cuphead seems to miss that part completely and doesn’t feel right. There’s just background music and Cuphead doing stuff in spite of the music. Gorgeous game but…

  6. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I’m looking forward to this but I am still pretty apprehensive about it as the actual gameplay doesn’t look to be anything spectacular. I’ll likely buy it when it comes out regardless because the devs are from Regina.

  7. Zankman says:

    Hope the gameplay is up to par with the gorgeous visuals!