Dark Souls III: Ashes Of Ariandel Shows Arena Action

We’ve already had a peek at the singleplayer side of the first Dark Souls III [official site] DLC, which launches later this month, but what about the PvP? Along with a new hunk of singleplayer story, Ashes of Ariandel will add a bit to multiplayer too. Here, have a peek in this new trailer, which includes some serious-looking 3v3 arena action:

Publisher Bandai Namco are still being a bit vague about everything, so see what you can deduce from those snippets. Don’t read too much into the “Choose your allegiance” chat – a Bamco person has said it’s there to add a roleplaying-y tone to the trailer.

The singleplayer stuff, to refresh your memory, is a new storybit set in a new painted world. Both sides will benefit from the new weapons, items, spells, and so on, obvs.

Ashes of Ariandel is due to launch on October 25th. It’ll come with as part of the DLC season pass, which costs £19.99/24,99€/$24.99 and will include the yet-unknown second DLC add-on, or Ashes will be £11.99/14,99€/$14.99 on its lonesome.


  1. Gwilym says:

    I find it odd that they include so much of the base game in these trailers.

    I can understand throwing in some B-roll filler when it turns out you don’t have as much footage as you thought you did, but in this one, only about a quarter of it is new.

    Then we’re told to ignore something the trailer says.

    Marketing is weird.

  2. sardiaokla says:

    Test bed for a Souls-style MOBA? I’d be down for that.

  3. SlimShanks says:

    I would like a DLC that fixes the poise mechanic. Please!

    • Addie says:

      Fix poise, make the DPS from the ultra-sized weapons comparable to all the little pokey-sticks, and make the sorcery not hilariously useless in PvP. Also, any weapon that does split damage needs a big base damage boost, and all of the boss soul weapons need to be more interesting, to make up for how much of a pain it is to level them up. In fact, just copy over the PvP from Dark Souls 2, and call the job a good ‘un.

    • vahnn says:

      Pass. I actually like the new poise “mechanic.” Or the lack thereof. I think some further balances to straight sword damage or attack speed and slightly higher damage on ultra- weapons (or slightly lower damage on greatswords) would make things better. I rather like the reliance on hyperarmor.

      I would like to see diminishing returns on damage absorption reduced so heavy armors can actually be useful by offering more than the current cap of about 25%, though.

    • The Algerian says:

      Heh, no thanks.

      I’ve seen what poise did in DS1, I’ve played the whole game at 0 poise, and hard a really hard and amazing experience.

      Then I made my friend and my brother play the game and saw them ruin it with Wolf Ring and Havel’s stuff, impassibly chugging estus and spammming R1 while bosses were hitting them, unable to stagger them and stop their chugging/R1.

      It also made PvP completely pointless, same thing, spam R1 and poise through lighter and faster build’s attacks.

      In DS3, you actually need some skills.

  4. slpk says:

    Although the game is gorgeous and very well made, I am still not able to play online and Bandai’s support has given up on me. I’ll have to pass.

  5. int says:

    I just read that as Andariel.