Shoot All The Things With DoDonPachi Resurrection

Cave Interactive’s shooters are some of the best around, and if you’re a fan of bullet hell shoot ’em ups, you’ve probably played more than a few of them. Mushihimesama? Deathsmiles? You know the drill. Get ready to sink your teeth into DoDonPachi Resurrection [official site], which has finally landed on PC.

The Windows release combines the original 1.5 and Black Label releases that previously came out for Xbox 360, with 8 different difficulty modes, new scoring systems, two-player local co-op and more. If you’re new to the genre it may not be the best game to jump right in with, but hey! You’ve got to get your feet wet some time, and there’s plenty of content here if you want to go in guns blazing. Two-player local co-op is in too, if you need a hand. Just expect to die. A lot. Because there’s a whole lot of bullets, as in the “bullet hell” moniker. Just see for yourself!

DoDonPachi Resurrection is on Steam now for £19.54/23,79€/$25.49, which includes the 15% launch discount offered for the next ten days.


  1. Da5e says:

    It’s worth pointing out that this includes Black Label Arrange, which incorporates elements from Ketsui and was only previously available for Japanese Xboxes.

    Also, you should buy the album Longhena by Gridlink and blast it at shattering volume while playing.

  2. Cropduster says:

    Wow I didn’t even know this was happenning. My thumbs have become weak I must punish them.

    Probably the kingpin of all schmups.

    • Cropduster says:

      Although on closer inspection it’s a totally different one to the one I played – I remember tanks and stuff rather than giant anime lady robots. The should release that one for pc too!