Paramedium Infuses Ghostbusting With Visual Novel Sensibilities

Paramedium [official site] looks exactly like the kind of visual novel I’d make if I had any sort of artistic talent. Actually, it’d probably look a lot more like Space Funeral. But it would definitely have colorful, unique characters and bizarre one-liners. I really like the dialogue in the screenshot I chose for this post, in fact.

You take on the role of a police office who handles ghost-hunting duties, and it’s your job to capture a pesky spirit and bring it in (for questioning?) after you receive a call at the station about it. Ghosts really are delinquents, you see.

What’s really interesting about Paramedium, however, is its uncanny resemblance to the classic Snatcher (which you should have played by now, no excuses) where you’ve got to take aim and shoot at enemies. So normally you’re cruising around chatting with characters (as you do in visual novels) but those segments really give the game a familiar yet unique lilt. Yeah. I really dig it. In fact, I want to see more of it made.

If you’re sufficiently spooked, you can download Paramedium on right now for Windows and Mac. You can pay what you want, but if you decide you really don’t dig it you don’t have to be out that much the first time around.


  1. Askis says:

    **WARNING** Do not play if you have a heart condition.

    Jumpscare galore?

  2. JFS says:

    Why do they look like fashionable present-day SS officers?

    • C0llic says:

      Ghost hunters. They’re all Corporeal Nazis.

    • Sarfrin says:

      Because the title is a play on the words “paramilitary medium” maybe? I was hoping it was paramecium, but that’s unlikely.

      • Philotic Symmetrist says:

        [Unless I’ve missed a reference which makes the title clearer]
        It could also be a play on paramedic (which compares interestingly to the phrase “paramedium cleric” in the trailer) or just a straightforward use of the prefix para-, referring to activities alongside or related to being a medium.

    • gwop_the_derailer says:

      When were SS officers (with their Hugo Boss uniforms) not fashionable?

    • a very affectionate parrot says:

      The armbands are probably a big part of that. Could also be aping Anime aesthetics, IIRC Persona 3’s characters all had armbands for their shadow hunting club.

    • Metalfish says:

      Those coats look awesome. Where can I get one? I’ll pass on the facistista* armbands, mind.

      *This is supposed to be a portmanteau of facist and fashionista, but clearly I don’t have the chops to pull it off.

    • Turkey says:

      Typical. This ghost problem is out of control and needs some sort of final solution and all you seem to care about is what they’re wearing.

  3. wheeb says:

    Any time Snatcher comes up I have to go straight to the soundtrack link to

    Speaking of which, I don’t think I’ve played any other game where the background music was incorporated into the narrative, like in the ‘Abandoned Factory’ (linked above) when you start to hear the beeping. Amazing

  4. April March says:

    That lady character simultaneously look very cool, like I’d like to be her friend and she’d tell me about all the cool parties she goes to, and very creepy, as if someone had placed a rebelious twelve-year-old’s head on her businesslike aunt’s body, and even botched the operation so that the resulting chimera’s neck is somehow three times as long.