WildStar Gets Redmoon Mutiny Raid Update Next Month

If you’re one of NCSoft’s WildStar’s [official site] biggest fans (or are actually playing it, are people still playing it?) you’ll be happy to know that Carbine Studios has confirmed there’s an update coming. Named Redmoon Mutinty, it’s scheduled to hit this November with additions including PvP leaderboards and cross-faction raid and dungeon groups.

As part of the second phase of the Redmoon Terror raid, it’s going to introduce enhancements to WildStar’s group mechanics, including that of dungeon groups and social system tweaks as well as a host of other improvements meant to improve the overall user experience. In conjunction with the second half of the Redmoon Terror raid, it’s acting as a bit of a balancing update to serve up all of these tasty new augments at once.

The new raid instance will include new bosses, additional loot, and the final battle against Laveka the Dark-Hearted. Who is she? Is she any kin to Final Fantasy X-2’s Leblanc? Probably not.

There are also in-game PvP leaderboards with individual and group statistics as well as a smattering of other new bits that should put you over the moon if you’re a WildStar fan. I remember playing it very briefly when it made its debut, but I have zero time in my life anymore for frivolous things that aren’t Murakami novels, David Lynch films, and classic PC games like Shelley Duvall’s It’s A Bird’s Life.

At any rate, you can expect this update to roll out in November.


  1. Pich says:

    Oh yeah, this game exists.

  2. Hunchback says:

    This might have totally killed WoW if it released in the WoW glory days – it’s a really damn good clone… And as such couldn’t keep me interested for more than 1 evening.

    I believe newer (younger) players might really enjoy this though, it seemed solid and nice, unlike many other “modern mmos”.

    • Sadfist says:

      Weirdly enough, most of the people I know who still play WildStar, are 30+. But they don’t actively raid or PvP – they just fiddle with their houses and buy cosmetic stuff with every update

  3. aliksy says:

    I played it for like… 2 hours. I killed some trash mobs, talked to some NPCs, and it all seemed so pointless. The combat wasn’t engaging and the quests were filler. Some people are probably like “It gets better!” but I’d rather play something that doesn’t front load a bunch of bad parts.

    • GeneJacket says:

      I really wanted to like Wildstar. It’s got a great look, and there’s a lot that seems really neat about it, but the combat is terrible and the mission design is nonsensical. I put somewhere around 20-30 hours into it and, at any given time, had no real clue what I was actually supposed to be doing.

  4. geldonyetich says:

    WildStar is a good game. I was sad to hear that Carbine Studios had some recent layoffs after going F2P.

    The only real criticism I can level at WildStar is that it is thoroughly embracing the theme park formula of MMORPGs, and WoW’s quest progression mechanics, but if you’re okay with that then there’s a lot to like about the game.

    The main reason I don’t play it much these days is that I like to use my free time for more than just one thing. WildStar is an unabashed time sponge, like WoW before it. For that matter, it seems that full time work leaves me barely enough time for gaming at all. Choosing to play WildStar means that’s pretty much all I will be playing, and I’m simply not a one game man.

    • Xerophyte says:

      I love theme park MMOs. I still play WoW, and ToR and FF14, on some sort of rotating schedule depending on which of them has new stuff and seems interesting right now.

      I really wanted to like Wildstar, because of said love, and because I also adore Fallout and the idea of Tim Cain designing a fun-filled sci-fi cartoon theme park MMO sounded ridiculously great when I first heard of it.

      Unfortunately, I bounced off pretty hard, for a couple of reasons:
      – The character designs, and especially animations, are surprisingly bad. I really liked the initial trailers and concepts, but the way things looked in-game was very hit and miss. The Chua were a neat idea, nice and different and very well animated with lots of squash and stretch. Nearly all the female models were puerile dogshit. It’s odd.
      – The setting was bland and forgettable. It’s a cartoon sci-fi world, and yet it feels like they played it safe with most areas. Pretty much all of the competition does a better job of building an interesting world.
      – The combat was very bland. I mean, I genuinely enjoy mowing down random packs of mooks in ToR and taking their stuff, which is the clunkiest of the modern diku MMOs. Wildstar, for all it’s breakout gameplay malarky, felt very oddly balanced and with little variation in what scenarios you faced and how you approached them.
      – All the group content was ridiculously punishing and unrewarding. I raided Naxx40 and Sunwell and crap. Heck, I played and enjoyed FF11! I’m reasonably competent at this MMO thing, yet grouping in Wildstar was like pulling teeth. Most of the time I want to just relax, press some buttons, kill an ugly thing and get some doodads while chatting and watching things explode. Wildstar decided to go ultrahardcore always, but even most of us who occasionally do hard things in games don’t want to do hard things all of the goddamn time.

      I did like some aspects of the game, like the Bartle type subclasses (explorer was legit fun, to me anyhow) and some of the animation and design did actually hit. The housing part was really, truly well-made and interesting.

      Mostly, though, it just failed to be a very good theme park MMO. I’m not lacking for choice in that area and I’m not going to spend my MMO time on what’s basically a sub-par sci-fi Neverwinter.

  5. Regibo666 says:

    I’ve had Wildstar since it launched but never really given it a go. Made a few starts but always ended being dragged away by another game, both MMO and single player games.

    Recently I made a concerted effort to play it and found it surprisingly good. Levelled an Esper to 26 so far and thoroughly enjoying it.

    I currently have 6 MMO’s installed on my HD that I play on and off between other single player games and Wildstar has definitely made it to the top of the list….for now.