This Cancelled Metallica Game Looks More Like Mad Max

An oddity here. PtoPOnline have gotten their hands on some never-before-seen footage of a cancelled open-world vehicular combat title that was apparently going to leverage a Metallica license somehow. Entitled Damage Inc.: Metallica, the game looked to be a mixture of Twisted Metal and Grand Theft Auto and is reminiscent of what Warner Bros 2015 Mad Max game would have been like if it came out in 2004.

The footage shows one of what would have been probably several open-world type maps. It also gives us a peek at how the vehicular combat and the customization system for the vehicles would have worked. A key feature of the game would have allowed players to add various armors and weapons to their vehicle. At this stage in development one key feature was missing from the game, though: Metallica. It’s not known exactly how Metallica would figure into the game except for presumably providing the soundtrack.

Although the build shown was from an early phase of development, the title showed promise and could have been a huge deal if they had been able to finish it. However, Vivendi Universal, who were slated to be Damage Inc.: Metallica’s publisher, tried their hardest to drop the game, and in 2004 the title fell into development hell, and although developer Black Rock Studios tried to salvage the work done for conversion into a Mad Max game, or transition it from PlayStation 2/Xbox/PC to PSP, it was eventually abandoned.


  1. CartonofMilk says:

    it looked like it might have been a good game for the time. Unfortunate.

    I spent from like 1990 to 2015 just wishing they would revive Mad Max as a video game franchise. i dont’ know how many times in those 25 years i mentioned to whatever fellow video gaming nerd was around that i didn’t understand why it wasn’t happening (although to be fair in the 16 bits era we did get Outlander which was Mad Max in everything but name) so it would have been nice if i hadn’t had to annoy people for an extra 11 years (had they reworked the game into mad max in 2004)

  2. int says:

    It’s no Kiss: Psycho Circus

    • Jalan says:

      True… because if it were, then the plot would likely have consisted of Metallica in the game sending cease and desist threats to the Metallica tribute band that the player gets to control.

  3. Turkey says:

    Wasn’t Vivendi pushing out a ton of licensed games at the time? I’m surprised they cancelled this when they published crazy stuff like the Jaws game and that Orson Scott Card thing.

    • ikehaiku says:

      Bad timing for the “licence” maybe? Hard to say without a precise timeline, but it seems the game may have been greenlit right before the Metallica-Napster controversy…but funding may have suffered from said controversy (kinda hard to sell to market the Metallica name circa 2002-2003)

      • keefybabe says:

        And not long after. St Anger.. jesus…

        • Geebs says:

          At least they got Kirk to shut up on St. Anger. He hasn’t played a decent solo since AJFA.

          Also it’s not Load or Reload. One half-decent song on two albums is not a good streak….

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Which Orson Scott Card game would that be? I’ve only played one game by him and that’s Advent Rising developed by GlyphX Games and pulished by Majesco. It had really fun and varied combat gameplay and good voice acting/story.

  4. April March says:

    It does look quite amazing for the time. It’d have preempted the mega-glut of GTAlikes of the PS2 generation by a few years if my failing memory serves.

  5. Morlock says:

    Sad but true. At least the memory remains.

    • StAUG says:

      That pun.

      You are unforgiven.

      • Uberwolfe says:

        After those puns nothing else matters.

      • Captain Narol says:

        The Thing That Should Not Be. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) !

        No Remorse, Seek & Destroy, Wherever I May Roam…

        Enter Sandman, Fade to Black… Carpe Diem Baby. That Was Just Your Life.

  6. Unsheep says:

    It also reminds me of the ‘Redline’ and ‘Interstate’ games. Not sure how Metallica would fit in with the game though, apart from only doing the soundtrack. Would it have been a ’50 cent blood on the sand’ thing or something like ‘Brutal Legend’?!

  7. Zach Fett says:

    Really reminds me of the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube game, “Roadkill”.