WoW Players Can Return To Karazhan On 25 October

Return To Karazhan

Return to Karazhan kind of implies I’ve been to Karazhan even once. It’s like when you meet someone new at a party and they say “So good to see you again!” and you have to decide whether to tell them you’ve never met or just go with it, trying to work out who they think you are and generally besmirching that other person’s reputation. Oh hang on – is it about someone ELSE returning? ANYWAY let’s ignore that awkwardness and talk about World of Warcraft [official site] Patch 7.1 and the fact it’s going to launch on 25 October.

So, a bit of context/info to start. 7.1 is the first major content patch for the Legion expansion. It’ll bring with it this five-person, Mythic-only Karazhan dungeon, plus a new raid in the form of Trial of Valor.

I don’t often watch/listen to WoW Q&As in full because I don’t play so it soon gets jargony or I’m marooned from context, but I enjoyed the early part of this recent VOD because of how WoW game director, Ion Hazzikostas was talking about class balance. Then it gets SUPER-jargony and people are talking about mythic gubbins and builds and so on, then at about 52:50 is when the Karazhan talk starts.

The patch should arrive on 25 October (26 October for EU), so pre-Blizzcon. It’ll bring with it the Karazhan dungeon which you need to do an attunement quest for, but Hazzikostas was saying that it was more for context so it would likely be an account-wide unlock from that point. The Trial of Valor raid is scheduled to unlock a fortnight after the patch releases to a) not force players to choose between raiding and watching Blizzcon (probably a sound business choice on Blizzard’s part as much as a player courtesy) and b) because it’s hard to offer game support/make emergency tweaks and bug fixes while pretty much your entire staff is at Blizzcon.

So yes. Raid after Blizzcon with three bosses; Odyn, Guarm and Helya. Helya. They called a boss “hell, yeah!”

Here end my relevant observations.


  1. RedViv says:

    I fear that might just be people being racist and not able to tell Yordles apart, Pip.

  2. Maxheadroom says:

    Not played in forever but whenever WoW comes up in conversation I tend to mention how much fun raiding Karazhan was.

    And as much as the title baited me into clicking on the link (and posting this comment) I doubt any content, even this, that could get me to sub again now.
    It was more about the people I played with and we’ve all long since gone our separate ways now

    • Premium User Badge

      Serrit says:

      I remember one my guild declaring that “raiding is better than sex” after we finally took down Prince Machezaar (yeah I did have to look that up >.< ) after a few months working up to him.

      I'll admit there's certainly some euphoria working together as a team, honing both strategies and the execution of them over several weeks, before finally overcoming the challenge.

      I'm enjoying Legion a lot, but I've only been playing solo. Pondering whether to take the plunge into group content again…

      • Maxheadroom says:

        I dunno, one thing I don’t miss is keeping to a schedule.
        Our guild was pretty relaxed but you were still expected to raid a couple of times a week at least which would usually mean coming home from work, throwing something in the microwave and eating it at my desk while playing for 6 or 7 hours straight.

        Much like drinking on a Friday AND Saturday night, I just don’t know how I managed it now.

  3. causticnl says:

    karazhan was a great raid, it was in our weekly raiding schedule for months. we were a small guild and took our time, and had a great time in there. cant wait to do Opera Event again.

  4. GemFire81 says:

    God this would be so awesome if dungeons did not feel like total crap. I was so excited to do Time-Walker dungeons and I did about 7 – 10 a couple days ago and it was the worst dungeon experience I have ever had. Not one person said one word threw out all of the dungeons. Without the need to balance Aggro , Mana, CC, Health, Cooldowns, Marked targets, Buffs, Etc, dungeons just suck period. Dungeons went from my favorite thing to do, to now being my least favorite. So having a 5-man Kara dungeon 6+ years ago would have been the most awesome thing ever in current WoW it just feels like poking an open wound.

    • ran93r says:

      I seldom pug but my experience in regular Legion dungeons has been fine, sure we are getting to the point now where gear has given people the confidence to speed up but it’s not terrible.
      Timewalking doesn’t do anything for me though, I have been running some with the guild over the weekend and aside from trying to heal some unusual damage spikes when whole rooms are pulled, Sleepwalking would be a more appropriate name for them.
      It’s great if you want to gear up a new 110 but otherwise, if you ran these dungeons day in, day out during BC (current timewalking expansion pool), there is nothing particularly exciting about doing them again.

  5. Starland Vocal Band says:

    Back in Vanilla when WoW was a treasure-trove of secrets, Karazhan used to be a mysterious castle that you just ran across. No one really knew what it was or why it was there. Anyway, I would spend hours trying to wall jump up to the top where there was a griffon flight path. I don’t think that FP was ever activated (I think it’s gone now). But it was a genuine thrill to find it. *That* WoW was the shit. I just fired up Legions. Haven’t played since MoP. Looking fwd to it.

    • Chillicothe says:

      Looking “backwards to it”, rather.

      Those days, those circumstances, and for most of us, those “ourselves” are loooooooooong gone and may not be possible to be allowed back.

      • Starland Vocal Band says:

        Oh ya, you can never go home. I understand that. I just do quests and the “Adventure” now and then quit. That’s what I did with MoP. I don’t know why I never played WoD, I think one of my friends talked me out of it.