Payday 2 Gets New Safe House, New Heist, Much More

Cooperative first-person heister Payday 2 [official site] has concluded ten days of content updates – a little shindig developers Overkill called Hoxton’s Housewarming Party. They really make a big scene out of everything, that mob. Don’t even get me started on their weddings… Anyway! Additions include a new safe house chill-out zone buttled by John Cleese, a new enemy, new weapons, new masks, new wacky mutators, and a new (old) heist to play. My question is: can I drink all Hoxton’s fancy booze then fall asleep on his floor in a nest of half-unpacked boxes?

Let’s start with the last of the additions, released on Sunday (yeah yeah, I know, but I was away on Monday) – Panic Room. Ye olde heist from Payday: The Heist, where you need to steal, er, an entire panic room, is now in the sequel all prettied-up.

Perhaps the most long-awaited of the update’s bits is a new safe house. This enemy-free level was a weird feature when the game launched years ago, as there wasn’t much to do there and you had no reason to visit more than once. Well! The gang have burned down that old place and got themselves a fancy new safehouse, where each gang member hangs around doing their own stuff, John Cleese wanders around as your butler, you can gamble, you can upgrade and customise the place, and you can invite your co-op pals to come along with you. It’s still only a fluffy little thing on the side, but now it’s a fun one. Here, watch this video by ‘FoukelPoint’ to see an upgraded safe house.

Folks who’ve been there, robbed that might fancy checking out the new higher difficulty levels and the new mutators. Those are optional tweaks to the game, which can do everything from making enemies deal more damage to, er, making them split into more enemies when killed or drift up into the skies when you shoot them with shotguns. As often happens on heists.

Then you have new enemy medics who’ll scamper around healing folks, a new six-shooter shotgun, new concussion grenades, and… a whole lot of stuff. Go see it. That’s all live now.


  1. BlazeHedgehog says:

    Would it be rude of me to say I kind of hate how much Payday 2 patches, and how big its patches constantly are?

    In the roughly one year I’ve owned Payday 2, it has pushed down at least 20gb in patch data. When a friend gifted it to me, it installed to maybe 11gb. The recent content extravaganza this article is talking about pushes Payday 2 over 30gb total.

    I’ve had to turn off automatic updates for Payday 2 because every other week there’s another gigabyte of something it’s trying to patch in. Worse yet, I don’t know if it’s Steam, or Payday 2, or what, but whenever this game specifically has to patch, my whole system starts acting funny until it’s done.

    This article in particular got me to start the Payday 2 patch process, and there was 4.5gb of data waiting for me. That was just in the last month.

    I am happy to see the game still getting so much support after all this time, but it’s also really, really annoying. It’s worse than patching an MMO.

    • oggnogg says:

      I found this annoying, too. It reminds me of Unreal Tournament 2004 file formats: Even if you only added one tiny texture to a package then the delta for version control got huge — I guess it re-ordered the contents within the file.

    • kode says:

      The patches can be kinda large sometimes, yes, but I don’t think it’s the worst offender in my Steam library at least. Without stretching I’d say Hitman 2016 is worse, the day before one episode launched there was a 4.5G patch, and then the episode was released and that was another 4G. That said, they somewhat recently changed things around to get the size of the Payday 2 patches down a bit.

      So, this Housewarming Party thing, pretty good all in all. I can’t say I ever cared for the old customizable safehouse promise from pre-launch at all, but I find myself kind of liking the trophy challenges they’ve added (that adds trinkets to the safe house), though in all fairness I think I’d have preferred a lot of them to also be achievements, seeing as that’s more or less where my Payday 2 playing is about nowadays, only had two left before they added the new difficulties on day 1 of this event.

    • TeePee says:

      Yeah, this is one of my big irritations as well – it seems like every time it updates, it basically has to reinstall the whole damn thing, which normally takes longer than it does to actually download (and I’ve only got a 7Mb downspeed!). I tend to only play PD2 sporadically, so it’s frustrating that it seems to pretty much always be in my download queue.


    • Hebrind says:

      If you watch your download and disk patterns on Steam, it actually shows you what’s happening – PD2 seems to download a bit (say, 25-100MB) at a time, then install it. Then download, then install. Rinse and repeat. It’s weird as hell.

  2. Mi-24 says:

    While I appreciate the new stuff the new heist is a little disappointing. It is quite short and feels like a copy paste of the wolf pack one, or hotline miami heist.

    • kode says:

      It’s a remake from the first game, so yes, it’ll quite obviously be reminiscent of other remakes from the first game, such as the ones in the wolf pack. I assume you mean Undercover, as they have the vertical design of the levels in common.

    • KDR_11k says:

      It’s one of the two beginner heists (which can be played on easy difficulty) from the first game so the short length is intentional.